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  1. Thanks. Yea that is a possibility but I already have an old HP Scanjet from a dumpster dive. I think you might be able to also use a picture file in the faxes not 100% sure.
  2. Have an old HP scanner that is USB and SCSI. The Pc also has a SCSI controller I added. i just dont have the cable to connect the two. Only USB but i am conaidering a cable. Isnt there also an option to take pictures and use them instead of a scan document(i know its a thing in the win xp and 8.1 versions). We have a b/w laser print on our network I would set up. Im just to lazy to configure it in 98
  3. Our new insurance company requires alot of documents to be faxed between us, doctors, and them. I know it sounds ridiculous(and I agree) but it is what it is. We do not own a fax machine nor really want to purchase one. However we do own 4 old computers that have modems but 3 out of 4 use a ISA interface and the 4th(Only one that doesn't work) uses a pci modem. Our current PC does not have any ISa or PCI slots just PCI express. Eventually I plan on building a computer that will have a PCI slot but thats a different story. Would it be a doable Idea to use the best computer out of the 3(Pentium II 333mhz, 112b ram) as a fax machine using windows Fax and Scan? Would this actually work and be feasible(besides being slow as molasses)? It currently runs Windows 98 and Windows 2000.
  4. I was wondering if a motherboard with an embded processor would work good with Windows 98 or 9.x in general. I am refering to boards with a processor such as the celeron j800/900, n3050/n3150, amd a4-500, 16-5200 ,e-350, etc. These boards are cheap, low power, and minimal, making them seem pretty good for windows 9.x. I know they are probably too modern but it seems like a good idea. Just a thought here.
  5. bz07

    VLC on ancient hardware.

    The videos work pretty well. The resolution is 1024 x 768 I belive.
  6. bz07

    VLC on ancient hardware.

    I installed direct x 8 and tried all the vlc you suggested but I settled on usinf windows media player and media player classic with a codec pack.
  7. bz07

    VLC on ancient hardware.

    Well I installed klite coded pack 2.88 with kernel ex and the videos play great. I use windows media player and media player classic with no hiccups right off a flash drive. The only issue I found was when I tried playing a blueray rip is when the pc stuttered. that's no problem though I don't have any blueray disks nor a blueray drive nor plan to use the pc for this.
  8. bz07

    VLC on ancient hardware.

    Yea I was using a newer vlc. I will try older. I have a copy of 1. Something ill try than try 0.8.6 if no sucess. I will also try Direct X 8
  9. bz07

    VLC on ancient hardware.

    This is windows 98 se. I will try the video on the harddrive. I will also try a codec pack. Yea usb 1 is very slow
  10. bz07

    VLC on ancient hardware.

    I don't know what the resolution was set at. The graphics card had 4mb ram that's pretty much all I know. I will try to move a video to the harddrive to test it out. It is an oem xps d333. I have a few parts from other oems but no ram or cpu(this pc is the newest and most powerful of them)
  11. I was trying to run Vlc with some videos on a Pentium II 333mhz with 96 mb ram. I was running both VLC and the video off a flash drive in the usb 1.0 port. The playback was very poor the video was extrmely choppy and the audio was garbled. I tried both an avi and mp4 file with the avi giving the bad video and the mp4 not even playing. Is their any way I can maybe fix this issue and watch some videos? Would maybe having VLC onnthe hard drive be better? Maybe another video player? (The hdd is only 8gb and 6.5. are full so im limited on space)There is no reason behind doing this it is just for fun.
  12. bz07

    Windows 98 on modern hardware

    I've never yet seen an ASUS board that played nice with Windows 9x. As far as I know they use AMI BIOS as well, not AWARD, which is more 9x friendly. But some members here use ASUS, so I guess it depends on personal preference and the luck of the draw. I prefer Gigabyte first and then MSI. Not had much experience with ASRock or others.When you look at the specs for the motherboard you choose, be sure to check the exact brand and specs of the LAN controller. Certain RealTek and Marvell chips have 9x drivers, but not all. If it is Intel, then forget it, they dropped 9x support ages ago. It's possible to get a 9x compatible LAN controller, but there's no getting around the sound issue. You will either need a 9x compatible PCI sound card or a "USB Audio" device which I have no experience with.Iv found a few boards I like but of course they have intel nic. However the boards use intel 1218v and after googleingni found a drivers page with the drivers for dos.https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/71305/Intel-Ethernet-Connection-I218-V
  13. bz07

    Windows 98 on modern hardware

    I found one for $3 that claims 98 support. However I also read somewere on some boards you can change the type of sound output(I don't think that really exists though)
  14. bz07

    Windows 98 on modern hardware

    Its not to late iv bought nothing I haven't really had time to look around much. I could check with my elementary school there slowly fading out xp machines for 7. The school I'm at now is mostly mac(im not a mac fan) with the few windows being laptops. there's an ocasional desktop but from what I see its all built on stuff. We have a bunch of anthalin 2 machines in the wood room getting ruined that were the old enginering pcs. Id live one of those but I don't think they take a student asking for one good.
  15. bz07

    Windows 98 on modern hardware

    So if I get a board with realtek or gigabit lan I should hopefully be in luck.(Those were also my two choices I was thinking about). Sound is an is an issue though. I really don't see spending more money for a sound card.