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  1. Well, in all the e-mails he keeps going on and on about money and his family. So, I simply told him I will stop distributing it once I recive a copy of the copyright application, because untill he sibmits it and pays the $45 fee to file it, he can't do anything besides complain and moan.
  2. My latest responce to his last e-mail:
  3. Here, you can use this if you don't have it already. I had it saved from before the site went out. http://www.dysfunktinal.com/tools/DFI_Over...ing_Guide-1.pdf
  4. Lucky for all of us, I have the offline version that HappyGames made for the DFI users. I hosted it on my site. I am e-mailing him now for approval. http://www.dysfunktinal.com/tools/DFI_Over...ing_Guide-1.pdf Travis (AKA HappyGames) is being a bit of a jerk. I think DFI really got something good up his butt or something. This is our current corrospondance: From me: In reply: I'll be e-mailing him back in a minute explaining to him that the matierial on his site is in fact not copyrighted, and he has no legal recourse against my hosting the file. For the time being however I have removed the link, but I will be more than happy to provide the link for anyone who needs to view it. Please PM me to request the file, or e-mail me @ DysfunktinaL [AT] Gmail (d0t) com.
  5. It's not permanent. And with any luck, another hardware company will buy them out, as DFI street highly reccomended G-Skill ram and OCZ power supplys.
  6. Check it out for yourself... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/index.php
  7. Aww crap... dfi-street.com went offline untill further notice... Something about: That was the main site I was looking @ for overclocking.
  8. Okay, quick update. I was able to clock up to 215x11 @ 2363MHz I set my divider to 9:10. When I stepped it to 220, it would not clear the cmos backup, so i went back and upped my voltages to my Cpu from 1.36 to 1.5 and backed off my ram divider to 5:6. After that it cleared the backup and boot from CD, and began loading windows. Then I got a reset, and back to startup. I reset everything back to 215 normal volts, and I am loaded up right now. Since i am only @ 215, i think I may move the memory divider bak to 1:1. I ran Prime95 Stress for about 1 hour, no errors, and I am idle @ 35c on my cpu and 46c on my Chipset. i know I can push this to about 2.5, maybe 2.6 and be fine on temps, if I can just get it to be sable past 215. my goal for right now is 230. Should I try putting more volts through my memory and loosen my timings? They are at 2.5 3 3 8 right now with 2.59v reporting from smartguardian, clocking @ 196.9MHz via CPU-Z. If that is the case, how much voltage do I increase by, and how should i adjust the settings?
  9. My other option is to step it up to a 2596MHz by setting my clock to 236x11, setting my divider to 183 keeping my dram freq. at 199.692308, as close as I can get to 200
  10. So for my first OC I am going to up my HTT by 10 to 210. This will put me @ 210x11 = 2310 Mghz. This will put my HTT Freq @ 1050, 50 over nominal. Is this too much? My memory will be @ 210 as well, is that too much over, or should I put in a divider? Also, should I play with my timings @ that level and loosen them up a bit, or keep those at default?
  11. Aite, so up it by .1. But when I start getting errors, how much would I up the voltage by? I don't want to put my CPU into the electric chair.
  12. Err, yeah, what they said. I scrolled up too far looking for the poster and I guess it landed on Maleko. Kinda like Wheel of Fortune style. Hahaha
  13. Some MoBo's have a very odd cmos reset operation. To be totaly sure you are clearing properly, do the following: Check for any jumpers on the mobo that read CMOS. If you find any, unplug the PSU, Move the jumper, remove the battery. Wait -20- minutes, remove all but 1 stick of ram (if you only have 1 stick then switch slots), replace the battery, replace the CMOS jumper, replace the power, and attempt to boot. If that doesn't work, try a longer period with the battery out (1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours). If none of this works, test your components in another rig to verify that they work.
