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  1. 4 minutes ago, Mark-XP said:

    I have to admit i too laughed about anton12's observation (and his patience!) - without any spitefulness or snideness.

    So i wouldn't never impute suchlike to anyone here a priori - not in general, and not to NotHereToPlayGames in particular.

    Everyone can laugh however he or she wants. But what you do here in public readable or visible for all visitors of this forum is a completely different matter. albert.gif Especially when someone asks for help. And BTW, I couldn't care less whether it's this one or that one who behaves like that. jexplique.gif That doesn't make it any better. nimportequoi.gif

  2. 5 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:
    12 hours ago, anton12 said:

    This antl-robot-verification loading process goes on and on
    and on and after 1 hour this loading process stops with the


    I personally think it's inappropriate and rather rude to laugh at someone who uses old hardware and has to wait much longer for tasks to be completed than on a powerful computer. And there are people who are attached to their old computers and don't follow the disposal mania of our society. albert.gif

    5 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

    That said, I personally do not know what the "-sse" variants of the UXP browsers really means.

    Your PC can/should be able to use SSE but not SSE2.  Unknown if these UXP browsers have an SSE without SSE2 and seems to me you can/should be using SSE.

    Just to clarify, SSE or SSE2 instruction sets are exclusive features of a CPU. These are specific instruction sets that can be addressed by programmes such as browsers. An SSE release of a browser therefore uses at most the SSE instruction set of a CPU and does not contain any code for instructions which need the SSE2 instruction set or higher. smilie-denk-58.gif Therefore, your statement "these UXP browsers have an SSE without SSE2" does not make sense as a browser is not a CPU. nimportequoi.gif And you see, I don't laugh at such statements, either. jexplique.gif

  3. 14 hours ago, anton12 said:

    As old fashioned as this hardware might seem, it is in fact very reliable !
    And it was not designed as a gaming pc but it is an office pc
    through and through, perfect for W2K-KernelEx.
    I certainly would not knock this old fellow in the dust.


    Hello again @anton12! My Windows XP computer is equipped with a P4 CPU and 1.5 GB SD-RAM. This machine is very reliable, too. Windows XP or Windows 2000 are definitely good choices for such old computers. So, I understand you very well. In any case, your CPU definitely lacks the SEE2 instruction set.

    14 hours ago, anton12 said:

    Following your advice I tested the HUK24/verification  with fresh installations
    incl. fresh profiles - without any modifications - of NM28 and St52 :



    That's the reason you are running SSE or IA32 builds of New Moon and Serpent. When one uses old hardware like we do, one has to accept the fact that many modern websites can no longer be accessed properly. That is why I have written what I do in such cases. Maybe, the coming SSE build of Mypal 68 is your last chance (but I assume it won't work either as the HUK24 websites most probably uses SSE2 instructions) but generally I would feed a more recent system with such cumbersome websites. I do this by throwing crappy websites like this at my Android 9 tablet. Even there, you have to use devices equipped with Android 5 or up to run most recent browsers which are very often needed for such modern, bloated :thumbdown websites.

    Kind regards, AstroSkipper matrix.gif

  4. Menu bar items on hover when using themes

    I don't know if anyone has ever noticed the following display annoyance in Mypal 68. I recently started using a theme (containing a black cat. What else! :P) in Mypal 68 and when I move my mouse over the menu entries, the respective entry is difficult to read and is not displayed correctly. Here is a screenshot when the default theme is enabled, and everything is fine:


    And now a screenshot when another theme such as my black cat theme is enabled:


    The Bookmarks entry is barely legible. Same with the entries File, Edit, View, History, Tools and Help. That's annoying. Therefore, I have created a small fix in form of a CSS stylesheet. Here is the code:

    menuitem[_moz-menuactive="true"] {
      background-color: -moz-menuhover !important;
      color: -moz-menuhovertext !important;

    And here is the result:


    Now, the inverted colour is displayed correctly again when hovering. Although a little blurred due to the activated theme (I think it is an overlay effect), it is much better to read than before. Save the code in a CSS file and import it to the userChrome.css file if you are affected too! Or simply download the file menubar-items-on-hover.css I uploaded to my file-hosting service!

