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  1. On 1/5/2024 at 2:57 PM, Antonino said:

    @JFX still about wifi,

    now I am just after checking my wife's laptop in device manager, and I see the wifi thing perfectly installed if that is what u mean, but still on the top right corner of the screen I am faced with the globe icon and no access to any wifi list as would be the case with normal full-install pre-minwin service. the os does not seem to care to even look for wifi points around. the hardware, as I said earlier, is ok. 

    Good, next check if the service (WLANSVC) is running. and check wlan interfaces.

    netsh wlan show interfaces

    Maybe reapply reg file for classic taskbar flyout: MinWin\Default\Reg\SysTray_Network_Flyout.reg


    There will be only a few bug fix releases, but I don't plan to add any new features.
    WinNTSetup development is more or less frozen, but not yet discontinued.

  2. @wuliyen Oh, right I was thinking about WinSxS folder, but you showed WindowsApps.
    It does work here and keeps all 5 folders.

    Maybe it's Windows setup that removes them depending on the "scale factor" of the newly installed Windows.


    @dimo70 You need to use GPT format for UEFI boot only and select the FAT32 ESP partition as boot drive.

  3. @Atari800XL

    I don't get any error message from Setup, if WinRe.wim is deleted.

    (at least not from 22631.2861.231204-0538.23H2_NI_RELEASE_SVC_REFRESH_CLIENTBUSINESS_VOL_x64FRE esd files)

    BTW: if I also delete the ReAgent.xml there is no error in the log file, only warning.



    Lines beginning with ; or # are ignored and reserved for comments.

    You can also rename all the *.txt files inside Remove folder to *.ini.
    This should give comments a different color depending on the Editor you use.

  4. 1 hour ago, wuliyen said:

    How to keep all files in \Windows\WinSxS\FileMaps?

    Not, possible with the WinSxS.ini.

    These folder are always deleted:


    They should be only needed by Windows Update.
    I'll rethink the last 4, maybe add an option for this.

  5. The filter


    matches for both:


    Every wildcard filter will only keep the newest component (17763.1490), all older we be removed.

    Whats are you trying to accomplish with all these files?

  6. 2 hours ago, sakatgg said:

    Another question, Compact LZX compression does not work on Server 2019, is this how it was designed from the start? Is it possible to enable Compact LZX compression on Server 2019?

    Hmm, WimBoot wasn't supported by Server version, so I skipped the the apply modes.
    But it seems that Compact mode works. I'll check more Server version and remove this restriction in next version.


    1 hour ago, click-click said:

    If I do that and and try to create another partition, Windows will only recognize the first partition because it sees the flash as a removable disk. Is there a way arround this?

    Good, question with Win10/11 this is no longer a problem.
    You can try with bootice, it can partition the flash drive with multiple partitions.
    It allows you to assign a drive letter to only 1 partition at the time.

    Not sure how WinNTSetup's drive letter assignment will behave in this case :ph34r:
    Will have to check this out ...

  7. Yeah, this is a problem with obsolet version removal.

    This filter


    matches both, so only one remains.

    For now you could solve it with 2 filters:



  8. 2 hours ago, click-click said:

    I'm still somewhat confused how the BIOS option ALL in WinNTSetup is supposed to work.

    The "ALL" is just passed to bcdboot.exe, which than creates BIOS and UEFI boot files.
    If it does not boot in UEFI mode, than either the boot partition is ignored (maybe it's NTFS) 
    or the UEFI is a bit picky and does not look for the EFI boot loader on a MBR disk.

    If the UEFI allows it, try to start the loader manually: \EFI\Boot\bootx64.efi


    Yes just use WinNTSetup to apply the backuped WIM, it will change drive letter assignment and create a new boot entry.

  9. You still have 3 lines: "bootmenupolicy          Standard"
    that you should change to: "bootmenupolicy          Legacy"

    If you don't want to do it with bootice than use bcdedit

    bcdedit -set {current} bootmenupolicy Legacy
    bcdedit -set {b2c1b3c3-8029-11ee-a83b-c85b76503892} bootmenupolicy Legacy
    bcdedit -set {5070e151-81b7-11ee-a844-c85b76503892} bootmenupolicy Legacy


    There is MinWin if you left click on "Mode" label. That let's you create a minimal windows.
    The other 2 features make no sense. First OS than create boot files.

    If you already have some VHD's mount them and use BCDBoot.exe to create boot files.
    Or use WinNTSetup and leave the source combo box empty while
    selecting boot partition and the mounted VHD.

  10. You make the whole thing complicated.
    What do you mean with volume BCD. You should have one on your physical disk's boot partition
    and another one inside the VHD.

    If you physical boot the VHD, than one of your physical disk is used.
    if you attach the VHD to a virtual machine, than the BCD inside is used.

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