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  1. First the bad message: you CANNOT recover you data from a RAID0 disk, if another HD is "total" defect - it contains 50% of your data, so impossible to recover. Second the good news: if the defect disk has only a few unreadable sectors, it is possible to recover. 1. remove the disks from notebook. 2. connect the disks to your desktop computer. 3. boot the computer from floppy/cd, run "hdd regenerator" or "spindisk" to completely recover the bad sectors. 4. on the computer with windows, use the "RAID Reconstructor" from runtime software to reconstruct the Raid pare and restore the data.
  2. you should use the integrated floppy drive, not a usb-floppy, the bios-imulation of your mainboard is offten buggy.
  3. cdshell 2.0.11 works with BCDW v1.5z cdshell 2.1.x works with BCDW v2.0a with differ. syntax(add /boot in cmdline ...) the cd-image of TI9 is much bigger(60MB) than the floppy-images(safe mode 6MB, full mode 12MB). So the floppy-image is better for integration of many programs.
  4. I don't think it is good idea to use the "driver integration" function in nLite, the worst thing is to use the nLite driver as well as the driver integration of this forum! The best way to integration drivers is method 1 of this forum. So start with a fresh winxp sp2 image and only use the driver integration via winni.sif
  5. please use the "search" button! I've made some solutions/suggestions in many monthes ago, follow them and post your resaults! http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=45260 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=17722
  6. I've tested it 2 weeks ago - it worked far, far from perfect - ideed, far from good! I combine usually 10 - 50 inf files(drivers for the same class, e.g. chipsets, nic etc.) into one subdirectory(audio in 5 subdir beause of filename conflict). With method 1 it works perfectly. But with this AutoIt method, it took more time to register all the inf file on the cd than the method 1 to copy all the files from cd onto hdd, much worse, 20%-30% of inf file ware not accepted - so As long as it not works perfectly, it is useless - It takes also more time for the Installation.
  7. If you don't have so much competence like a hacker or experenced cracker, you can still do the following: 1) convert all cds into .iso image files by using e.g. ultraiso 2) burn all .iso file onto dvd 3) download and install the freeware "daemon tools", load the image files into the virtual drive.
  8. It will not work for microsoft encarta, the setup looks for diff. cd with unique cd volume lables. But since 2003 i have done with the following tricks: 1) copy all files together, "root-to-root", many files have the identical content, you can skip them. 2) text edit the file "\EE\ENCARTA\SUITECD.INI " to changen the reference of the files on cd 2/3/4/5 3) hex edit the file "L03DDXRC.MSI"/"L04DDXRC.MSI"/"L05DDXRC.MSI" (for the version 2003/2004/2005) to change the volume lable of disk 2/3/4/5. 4) burn the dvd with the volume lable of disk1
  9. If you have only one cd drive in your system you have to: 1) borrow one from other or 2) install knoppix onto your hdd and than boot from it,
  10. if you have 2 cd/dvd drives in your system you kann boot from the first one with a "knoppix" bootable linux cd and then copy the file form your 2nd mac-cd to ramdisk, rename it than copy back to your hdd(Fat or Ntfs partitions), or direct onto hdd if you have linux partition(s) on that
  11. If you put the setup source files on the 2nd hdd the steup.exe will copy those files much faster than that from the same hdd. The tip with smartdrv is also true. Suggestion one: keep all the setup cd/dvd only in form of .iso images on your hdd, if you need them then burn it onto cd-rw or dvd-rw - so you have to keep only one free rw disk. Suggestion two: create a BartPE boot cd and boot from it, goto the 2nd hdd and run win32.exe for setup windows. Optional install the PartPE onto 1st hdd and boot from the fist hdd and do the same as described before.
  12. or simply create a new .iso and mount it into the virtual pc/vm ware session...
  13. Windows xp have the support for SB Live... if you want to use the utiliies provided by creative labs, just run the uptodated downloads from web via install.cmd or RunExecOnce etc...
  14. plz post your pbm somewhat precise, e.g.: 1) which hardware/controller, HWID 2) which driver files on cd 3) addon of txtsetup.sif 4) winnt.sif How did you install it within WinPE(2-in-1 cd or seperate cd/drive)?
  15. This loop was caused by the incorrect instllation - some important file such as the files concerning/relevat to pruduct licence and product activation are wrong(wrong files or modified, or missing). Solution: rebuild your cd, but only with original MS CD and authentical service packs, no third party "patch-packs"! Use only verified install scriptings.
  16. It is not possible... enable the "selection" by yourself meens interactive, so no "autoformating in NTFS" is concepted in this mode by M$. If you want that so badly, you should write a alternative setup program
  17. You can use my driver pack(M1 compressed) - I'll post it some day later, be patient.
  18. If you don't have the driver for Radeon 9550, you can modify the hardware ID for Radeon 9600 and Install it with no problem
  19. 1) because someone said elsewhere in forum that the normal integration caused crash after restating, so I guess the integration of property.dll could be helpful... but I donot have sis raid hardware so I cannot verify it. 2) I'll update it if I could have time...
  20. I think those "unreadable" cds can be copied by clonecd etc...
  21. I've never tested with GRUB, but I have good reason to believe it not working, see my post in this forum: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=46675
  22. which 6in1? how many OSs on the DVD disks?
  23. You'd better remove the tour stuff from the source cd by using nLite....

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