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  1. Nuhi, nLite is a great tool, have been using this for some time now. The nlite switch options have been very usefull to me processing the builds. Unfortunatly the function seems to be broken after nLite 1.2RC, later versions just end up at the screen showing the source older and OS info and stops there. I hope you maintain this functionality in comming releases will be able to fix this. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am trying to find out a couple of things regarding automating the Windows OS settings that deal with country and user locale settings. I am wondering if someone can tell me how to get this done for both Windows 2000 and XP...... I am currently aware that one can use a file with regional settings and pars this into the international control applet to get the regional settings in place. This however only work in XP. I would like to find a way to achieve the same for Windows 2000. To keep my problem description simple, I want to preset the country and user locale for a Windows installation from the command line (I am also aware that you can set this info in the unattended.txt) after the installation of the OS has completed. The result would be the same if I had used the control panel aplet to make these settings. If anyone knows how to do this or any tool that does this I would appreciate it if you could let me know. Thx.
  3. I would like to replace one backslash in a string with 2 backslashes but how do I achieve this? Since when I do this: test1 = test1.replace("\\","\\\\"); It gives me the error that the object does not support this method.
  4. I would like to make a modification to the generate config.js script, in order to prevent it from stripping '\'. The reason I would like to do so is due to the fact I did create a dynamic build of the config.js which I can use to create ISO's or distribution directories. In the case of an ISO it can be burned on CD/DVD and then will autostart WPI in order to commence installation. Since I am not really into Java I would like to have some help on how to prevent the stripping of back slashes.
  5. Hasi001, WPI has improved a lot since the 2.x.x version. It has become much more to my liking. Anyway I would like to use not only as a post install but during deployment of Windows. Currently we use several stages to deploy applications e.g. unattended from command line; pre-installed software in an image and finally post installed software on the deployed image. The installation process runs in three stages and requires 4 reboots. In order to use WPI in this context I would need another field to specify the installation stage and some way of splitting the installation in several parts going through the sections of the install process. In such a case a config file in the form of an ini file would make things easier to parse to runoncex. I have been thinking about extending the use of WPI even further; I currently use a software plugin directory that contains a config file for each app. WPI could be used to go through the folders collect the config files and compile a list of the selectable software components that can be selected. It could then generate a copy list of the apps to the copied into the $OEM$ directory and generate the install scripts for the applications. These are just some of my thaughts on the use of WPI. Maybe it might be out of scope for the targets of WPI. I would already be glad if I have some config files to work with; so instead of writing to the registry WPI would produce a file instead. I could then use this file to shape things as required. So to make long story short: - I like to have WPI have an option to either write runonce keys in the registry or have it output a file with an 'ini'structure. - I would like to have a section included that specifies a section (as described above) and can sort things on this basis followed by the current sorting design already in WPI. Please let me know your idea on the above. Thanks ozbob
  6. Hi, The question to include copy/move/delete commands is not an invalid question. Sure one can use batch files to achieve this but from a perpective of managing applications and writing ini files to do so it's much better to have an overview of application installation in conjunction with the file handeling commands for this install. When you try a modular approach on config files, xplode seems handle this in a more clear way by using one single xml file to do all. On the other hand xplode lacks functionality that is available in WIHU which supports 'if then' queries, also does not provide user interaction. You could use them both I guess, but I'd rather have all the functionality in just one configuration file instead of heaps....
  7. ozbob


    Regarding the variables, it was not the proper word choice. I would like to check registry keys to find out if a certain driver has registered in order to load the appropriate software for this driver. Verifying file versions is less valid since I suppose it is a known fact when deploying an unattended install. If xplode is used after deployment it might be more usable.
  8. ozbob


    Thanks for your help, I will try it out. What about the other question, encryption of the password? will this be possible in version 3 maybe... Using variables (like in WIHU) will this be something available in version 3?
  9. ozbob


    Hi, I have a question regarding software installations using elevated rights or the equivalent of runas. We have always been having problems trying to get this right. In the description of the Execute modules the following is stated: Plugin to allow the execution of programs. Supports executing progams under a different user. So far I have not found any document which shows how to use this feature. If it would be possible to use another account, how could the passowrd be encrytped within the XML or external file providing the user password?. I have been looking at a lot of post install tools, I find the xplode product most convinient and the XML scripts easy to work with. The thing I do think missing from xplode is a way to query values of registry keys, file versions etc. Thanx.
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