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  1. I tried 3 burning software.... Its not that the problem... If you cant do something for repaid this bug, i will contact the TRU vlite forum
  2. My problem is with the 1.1 rc version.... Dont try it I wanted to try the Final version but you have the same problem of me.... Please, someone fix him
  3. Nice thx Now... need to resolve the vlite problem
  4. If vlite dont support DVD ram... need to be fix lol... Yeah, i tried another burning software. Anyway, i burned with Imgburn my original ISO and the boot work but with the modified ISO, noting ES:I love Imgburner... Do you have another software which resembles to him and which can burn files???
  5. vlite burn have a problem and he need to be fix...
  6. Burn directly with Vlite = Not work Create an ISO with vlite and after burn with another software = Not work Make an ISO with another software and then to burn, that do the samething that if burn directly with vlite
  7. 1- My DVD RAM is new.... Its the newest version of LG... I have a very good burning drive 2- I buy an DVD-RW and i find the real problem... Vlite or magiciso(i extract files of the UIF before vlite). I burned my original ISO on my dvd and that work perfectly... When i burn the modified ISO with vlite, that not work... Now, do you have a solution??? thx EDIT: For fix that problem, put in the vlite option, an option for remake the Boot Sector. Or put in vlite, the possibility to modify an image directly
  8. I thin the problem is not the speed of the burn... Its Vlite... Because the original image boot perfectly
  9. Yeah i tested my DVD on Vistual PC and that work perfectly... But in the bios, noting. The boot sequence is perfectly configured(i can load my XP cd) If someone have another solution, thx to give it to me If not, i will try to burn at 2x
  10. I will not waste another DVD I will take all other solution before that
  11. I burned my DVD at 8x Its not that the problem
  12. Hi, My dvd dont boot in bios.... I take my original vista dvd, i extract all files, i put a new language with Vlite and after i burn. The new dvd only load in windows, and not in the bios(boot sequence is perfectly configured because i can boot my windows XP cd) My vista dvd boot when i tried in Virtual PC... Why that not work in the bios??? I try to make a ISO from my new vista DVD, after i open it with magiciso and he write "Bootable" Now, i reallly dont understand thx
  13. Me my dvd dont boot! I create an iso with this DVD and when i open it in magiciso, that write "bootable" I tried to boot my DVD on Vistual PC and that work.... Why that not work with the boot bios(my bios is perfectly configured)??? however, My windows xp CD work Someone can help me for get a Vista bootable???
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