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  1. Gape

    Bugs of SP 2.0.2

    Because of the installation method, it's difficult to create a good uninstaller. But, I'm working on it. I hope I'll make a better uninstaller on the next version. It is not "Theme of Win 2000", it is "Win 2000 Color Scheme"... So, in fact, it's not a bug. But you're right about that Win 2000 icons also should be optional. I'm working on it now, too.
  2. Gape

    Win98SE SP2 Modem problem

    redwingtech, Could you try to re-install your (latest) modem drivers? Also, please don't miss Roving's post.
  3. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    Tihiy made an unofficial patch for this problem. Maybe you can apply it? Link. Please let us the result...
  4. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    Please check Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. I included a seperate uninstaller for Q891711 in the SP 2.0+. If this doesn't help, maybe I can make Q891711 as an seperate option on the next version.
  5. nLite does NOT support Windows 98/98SE. On the other hand, you can slipstream SP2. Please look at this post. To slipstream native USB drivers, you can use INFINST.EXE. It is a very simple tool, and it is in the your Windows 98 CD's \TOOLS\RESKIT\INFINST directory.
  6. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    I also believe that adding these files to your next SP 2.x release would be a good idea. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks MDGx, [where is the erpdude8? ] This new HTML Help update looks like causes problem with old IE versions. Please, check this link. About unofficial fixes, I'll add them in the next version, but they'll be optional.
  7. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    Slipstreamed into OPTIONS/CABS? I don't understand that... Could you explain?
  8. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    sonic, could you post the exact error message or could you put a screenshot?
  9. Gape

    Taskbar auto hide bug?

    I think original EXPLORER.EXE also works well. For 256-color tray icons, please look at this link.
  10. Gape

    Low memory message

    Please check your free HDD space. You should have at least 40-50 MB free space on your HDD. Also close all open (+trayed) programs before installing the pack.
  11. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    I have checked my change log between 2.0 RC1 and 2.0.2, but I didn't see anything that may cause this problem. Please try Fredledingue's opinion, and let us the result.
  12. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    Alternatively you can check md5sum of the file. I wrote it on the my web page, and on the first post of the this topic.
  13. Gape

    Ovewhelmed Novice !

    I only want to note that:
  14. Gape

    Taskbar auto hide bug?

    Probably, this problem is in the EXPLORER.EXE. If you try to revert back to the original EXPLORER.EXE, it should be fixed.
  15. Gape

    MISC | SiS Chipset drivers?

    FYI: I have a SiS based mainboard (Asus TUSI-M). It works OK with original XP SP2 SiS IDE drivers, but my CD-ROM's DMA feature cannot be activated with it. After installing latest IDE drivers from SiS (2.04a), it works very well, I can activate DMA feature of the CD-ROM, and I think these drivers has also better performance.
  16. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    They're optional. Also, you can easily delete them. (Just delete: C:\LOGO.SYS and C:\WINDOWS\LOGOW.SYS).
  17. Gape

    including drivers in Windows 98 setup

    You can use InfInst.exe from Windows 98 CD.
  18. Great! Now SP has very professional looking logos B)
  19. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    I have attempted to upgrade to Windows ME and realized I lost my product key. I aborted the installation but my version has been changed to that of Windows ME. What can I do to correct this besides a format and re-install? Thanks in advance. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This is a strange situation. I think the version of the Windows is in the USER.EXE, USER32.DLL or KERNEL32.DLL. Please, check these files' versions.
  20. Gape

    Service Pack 2.0.2 - UNINSTALL ?

    Did you read the installation guide before installing the pack? You must close all open programs before installing the pack. Could you check that: Has your MSDOS.SYS (which is in the root folder) "SystemReg=0" line. If it doesn't exist, please add it. You didn't see "SP" in the Add/Remove Programs, because Registry Checker has restored your registry to the older version.
  21. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    ATTRIB's function is done by INF installers in 2.0.2. FIND should be already installed as default. So, there is no need to keep them. Probably you have Windows ME (4.90.3000), not 98 SE (4.10.2222).
  22. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    What's the JVIEW profiler bug?
  23. Gape

    98 SE SP 2.0.2

    Yes, but what's the problem? Thanks for the info. Minor problem. Excalibur007 (who is a MSFN member) has prepared the logo.
  24. Gape

    Using SP on other language

    Probably, It will work. Because some Spanish users reported that they can use SP on their Spanish Win 98 SE.