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  1. I read somewhere that Longhorn server will feature the possibility to edit Power options via GPO. It's incredible that it hasn't been done before. :| Anyway - the EZ GPO Tool mentioned above works very nicely, but you need to download the whole package including a little .msi. We're using this in our company, and we're totally satisfied. A new beta was just released too, but I only use stable releases.
  2. Yeah ... that would be of some interest for me too - although I won't use it! Thanks for the tip Bâshrat the Sneaky.
  3. @Spacesurfer: Hmmm .. pretty good! Same method... @JuMz: Hehe .. you linked to this thread.
  4. This neat little thing HERE often helps! Hint: RegTweak!
  5. Well done jcarle!! My personal favorite (next to WUD of course ) is Compression Bin. These little utils are [b][u]highly[/b][/u] appreciated!
  6. Uhm .. okay .. the august ___2006___ version? Wait a sec. I just found out. It's in the Utilities\bin\x86\ folder when you unpack the SDK, and it's called dxcpl.exe. This means we can't add it via System32 anymore I guess. Tried to unarchive it, but it's a stand-alone executable it seems. Pity! Edit: Found this from Microsoft: "DirectX Control Panel Removed from the Microsoft Control Panel Beginning with the August 2006 SDK, the DirectX® Control Panel has been removed from the Microsoft® Control Panel. You can now find the DirectX Control Panel in the Start menu under All Programs, Microsoft DirectX SDK, DirectX Utilities. In addition, the control panel executable has been renamed from directx.cpl to dxcpl.exe; it can be found in both the %DXSDK_DIR%\utilities\bin\x64 and %DXSDK_DIR%\utilities\bin\x86 folders." Edit2: Heh .. may attach them anyway. Here are both the x64 and x32 version. Had to RAR them! dxcpl_aug2006_x32.rar dxcpl_aug2006_x64.rar
  7. I can't find the August 2006 version of directx.cpl in the August 2006 SDK. Anyone?
  8. 3_ I think it was, but I use the files uncompressed so I haven't tested it.
  9. Yes. NLite did exactly this with the SATA driver for HP laptop, except the iastor.sys is compressed as iastor.sy_. The _x here... iastor.sys = 1,,,,,,_x,4,1 ... means the file is UNcompressed!
  10. Tou can regtweak all of this. Here's the one for not grouping similar icons (this is a system-wide setting): ; --- - - Don't group similar taskbar buttons [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] "TaskbarGlomming"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] "TaskbarGlomming"=dword:00000000
  11. You can also install THIS patch from Microsoft. It will let your Virtual Machine use the real machine's network connection.
  12. You should use themes ... See: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/76/ and the correct folder you put your wallpapers in is: $OEM$\$$\web\wallpaper\
  13. Hi y'all! What I'm about to explain is how you can add SATA/RAID drivers by editing only one file - TXTSETUP.SIF - which is placed in the I386 folder (C:\XPCD\i386\TXTSETUP.SIF). I've tested this method and it's bulletproof (atleast so far )... First of all I want to thank the guy that posted THIS several years back (and it was for Windows 2000 back then), without that posting I would still be pounding my head against a brick-wall. This post should cover whatever SATA controller out there - just test for yourself. The guy in the original posting mentioned above, is talking about an IBM ServerRaid driver/controller. The SATA driver I want to install is for the Intel® 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH7M/DH). Follow this guide step by step: 1. Comment out or remove anything under MassStorageDriver and OEMBootfiles you might have in WINNT.SIF. 2. Download the latest drivers (I'm using the current v6.x driver from Intel) and extract them. 3. Copy only the .SYS file (iastor.sys) to the C:\XPCD\I386 folder. Keep the other files - you'll need some information from them a little later. Note that it's important that the .SYS file is uncompressed. 4. In the C:\XPCD\I386 folder you must now open the file TXTSETUP.SIF in your favorite text-editor and do the following: 4.1 Under the section [sourceDisksFiles] add: iastor.sys = 1,,,,,,_x,4,1 Remember to change the name of the sys file to the one you use! I put this on line 1653. 