  14. Thats pretty much exactly what I was going to say. I always like to start off small and increase as the need arives.
  15. Check the Bios for Wake on PS2 (Keyboard/Mouse) and Wake on USB options, similar to what Maleko stated.
  16. Just saw this thread, and I figured I'd pop in. I work in an Internet Cafe, and we play -alot- of games here obviously. Most of our systems run AMD Athlon 3000+, 1G Corsair ValueSelect, and AGP nVidia 6800 GT's. We run pretty much any game we throw at them perfectly fine. Anything from WoW, to Counter-Strike/: Source, Battlefield 2/142, Oblivion. Just because Dual Cores are out there, doesn't mean that they are right for you. In my personal rig I have a AMD Athlon 64 3700+, 1G Corsair ValueSelect, and an X1600XT Crossfire Ready (waiting on the money for the second card). And I hurdle through apps and games. I can do anything from Visual Studio, Adobe Premire/Photoshop/Imageready, to all the games I mentioned above. My next Proc is probably going to be an Opty though. I'd like to OC and pop 3g+ on my CPU. I am going to need better Ram and probably a better PSU for that. I havn't had a chance to test my rails and see how stable my PSU is.
  17. Thanks for the tips guys. I been doing some benchmarks on my rig as a baseline to build from, but it's very choppy already. No reboots or BSODs, but it's got some temporary lock ups, hangs when loading "My Computer" and "My Documents". I attribute the My Docs hang to the fact that I have 60G+ in there. I need to format my drive and get a clean OS on there to bench from and we'll see. As far as the OC though, how much do you think would be a good first step? It's stock 2.2, would pushing it to say 2.3 be too much for a first step? (Edit) Also, I noticed my chipset temps are idling a bit high (around 55c) and the little fan is maxed out. I am going to take it off and put some thermal paste on it soon, but is that going to make a big differance, and should I even be worried? (/Edit)
  18. I am looking at OCing my DFI LanParty[uT] RDX200 XPRESS200 939 with my AMD Athlon64 3700 San Diego, but I don't want to spend any cash on upgrading my cooling to a better fan+heatsink or liquid cooling. I'd like to get it OCed from 2.2 to about 2.5 or so. Do you think this is possible? I have not yet taken the chipset fan off and applyed AS5, but I'll be doing that once I find the guides for hooking up my front panel 1394 and Sound.
  19. That is some good stuff. I'd drop his name/address/all your info into some dark IRC channels. Let some kids have fun with his info block.
  20. Thanks for the help. I'm not quite sure how to apply that code to what I need though. What I did to make it work for now was using the 'Choice' command, I set it up with error levels, and made it so I can simply key in the file I'd like to use, I.E. file set 2, then file number 4, for file 24. and that was working, totaly confirmed on the comp I wrote the batch file for, but now when I transfer it over to the computer I will be using the batch file on, it tells me that 'Choice' is not a recognized command... both computers are Windows XP Pro, SP2. The only differance is the comp I wrote it on was personal Pro, and mine is the older discontinued Corporate (not exactly legit). Is there something I need to download to make this an option again?
  21. I have an idea I'd like to try. I have a list of files to run a program, and I'd like to make a batch file so when I run the link from the desktop it chooses one random file to run and then launch the app. This is what I have so far: Any ideas? It is about 20 files that I can choose from. I just don't want 20 icons on my desktop, or have to have a separate folder for all the links/files.
  22. For what you are planning to use the system for, 1g would be more than fine. 2g is a good chunk of memory, and even more gamers don't have 2g. And yes, take a look @ OCZ.
  23. CPU is fine. I tested it in another comp. Booted up no problem. I already ordered a new MoBo, DFI LanParty ATI Crossfire Had some spoty reviews, but it was only $60, about 1/2 off of normal price, and most of the bad reviews were from Rev 01 and 02. Rev 03 has been out a while, and 04 just came out. And supposedly the newest BIOS update is available, and fixes alot of the issues. We'll see how it preforms against my old mobo. I got a new PSU too, 550w 20+4 pin. AeroCool 550w PSU. On a side note, does anyone want to buy my dead mobo and scrap it for fans/parts? lol
  24. Full System Specs: Asus MVP Deluxe AMD Athlon XP 3700+ 1g Corsair Value Select ATI x1600xt 160g Generic Lable IDE HDD 450w (20 pin) Thermaltake PurePower Butterfly W0022 (Desc.) 2x NEC DVD+/-RW 1 fan controler (4 fans) 1 3.5" Floppy drive 1 Cold Cathode lighting tube I have tried to boot with nothing hooked up but the CPU, RAM, and a PC Speaker to listen for the Post, but it won't even do that. When I pull everything except the Video card, I don't even get a video BIOS from my ATI card.

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