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  1. English SP on a English Win 98 SE?
  2. Thanks, But just for clarification: SP doesn't remove NOTEPAD.EXE, it only and optionally replaces NOTEPAD.EXE with METAPAD.EXE.
  3. In fact, they were not any serious bug in the 2.1, but I want to quickly fix the reported problems.
  4. ========================================================================== PROBLEMCHYLD's latest version of U98SESP3 is HERE: (link) ========================================================================== N.B.: The original contents of this post are preserved as a quote in the next post, just to make editing this post easier.
  5. My new unzipping tool changes timestamps! OK, I'll fix them soon. swgreed, Petr, any news about DSOUND.DLL problem?
  6. Generally, you should keep the newer. But could you write the file name(s)?
  7. Great work, again, Petr. I will include this into the next version. Thanks!
  8. Are you sure? All files has their original timestamps. Yes, I have two test systems, one of them is Virtual PC, the other one is a real PC with sound card. Both of them have no problem with DSOUND.DLL. Does anyone have the same problem? Yes, you must reboot after install IE 6.0. IE is a very big and complex software, so reboot is a must. On the other hand, some files are not localized in the French version, so maybe the problem is that [see Petr's post about French localization on the page 2]. OK. Thanks. 1. I will update my homepage and the topic with the MD5 info soon. 2. Only DSOUND.DLL problem is important. After analysing the problem, maybe I'll release a bug-fix release.
  9. 1024+32 means, copy file if exists and don't show version warning dialog. 1024 means only copy file if exists. Maybe it's a language issue. Could you try to find German DirectX 7.0? If you can, try to replace it with German DSOUND.DLL from DirectX 7.0.
  10. Thanks for the info. AnalogX Script Defender looks like a very good tool. But SCR56.INF has already contain the setting for .vbs scripts to be opened by Notepad.
  11. 98 SE SP [2.2 or 2.5]: * Updated INFEX.EXE to 0.3. * Updated METAPAD.EXE to 3.51. * Added RESHACKER scripts to modify these files: UPDATE.SYS (new microcodes) , SYSTRAY.EXE (icons), HOTPLUG.DLL (icons), EXPLORER.EXE (bitmaps and icons), SHELL32.DLL (avis and icons). * Added new option: Uninstall MS JVM [?]. * Added new option: "Copy to" and "Move to" Shell Handlers. * Added "LocalLoadHigh=1" (Note 1) into the TWEAKS.INF. * Added MSHDC.INF from Q276602. * Added Q305575 (REG). * Added Q897225 (REG). * Added QFE information and QFECHECK tool [?]. 98 SP [2.2 or 2.5]: * Will be added later. (Note 1): This setting tells the operating system to load its local drivers into upper memory by default as opposed to trying to squeeze them into conventional memory. Even though you'd think this wouldn't matter anymore, DOS still does play a role in how fast the operating system and leaving it whatever resources it might need is important.
  12. These lines are deleted by me to reduce virus risks. (Some viruses are based on .vbs and .vbe scripts). Minor problem, but it will be corrected on the next version. Thanks.
  13. I checked Windows Update with fresh install before releasing 2.1, this update didn't show up. It's different in size. UPDATE.SYS and some other unofficial updates will be in the next version (2.5/3.0). Great! Thank you.
