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  1. Where do I find these two files? I want to find the Danish version of the files. advpack.dll 4.72.3612.1700 explorer.exe 4.72.3612.1700
  2. When someone who knows anything about how the stuff works, gives you a version number and you have obtained that file, send me a private message and I'll make you a version for win 98 fe. I only know to compress the files into an executable file.
  3. Max04 tells you, that you are able to use Maximum Decims usb drivers for win 98 FE, you just need to modify the package a little. He just forgot to tell which version of systray.exe you needed... If you don't want to spend time getting into making these packages, I can make you the newest one, if you find me the needed file.
  4. NUSB 3.1 Danish http://rapidshare.com/files/19929413/nusb31da.exe.html
  5. are some of the new files changing the language, if they are not localized versions? http://rapidshare.com/files/18379200/nusb30da.exe.htmll updated, forgot to replace english hotplug.dll Here's my try of a danish versions of 3.0. It should be working perfectly unless any of the new files in localized versions are required.
  6. Hey Maximum-Decim. Nice with a new release Could you upload the .SED-file for v3.0 somewhere, so others are able to build localized versions of NUSB? do I need a localized version of wdmstub.sys?
  7. I think it is more reliable if I could obtain the information needed for compiling 2.24da (some questions in an earlier post + the .SED-file needed for the compiling). I think I have all files required for compiling the new version. my usb-harddrive didn't work either, have not tried with 2.24.
  8. http://www.megaupload.com/dk/?d=4INRGLXG this should be a working version of Maximum-Decim Native USB Drivers 2.21 danish. I haven't been able to test it. Or... The devices I tested, didn't worked...
  9. I've found a explorer.exe 4.72.3110.1 Could you upload the .sed file, so I can compile a danish version?
  10. #Maximum-decim I can see that you have included a newer version of advpack.dll and explorer.exe (4.72.3612.1700) in your Russian version af NUSB 2.4. When I want to compile a danish version, do I then need to find advpack.dll and explorer.exe 4.72.3612.1700 in danish version? If yes - where can I obtain these to files? I have all the other files required for a localized version. Unless there has been added more files, which needs to be in localized versions.
  11. Thanks a lot for all the help Petr. I just used the nusb211se.sed file you posted earlier and repacked it with the danish files, and now i got a fully danish windows again.
  12. okay, thanks for the answer. I'll try calling them tomorrow. Could I send the 3 hotfixes to you, and ask you to compile a danish compilation, like nusb22da.exe? I haven't used the iexpress tool before.
  13. doh... wrong hotfix number. I got 242975dan8.exe I need 291362 and 239696 In another thread they mention which email to use, to get the hotfixes send from microsoft. But I don't know if it is best to write the email in englsih and ask for the danish update or I should write the entire email in danish. In the other thread all the updates' names are like 250514UP.EXE. If I should ask for Q291362 and Q239696 in danish which filenames should I then exact ask for?
  14. How should i contact Microsoft to get hotfix Q242975 and Q291362 on danish? I suppose there is an other way than paying money for e-mail support.
  15. I could use a Danish version of Itunes without QT, if you getting too busy, to make it a guide how to make it could be very nice also, then I could by myself fix future versions of Itunes in Danish. Great job you are doing.
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