    Edit: I checked this little blurred effect again and could fix it. spanachee.gif Here is the new code:

    menuitem[_moz-menuactive="true"] {
      background-color: -moz-menuhover !important;
      color: -moz-menuhovertext !important;
      text-shadow: none !important;

    This is a screenshot when using the modified code above with my favourite theme:


    You see it looks now as it was when using the default theme. :cheerleader: And here is the download link of the file menubar-items-on-hover.css containing the modified code: 

    Cheers, AstroSkipper matrix.gif

  5. 30 minutes ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

    Pretty much what I expected.  Not the first time you've cited how slow your computer is and I know I wouldn't use that "all the time" if I didn't HAVE TO, lol.

    My Windows XP desktop computer is not permanently switched on. But my tablet is. This means that many daily tasks can be done immediately. But I generally prefer to surf with my old machine. I love the legacy browsers such as New Moon 28 and Serpent 52. And complex articles are written there, of course. But all that bloated Google stuff is ideal food for my tablet. :yes:

  6. Here are some facts: my car is from 1989, my Windows XP computer is from 2000 but my tablet is an Android 9 one with most recent apps. I could use a much more modern desktop computer but I love my old one. I also could use a notebook with dualboot of Win 7 and Win 10. Websites which don't run properly on my Win XP machine I usually open on my Android tablet. I am an experienced Android user and can do nearly all things under Android if needed. BTW, many of my posts are written on my tablet. And I love throwing Google-infested websites at my tablet. This part can handle them perfectly. :P

  7. 57 minutes ago, UCyborg said:

    Good lord...minutes!? It goes through in 7 seconds here, both St52 and Mypal 68. 360Chrome is through in 5 seconds. My Xperia E3 takes almost 40 seconds though, it's on Chromium 118 engine. You guys really do browse the web with computers that are equivalent of putting a Ford Model T on a modern highway...

    Right! Using browsers such as Mypal 68, New Moon or Serpent means the user is running old hardware with old operation systems. Such systems are slow and weak in general. On more recent hardware, I personally wouldn't think of using old OSes or legacy browsers. Thus, your comment is not very logical, rather absurd or provocative and certainly not helpful. And BTW, I drive a very old car and speed doesn't matter for me. :P One particularly positive aspect is that I produce very little electronic waste. :)

  8. 3 hours ago, anton12 said:

    AstroSkipper, can you please tell how much time (minutes) it took  for
    Mypal 68  and NM28 to pass the verification ?

    In Mypal 68, the verification process lasted exactly 1 minute. I measured it from this registration form


    to this success message when clicking the button "Hier klicken":


    In New Moon 28, it took much longer, maybe five to six times as long. For me, much too long. :crazy:

  9. 14 minutes ago, shelby said:

    my avast free trial is going to end soon and i remember that there is an article how to extend it but i don't found it

    Hello @shelby! Here is a quotation from Avast:


    Newer versions of Avast Free Antivirus will no longer ask you to register, and older versions will keep working even after they've "expired". If you're using Avast Free Antivirus version 7 or older, please use this universal key: W11332244H9900A0420-8MRTR8W5

    Source: https://www.avast.com/registration-free-antivirus#pc

    Cheers, AstroSkipper matrix.gif

  10. 33 minutes ago, nicolaasjan said:

    As I stated in my previous post, there page 2 and onward lead to search results for "null" (obviously not what I'm looking for). :o

    I can confirm that. There is indeed a "null" problem with the script "Restored Pagination for Google" starting from page two when using the advanced search, even in Mypal 68. Thus, I use the script "Return Pagination to Google" instead.

  11. 2 hours ago, anton12 said:

    Here is a problem for the experts of this forum:


    HUK24  is a German insurance cpmpany.

    I tried to register on their online portal to gain
    access to my account.

    But the access to the account is blocked
    by something they call

    friendlyCaptcha  (https://friendlycaptcha.com)

    After entering the e-mail address and password,
    the next step is the anti-robot-verification:

    Hier klicken   (click here)

    This anti-robot-verification seems to be an endless loop
    with the latest versions of NM28 and St52.
    And SSUAO does not help.

    Any ideas how to solve this (unfriendly) friendlyCaptcha problem ?

