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  1. Hello roytam1, I was still using Pale Moon 26.5.0 (Mercury's latest SSE build) and now I found your New Moon. Thanks a lot for keeping Windows XP users happy! Your latest build is running fine, BUT closing it causes a crash (see image). I guess somewhere there's still some SSE2 code in your build, or is something else causing the crash? Btw, are you the same guy? -- Reino
  2. DirectShow FilterPack

    Update: DirectShow FilterPack 5.00 (Re-release) It's now compatible with Windows 7.
  3. DirectShow FilterPack

    Update: DirectShow FilterPack 5.00
  4. DirectShow FilterPack

    This issue has been solved and will be incorporated within the next Zoom Player release (anything newer than 8.00 RC2).
  5. DirectShow FilterPack

    I've had other people complaining about this too, so I don't think you'll be the only one who I'm helping here . With future releases Win2000 users can simply extract updated versions of non-MPC-HC DSfilters from the package and use them. But we'll never know what the future will bring. They might actually add Win2000 support somehow, or I might even replace them all for (some) other DSfilter(s) (LAV Filters seems promising). Thanks for testing.
  6. DirectShow FilterPack

    Ah, interesting. Didn't know stuff like that existed. Anyway, I've made a DirectShow FilterPack (Windows 2000 edition). It contains the latest MPC-HC DSfilters compiled with MSVC2008, so they should work on Win2000. Would you be so kind to test and confirm that? Thanks a lot! p.s. I've already removed the SHOUTcast Source Filter. See a few posts earlier.
  7. DirectShow FilterPack

    I picked the Matroska splitter as an example, because I thought it would be save to say that, if that one wouldn't work, the others probably wouldn't either. BUT, after googling "msvc 2010 windows 2000", a lot became clear. Ultimately it turns out to be a compiler issue. MS Visual Studio 2010 simply doesn't support Windows 2000. It's the only compiler used today. After a bit of searching I found out the following versions are last ones compiled with MS Visual Studio 2008 (which should still work on Windows 2000): - MPC - Home Cinema 1.4.2815.0 - Standalone filters A couple of links that came up after performing above mentioned google search were interesting though: - How to compile a C++ application in Visual Studio 2010 so that it could work in Windows 2000? - Visual C++ 2010 Apps Don't Support Windows 2000 If you want to keep using updated versions of MPC-HC or its standalone filters, I suggest you ask the developers to have a look at these links and see what the possibilities are at: - the "Software Players hideout of the Doom9 forum (start your own topic, or post a reply in the big Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) - DXVA! topic) - or create a bug report / feature request at SourceForge That's all I can do for you, sorry. What's that?
  8. DirectShow FilterPack

    Hi johk, I've been getting this question from someone else too some time ago, which is quite worrying. Since I don't have Win2000 myself, could you do me a favour and see if there's any of the 4 attached Matroska splitters working for you, and if so, which one(s)? I have used the nightly builds from Xvid.ru in my DSFP now for a long time, but according to their documentation, they do not support Win2000 (at least Win2000 is not listed). MPC-HC's official website (Sourceforge) however advertises with support for WinNT and Win2000, so if they live up to their promise, I'd say they should work for you. But again, could you please test all 4 of them included in the attachment and post your findings here?
  9. DirectShow FilterPack

    Okay, I've really dug into this. To sum it up: MPC-HomeCinema and it's SHOUTcast Source Filter are the culprit. And to make matters worse; I completely overlooked the DC-Bass Source Filter its shoutcast support out of the box. After quite some testing this filter passes with flying colours for all sorts of audio streams, whereas the MPC-HC SHOUTcast Source Filter fails miserably. It's because I abandoned Zoom Player (where the DC-Bass Source Filter works perfectly*) some years ago in favour of Foobar that I thought there's something wrong the filter's shoutcast support, but it seems it's in fact MPC-HC which is the culprit. Somehow it can't call forth the DC-Bass Source Filter for audio streams. If you'd like to see the full test report, click here. Overlooking everything now, I think with the next update I'll replace the MPC-HC SHOUTcast Source Filter in favour of the DC-Bass Source Filter. Why? Although they might be able to fix the issues with MP3 and AAC, I don't know if we can expect Vorbis support and the DC-Bass Source Filter has already just that. If you're using MPC-HC, you can forget streaming, at least for now. To listen to online radiostations I suggest you use Zoom Player, or if you're desperate MONOGRAM GraphStudio (GraphEdit is old!), together with the DC-Bass Source Filter. Be sure to unregister the MPC-HC SHOUTcast Source Filter first! * Only OGG-streams are a bit troublesome. They won't play at the moment, but I think it's an issue with Zoom Player rather than with the filter. With MONOGRAM GraphStudio OGG-streams are working fine.
  10. DirectShow FilterPack

    Hi dancri77, I have to admit, because I rarely listen to SHOUTcast streams, I haven't tested the source filter with every update recently. Although I'm on WinXP (and I can't help people with Win7), the thing doesn't work with me either. At least the standalone source filter, because MPC-HC's embedded SHOUTcast source filter still works fine (weird...). I've created a ticket so developers can have a look at it. After having tried several things, I don't have a temporary solution, so we have to wait for the MPC-HC developers to come up with a solution. Thanks for letting me know.
  11. DirectShow FilterPack

    Haha, thanks a lot! How careless of me! It's because lately I received some complaints about the use of 7z. Some people didn't know how to open it. That's why I decided to switch back to zip, but it seems I forgot to update the url as well. Now it's working again.
  12. DirectShow FilterPack

    Update: DirectShow FilterPack 3.21
  13. DirectShow FilterPack

    Update: DirectShow FilterPack 3.2
  14. DirectShow FilterPack

    A small update: DirectShow FilterPack 3.12 The latest Bass Source Filter update was back in March :x. I was actually waiting to make a bigger update, but sadly enough it's very quiet in "DirectShow Filter land" at the moment.
  15. DirectShow FilterPack

    A small update: DirectShow FilterPack 3.11