  14. It is OK. But I highly recommend that after installing SP 2.1, you should re-install the latest 982ME again.
  15. 98 SE SP 2.1 Download from Rapidshare. Download from Majorgeeks. Download from Softpedia. (17.421.312 bytes, md5sum: 59db7fb49f582c7b6cc4f56a4b440ac1) ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST! Installation and Semi-slipstreaming Guide for SP What's new: * Added COMCAT.DLL from DCOM98. * Added Q212265 (JPEGIM32.FLT). * Added Q240896 (OPENGL32.DLL). * Added Q258765 (REG). * Added Q269604 (DSOUND.DLL). * Added Q285895 (CIMWIN32.DLL) and Q282949 (WBEMPROX.DLL). * Added Q314941 (SSDPAPI.DLL, SSDPSVR.EXE, UPNP.DLL). * Added Q323708 (NSCIRDA.SYS). * Added Q327517 (REG). * Added Q885836 (MSWRD632.WPC). * Added Q887617 (HTML32.CNV, MSCONV97.DLL, MSWRD832.CNV). * Added Q903235 (REG). * Added a fix for VS2005 issue (REG). * Added "No Channel Logging" registry tweak. * Updated Q891711 (to U891711). * Updated NWPP32.DLL (to Q250876-v2). * Updated HTML Help (to Q896358). * Removed DELINFS.INF. * Corrected MOUHID.VXD and DISPEX.DLL files. * Cleaned up some code. * Changelog. Known problems: * Some old audio drivers (like Crystal CS423x) are not compatible with SP 2.x. Please, update your audio drivers, if you have problem. * Uninstallation needs Windows 98 SE CD-ROM. It also doesn't remove all installed files. It only reverts back half of the installed files with original 98 SE files. So, I don't recommend uninstallation of the pack, if you don't have any serious problem. Important notes: * If you installed SP 2.0.x previously, just install this version without uninstalling old version. * If you want to make a localized version of this pack, you can find DDF (for making CAB files), and SED (for IEXPRESS) files as an attachment in this post. For more information about localization, you can look at Petr's post. * Unattended installation support is added, but it only installs "Main Updates/Hotfixes" part. For unattended installation, use this command: sesp21en.exe /q * If you like this pack and feel like contributing a little something, you can send me some donation via Paypal. Other works: * MDGx's 982ME. * Tihiy's Revolutions Pack. * Maximus-Decim's 98SE Native USB Drivers (NUSB). 21files.zip
  16. Please post a link and details. I recommend that you should release the first version as beta. To make a silent installation, you can easily call a Microsoft update/hotfix like: UPDATE.EXE /Q:A /R:N. Also, you can make your own EXE by a ZIP-to-EXE/CAB-to-EXE program.
  17. of course, but the best way to make it is to publish here links to infs and drivers missed in 2.2 - it's so hard to browse web everyday for the newones Also we have one limitation - USBSTOR.INF is about 50KB in size now - 64K max There are lots of "DeviceDesc"s on the "Strings" section. You can combine most of them.
  18. I think they're not upgrades (OLDDOS.EXE contains only some old DOS programs like QBASIC). If can find links, please let me know. Could you please explain that?
  19. 2.0.3/2.1: * Added COMCAT.DLL from DCOM98. * Added Q240896 (OPENGL32.DLL). * Added Q285895 (CIMWIN32.DLL) and Q282949 (WBEMPROX.DLL). * Added Q314941 (SSDPAPI.DLL, SSDPSVR.EXE, UPNP.DLL). * Added Q323708 (NSCIRDA.SYS). * Added Q327517 (REG). * Added Q903235 (REG). * Added a fix for VS2005 issue (REG). * Updated Q891711 (to U891711). * Updated NWPP32.DLL (to Q250896-v2). * Updated HTML Help (to Q896358). * Updated HTML32.CNV (to Q842532). * Removed DELINFS.INF. * Corrected MOUHID.VXD and DISPEX.DLL files. * Cleaned up some code. 3.0: Some more updates, better uninstaller, optional Win2000 icons, unofficial updates, full QFE info.
  20. * I'll post 2.0.3 asap which contains some updates and fixes. * The next major update will be 2.1 or 3.0. But it doesn't contain any exciting features. Do you have any idea? * I hope I will release 98 Gold Service Pack 2 as BETA soon. Thank you very much for the ALPHA release, Petr.
  21. ATTRIB.EXE are not removed from the system ! It is removed from the package.
  22. Open your Windows in Safe Mode, and if it exists, remove ALL Canon printer related programs from Add/Remove Programs. After that, also remove ALL Canon printer related devices from Device Manager (Control Panel-System). After that, reboot in normal mode, and install your latest Canon printer drivers for Windows 98 SE. Hope this helps.
  23. The reason of this problem is updated USER.EXE and USER32.DLL files. If you want, you can revert back to original version (4.10.2222), but don't forget that newer version (4.10.2231) of these files contain at least 9 different bug-fixes.
  24. Is this not already done by Gape ? Yes. Also I'm working on the next version which contains some new hotfixes and all unofficial updates [of course, optional].
  25. You can use a free tool: INF-Tool Lite. Also, try googling.
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