    My first advice is to use other, more modern browsers. When I try to access such services, I always do it using my Android 9 tablet with most recent browsers such as Opera, Kiwi, Brave or Firefox. But just for you, I also tried to access this website with Mypal 68, and the verification says I am a human. That makes me feel better. :P I was already thinking I was a cat. wavingbcat.gif At next, I tried New Moon 28. The verification took much longer than in Mypal 68. This is my result in NM 28:


    NM 28 seems to have passed successfully the verification. But I can't get any further. I don't have an account there and don't want one. Hope I could help you a bit. BTW, there are a few errors in the Web Console regarding this website.

    Cheers, AstroSkipper 236.gif

  12. 35 minutes ago, VistaLover said:
    5 hours ago, AstroSkipper said:

    Do you see any advantages in using Violentmonkey instead of Tampermonkey? Maybe, in terms of script compatibility? Or is it just a personal preference in the end?

    ... The short version of it is both :P ; long version below:

    Having originally been a Mozilla Firefox fan only, my first acquaintance to Userscript Managers was via the XUL/legacy version of Greasemonkey ; at some point in time, this was converted to the much restrictive WE format :(, to which I did never migrate...

    When I started using the UXP-based browsers, NM28 initially, I migrated to the UXP-fork Greasemonkey for Pale Moon (now an abandonware :(), which was also kept when I decided to move over from NM28 to Serpent 52 (because the latter had kept support for WE - I needed to use Stylus there, because many of my preferred userstyles had migrated over to the "user.css" format, which Stylem doesn't support :() ...

    While in St52, I explored the availability of actively maintained WE userscript managers, the two more prominent choices were Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey; TBH, I was quite miffed :realmad: that TM had already dropped support for Fx52-level platforms, with only a much older version being installable in St52 (I have v4.11.6120beta archived on disk) ; additionally, while TM was in the past open-source, it had already moved by then to closed-source development...

    OTOH, Violentmonkey was, and still is, open-source and actively supported Fx52/St52, so I chose to install VM in St52 and have kept it ever since :); when I started experimenting with the Chromium derivatives that support Vista SP2 32-bit, I installed VM there, too, because I had grown accustomed to it ;) ... 

    As far as script compatibility is concerned, it's true that most userscript authors first target TM, because it's more popular I guess; but VM should also do the job in the 99% of cases; incidentally, the "Restored Pagination for Google" userscript works better in VM than TM, it says so in its code: 

    // @match only allows wildcards for the TLD in ViolentMonkey, not in TamperMonkey or other alternatives

    Ultimately, it's down to the English saying: "whatever tickles your fancy" :whistle:and for me it's VM...

    Thank you for the detailed report! I disabled TM in Mypal 68 and installed VM. I'll test both, but of course not in combination. :P

    45 minutes ago, VistaLover said:

    Kindest greetings (in the hope you're not under 2m of snow there ;) ) ...

    Here, we had only snow for two days. Things look a little different in the south of Germany.

    Greetings from Germany, AstroSkipper cafe.gif

  13. 11 hours ago, VistaLover said:

    disable ALL Google-related userscripts inside Violentmonkey (some of them affect G-cookies)

    I know you are a fan of Violentmonkey. I use it in Serpent, too (thanks to your hint what needed to be fixed in version 2.14.0 :P). But in Mypal 68, I use Tampermonkey. Do you see any advantages in using Violentmonkey instead of Tampermonkey? Maybe, in terms of script compatibility? Or is it just a personal preference in the end? :dubbio:

  14. 5 hours ago, nicolaasjan said:

    I have the new interface in Google Search in my VM with NM28 because of a custom UA:

    general.useragent.override.google.com ---> Mozilla/5.0 (%OS_SLICE% rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/68.0


    That makes sense, of course. I checked it by using a fresh profile in NM 28 where no changes have been done by me. Therefore, I used logically the standard UA. spanachee.gif

  15. 33 minutes ago, VistaLover said:

    but it doesn't stick :( ; reload the tab and the slider gets reset to the right :dubbio:; that's the only slider that does this, AFAICT...


    13 minutes ago, nicolaasjan said:

    It persists here on Pale Moon. But I also protect some cookies with the extension CookieKeeper from the Classic Add-ons Archive.



