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  1. It looks like $58 is needed to try to keep MSFN online as much as possible...

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    2. Tommy


      I'm sure he will. This happened once before for whatever reason. I think it gets messed up when I log in because the initial landing page is in Danish and even though I'm part Danish, I can't read a bit of it. lol But when I asked xper about it before, he said he had received the donation nonetheless. So I just don't get to show it off that I had done that but that's not a big deal, the big deal is keeping this place up and running.

    3. ppgrainbow


      Thank you for telling me!

      It looks like the donation has exceed $183...so, it's possible that this site might be on longer than a month. :)

    4. Tommy


      YAHOO!!!!! :D

      And either way, we're trying to come up with a permanent solution to the problem as well. ;)

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