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  1. thanks for this very helpful tool i have successful integrate a german LP to build 7229. But after the integration i can´t use VLite to shrink the installation. VLite still crashes. Any solution for the this?
  2. many many thanks for your work and this software
  3. many thanks for the german version. very usefull :D:D
  4. argh.......... even with an original Windows CD SP2 with FDD (USB) no go. any idea´s here? edit: nlite seems to work. very good. (Y)
  5. another test... nothing better. BSOD... BSOD... BSOD... we need help
  6. not yet always get BSOD i will try another method later...
  7. dosnet.inf? the file iastor.sys exists, iastor.sys and iastor.sy_ i have changed my txtsetup now to this: [SourceDisksFiles] iaStor.sys = 1,,,,,,4_,4,1,,,1,4 now i test it
  8. no, nothing change. ICH7 Raid @Matrix Mode, no AHCI. i have tested CD or MultiBootDVD. Nothing work. strange.... the textmode load all drivers (also iastor), the text "windows is starting" is the last what i see. Then BSOD.
  9. i´m despairing... i have tested many many guides, but ALLWAYS i get a blue (stop 0000007b) error. it´s a "normal" windows, no Multi DVD. the curious thing is, that i use these version 5 months ago and it worked. but now my txtsetup [SourceDisksFiles] iaStor.sys = 1,,,,,,3_,4,1 [HardwareIdsDatabase] PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C3&CC_0104 = "iaStor" PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C1&CC_0106 = "iaStor" PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2652&CC_0104 = "iaStor" PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2652&CC_0106 = "iaStor" PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2653&CC_0106 = "iaStor" PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24DF&CC_0104 = "iaStor" PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_25B0&CC_0104 = "iaStor" [SCSI.load] iaStor = iaStor.sys,4 [SCSI] iaStor = "Intel(R) Series SATA RAID Controller" i have the newest intel iastor driver. My board is a asus p5wd2 with intel ich7raid.
  10. thx moo works fw.msi Serialnumber=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /qb- Reboot=Suppress
  11. how can i disable the new starwind service?? any idea?
  12. same problem here kav5.0.325_personalde.exe with key file in one folder start setup with kav5.0.325_personalde.exe /S but no key file found, when i start kav after install.

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