    In Mypal 68, it persists, too. BTW, no cookie protection here. :)

  16. mozlz4-edit

    The extension mozlz4-edit lets you edit and/or add custom search engines to Mypal 68 without using an internet connection. Actually, mozlz4-edit is a simple mozlz4 file editor. You can open, edit and save mozlz4 files. Tested version: 4.1.2

    How to

    1. Find the search.json.mozlz4 file inside of your Mypal 68 profile folder.
    2. Backup the search.json.mozlz4 file first.
    2. Open the search.json.mozlz4 file with the mozlz4-edit extension.
    3. Edit and/or add a custom search engine entry.
    4. Save the modified search.json.mozlz4 file in your Mypal 68 profile folder.
    5. Restart Mypal 68.

    Here is a screenshot:


    Warning! You should not delete default search engines from a search.json.mozlz4 file if you edit the file. If you delete a default search engine, then the Firefox will reset search engine list to a default state. But you can add new search engines.

    Download link: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/mozlz4-edit/

    The extension mozlz4-edit is the other one of those I mentioned in my post about Managing search engines in Mypal 68. I tested this extension by editing a custom search engine and adding it to Mypal 68. It also worked without any problems. :thumbup

  17. Update notification! update.gif

    As already reported here, the Root Certificates have been updated and are now from 28-11-2023. Here is a screenshot:


    Therefore, my self-created, offline Root Certificate Updaters in the section 11.2.4. Downloads related to Root Certificate Updates (in the first post of this thread) will also be updated as soon as possible. ssuper5sur5.gif

    Cheers, AstroSkipper matrix.gif

  18. 55 minutes ago, AstroSkipper said:

    Hello @Dušan Vićić! As you can see, I already wrote about that. And now, as the end of this summer happened weeks or months ago, Avast stopped delivering definition updates on versions 9/10/11 since November 2023. Thus, I will update my lists in the first posts. Thanks for your reminder! :)

    I updated my lists in the second and fourth post of this thread. Then I downloaded the most recent Avast VPS update for versions 9 to 11 which can be found here: https://install.avcdn.net/ivps9x/vpsupd.exe I compared this file to the one from 16.10.2023, and both are identical. Since the middle of October, the Avast VPS offline updater for versions 9 to 11 wasn't renewed anymore.
    Thus, I have to say: Avast 2015, rest in peace! mysticmort.gif

  19. On 9/21/2023 at 12:47 PM, AstroSkipper said:

    As previously reported, the virus definitions update for Avast Free Antivius 2015 version 10.4.2233.1299 will be discontinued at the end of this summer. This applies to all versions from 9 to 11. See here:
    Therefore, I recommend for all those, who are interested in this version or want to use it later, to download the latest Avast VPS update for versions 9 to 11. Here is the download link: https://install.avcdn.net/ivps9x/vpsupd.exe
    At the moment, it is still being updated. Therefore, check regularly until the last version is delivered! :cool:

    Cheers, AstroSkipper captain.gif


    1 hour ago, Dušan Vićić said:


    Guys, if you don't know, Avast stopped giving definition updates on versions 9/10/11 since November 2023.

    It means that non-SSE processors are vulnerable now (10.4.2223 was the last non-SSE version)

    @AstroSkipper Please edit our antimalware list.

    Dušan Vićić


    P.S. Avast is slowly closing in on version 18 definition updates... No announcement yet, but XP will lose Avast antivirus support in 5 years, at best... Version 11 was released in 2016, i think. Damn it.


    Hello @Dušan Vićić! As you can see, I already wrote about that. And now, as the end of this summer happened weeks or months ago, Avast stopped delivering definition updates on versions 9/10/11 since November 2023. Thus, I will update my lists in the first posts. Thanks for your reminder! :)

  20. @feodor2 The website https://www.camp-firefox.de/ works no longer correctly in Mypal 68 for a few days. Especially the site search function https://www.camp-firefox.de/suche/ is broken. Here is the output of the Web Console:

