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  1. For some reason, I get (2) on many of my Start Menu shortcuts. I used to have Start10 on Windows 10. I then upgraded to Windows 11, removed Start10, installed StartAllBack and re-added the Start Menu shortcuts. Any ideas?
  2. Is it a genuine .ISO? As in, not been tampered with by some third party? I restarted my computer and the program begun to accept the ISO. How bizarre :|
  3. I am using RT Seven Lite beta build 2.6.0 and when I select my Windows 7 Professional Edition (with SP1) ISO and an extract path, I get a message stating "Select a bootable Windows 7 operating system". I have also manually extracted the ISO and pointed to that directory, which then gives me an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." message. Any ideas?
  4. I am currently running x86 and now that SP1 is out, I have decided to slipstream it and start using x86-64. How would I do this? The option in the 'Hotfixes' area seems greyed out. Do I need to run vLite on an x86-64 system to slipstream SP1 into the image? Seems daft :S
  5. I do. It could very well be a standard Canon/Vista issue
  6. Whenever I make a vLite'd DVD, I always tick all compatibility options. It starts me off on things I shouldn't remove from the disk.
  7. I made the DVD over a month ago unfortunately.
  8. I made a vLite DVD-R based on Windows Vista Home Premium. I have installed the drivers for my Canon MP510 in Windows Vista. I can print fine but can not scan. I do not appear to have Windows Fax and Scan installed, although I did not ask for it to be removed. I also retained WIA to be best of my knowledge. No application can currently access the scanner. Any ideas?
  9. You are right. I am sorry for getting heavy but I have no idea what went wrong. Thank you guys.
  10. Projected folder is 1.62 GB, ISO is 1.61 GB.
  11. Will do later today, can't at the moment. I do appreciate this, believe it or not
  12. On further inspection, it does seem to have removed things like the Sample Pictures and Screensavers. So my question is, why do you think it was unable to remove things like the Snipping Tool and the Welcome Center?
  13. So you mean you can't help me with my problem. Fair enough.

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