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  1. I havo to install SSL on my 2003-servers. How does SSL work? And how can I install this on my servers? I am new to this stuff, so I hope somebody can explain it to me...
  2. I know this is a well known problem, but still - I cannot solve this :-( I have a Scenic S2 (i845G) and I need a new driver. The screen solution cannot get better that 800x600. Somebody please help me! Thanks!
  3. Anybody who have connected a Kramer VP-4x4 (4x4 VGA/XGA audio Matrix Switcher) to a com-port using anRS232 ? I cannot get the connection working. I've tried different ways of making the cable, but maybe it could be the com-port setting. Any suggestions? Kind regards, Kenneth
  4. The jumper is OK, So is the power too. The bios do not see the drive. It was OK just before the switching. But now it can not see it at all!
  5. The disk with XP - runs fine - I move it over to a new cabinet. Want to run it as a disk2 to copy from the old win95. Change setting from Master to Slave. But then I cannot see the disk on the other computer (Win95). Move it back to original cabinet, change setting back to Master. Then I get the message: Missing OS or something in that direction. It cannot boot on the disk! Have to install XP all over again. Why? Kind regards, Kenneth
  6. Thank you, Kelsenellenelvian! It was a silly question maybe - but I just had to be 100% sure. I'll check the ccleaner. There's a lot of old stuff that I have to delete
  7. Hi all! My disk is almost full, so I'm trying to clean it up and delete old files and folders Then I see this folder: c:\windows\ServicePackFiles with 272 MB. There is only one subdirectory i386. Could I delete this folder without damage to the rest of the system? Kenneth
  8. I have a ftp-server, GuildFTP-software. The last 2 weeks I have had problems - like when I logg into the server and take a dir-command. Then everuthing hangs and I have to disconnect. When I type a command to download a file (with get), the system is hanging. I've heard that I can enter this in "passive mode". What is that and how can I do that? Anybody help me - please?
  9. I tryed with another powersupply, but the fans did not start.
  10. Replaced the RAM. The beeps disappeared, but nothing more. Then it looks like I need a new motherboard?
  11. I tryed something here... I stripped down the server - and then I got beeps! 1-3-3-1. Means troubleshoot the system memory or troubleshoot the motherboard. How can I do that? Does that mean that I should replace the motherboard?
  12. I removed the battry for awhile just like you said. But no beeps... Got one little change - when I connect the power cord now, it starts automaticly. Before I had to press the button. What could I do now?
  13. No beeps. And I have got a new monitor - did not help :-(
  14. When I boot the server, the fans is spinning. I get a light on the CD-rom, but not on the FDD. After a couple of seconds the light goes off from the CDrom, and - nothing! Everything seems right on the server. "Powerlight" is on. Screen is black - no signal. I switched the graphic card, but that didn't help. Disconnected cd CDrom and fdd from the system board, no help. The server is connected to a switch. The lamp on the port turn green - so does the ethernet port on the server.
  15. I have a HP ProLiant ML150 G2 Server. This was working fine until one day I realized that the screen was black. I try to boot the server, but the screen is black. I cannot get into the bios. Anybody that can help me ??? Kenneth

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