    SyntaxError: private fields are not currently supported WebComponent.min.js:58:1408
    ReferenceError: WoltLabLanguage is not defined de.preload.js:2:1
    SyntaxError: private fields are not currently supported WoltLabSuite.Core.tiny.min.js:1:33256
    ReferenceError: requirejs is not defined suche:49:1
    ReferenceError: define is not defined WoltLabSuite.Forum.tiny.min.js:1:1
    ReferenceError: require is not defined suche:531:2
    ReferenceError: define is not defined suche:561:2
    ReferenceError: define is not defined suche:566:2
    ReferenceError: require is not defined suche:607:3
    ReferenceError: require is not defined suche:612:2
    jQuery.Deferred exception: SECURITY_TOKEN is not defined init@https://www.camp-firefox.de/js/WCF.Combined.tiny.min.js?v=1701002591:19:8603
     undefined WCF.Combined.tiny.min.js:4:40512
    jQuery.Deferred exception: require is not defined addObject@https://www.camp-firefox.de/js/WCF.Combined.tiny.min.js?v=1701002591:19:13911
     undefined WCF.Combined.tiny.min.js:4:40512
    ReferenceError: SECURITY_TOKEN is not defined WCF.Combined.tiny.min.js:19:8603
    ReferenceError: require is not defined WCF.Combined.tiny.min.js:19:13911
    This site appears to use a scroll-linked positioning effect. This may not work well with asynchronous panning; see https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Mozilla/Performance/ScrollLinkedEffects for further details and to join the discussion on related tools and features! suche

    There is a lot not defined. Have a look above! The admins of this websites must have recently performed changes. :realmad: In New Moon 28 and Serpent 52, the site search surprisingly works. :thumbup

  21. On 11/29/2023 at 11:50 AM, AstroSkipper said:


    The aboutbuttuon is a special custom button coded quite unusually. It is generated in JavaScript by the var variable and is a menu button. When hovering on all buttons, you will notice that this button renders differenly from all the others. I think the code imported by the stylesheet buttons_on_navbar_button_roundness.css can't target this kind of custom button. It is simply not recognised as a standard toolbar button by the stylesheet. To change the appearance of this button in a toolbar (e.g. nav-bar) itself, you have to change the code inside the aboutbutton.uc.js file directly.

    Cheers, AstroSkipper matrix.gif


    On 11/29/2023 at 12:58 PM, dmiranda said:

    Yeah, I thought so. I will report if I manage to do so.Thanks.

    @dmiranda The solution to let the custom button aboutbutton recognise by the CSS stylesheet buttons_on_navbar_button_roundness.css is a bit more complicated than I thought. You have indeed to change the code of the script aboutbutton.uc.js. It seems to be a class issue. This is the first part of the original script code from line 1 to 26:

       (function() {
        if (location != 'chrome://browser/content/browser.xul')
        try {
              id: 'about-toolbarbutton',
              type: 'custom',
              defaultArea: CustomizableUI.AREA_NAVBAR,
              onBuild: function(aDocument) {
                 var toolbaritem = aDocument.createElementNS('http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul', 'toolbarbutton');
                 var attrs = {
                     id: 'about-toolbarbutton',
                     class: 'chromeclass-toolbar-additional',
                     type: 'menu',
                     removable: true,
                     label: 'about Seiten öffnen',
                     tooltiptext: 'about Seiten öffnen'
                 for (var a in attrs)
                    toolbaritem.setAttribute(a, attrs[a]);
                 return toolbaritem;
       } catch(e) { };

    I changed the class of this button in line 15 from 'chromeclass-toolbar-additional' to 'toolbarbutton-1 chromeclass-toolbar-additional':

       (function() {
        if (location != 'chrome://browser/content/browser.xul')
        try {
              id: 'about-toolbarbutton',
              type: 'custom',
              defaultArea: CustomizableUI.AREA_NAVBAR,
              onBuild: function(aDocument) {
                 var toolbaritem = aDocument.createElementNS('http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul', 'toolbarbutton');
                 var attrs = {
                     id: 'about-toolbarbutton',
                     class: 'toolbarbutton-1 chromeclass-toolbar-additional',
                     type: 'menu',
                     removable: true,
                     label: 'about Seiten öffnen',
                     tooltiptext: 'about Seiten öffnen'
                 for (var a in attrs)
                    toolbaritem.setAttribute(a, attrs[a]);
                 return toolbaritem;
       } catch(e) { };

    This change seems to be enough to let the CSS stylesheet buttons_on_navbar_button_roundness.css recognise the custom button aboutbuttuon as a standard toolbar button. Thus, the button can be rounded by this CSS stylesheet. Here is a screenshot to show the result of my change (I added borders around the buttons via CSS code for better visibility :P):


    The positive side effect of this modification is that the custom button aboutbuttuon behaves as a normal toolbar button from now on, even if it is not rounded off by such a CSS stylesheet. :thumbup

    Cheers, AstroSkipper matrix.gif

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