4.2 Under the section [HardwareIdsDatabase] add: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C5&CC_0106 = "iaStor" You will find the information for your specific controller in the file TXTSETUP.OEM that you extracted with the driver. I put this on line 18800. 4.3 Under the section [sCSI.Load] add: iastor = iastor.sys,4 Change the names iastor and iastor.sys to your file's name. I put this on line 19244. 4.4 Under the section [sCSI] add: iastor = "Intel(R) 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH7M/DH)" Change the name iastor to your file's name. I think the name in "" can be whatever you like, but I used the same name used in TXTSETUP.OEM just in case. I put this on line 21586. 5. Save the file and exit. Burn the image and boot using the CD... Voila! -------- Notes: - No need to use the TEXTMODE folder. Just delete. - No "The file txtsetup.oem caused an unexpected error (18)...blahblah" error message during installation. This is the real reason I'm now using this method. - No need for ekstra files in the image - but you still need drivers defined in OemPnPDriversPath in WINNT.SIF. This explanation is only for the textmode and protected mode of the Windows XP Pro installation! - No need for any entries in WINNT.SIF (except the one above). - The only downside is that you actually have to edit the TXTSETUP.SIF file. Tell me what you think - does it work for you as well? @Philster: I think you can add all the different SATA drivers you want to, but I've only tested the one I documented here. Sharing is the thing! @mjschug: You did what I said in number 3? I haven't tested this over a network installation, however, I will test this on RIS in a week or so (I hope). I will keep you updated on this. @azaze1: Fixed! Thanks! @LispWarez: Hmmm .. didn't see it!
  14. Hey everybody! I'm currently trying to silently install the latest (v10.1.1.3) Intel Proset for the 3945ABG WLAN adapter. The computer is a Lenovo (IBM) T60 laptop. Here's the beef: When installing the PROSet application silent you have to edit the iProInst.ini file in the APPS folder. However - when you install this thingy manually and choose Custom Installation you have to enable installation of the ones with red crosses. See the screenshot below, with the options I'm talking about in in the red frame: I want it to be like this (when installing silent one doesn't see this wizard at all of course!) Take a look at det code snip below. The weirdest thing though is the fact that Admin Tools do not install even with this setting set to TRUE. These are changed from its default values: InstallMode = SILENT // default - FULL [FULL | SILENT | REDUCED] ITAdminTool = TRUE // default - FALSE Prelogon = TRUE // default - FALSE 1xAuthType = TRUE // default - FALSE NoWirelessRadio = TRUE // default - FALSE // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // Default over-rides // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Autorun = TRUE // default - FALSE InstallMode = SILENT // default - FULL [FULL | SILENT | REDUCED] SilentReboot = FALSE // default - FALSE ErrorMode = ROLLBACK // default - CONTINUE [ROLLBACK | HALT | CONTINUE] Language = ENU // default - ALL [ALL | ENU | FRA | ... | SVE] DowngradeLegal = FALSE // default - FALSE ExtendedSupport = FALSE // default - TRUE // BatteryLevel = 25 // default - 25 ProfileSave = 10 // default - 10 [ 0 | 9 | 10 ] // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // Macro over-rides // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- HideTrayIcon = FALSE // default - FALSE Disable11A = FALSE // default - FALSE NoWirelessRadio = TRUE // default - FALSE NoEAPSIMM = FALSE // default - FALSE PAC = TRUE // default - TRUE SharedProfiles = FALSE // default - FALSE NoRFKill = FALSE // default - FALSE D_RF_KILL = FALSE // default - FALSE MSZCFG = FALSE // default - FALSE NoExcludeList = FALSE // default - FALSE // NoExcludeList = ICHEF // default - TRUE AutoImport = FALSE // default - FALSE AppAutoLaunch = FALSE // default - FALSE 1xAuthType = TRUE // default - FALSE ITAdminTool = TRUE // default - FALSE RadioAppLaunch = FALSE // default - FALSE RadioMsgLaunch = FALSE // default - FALSE AdhocNetworking = FALSE // default - FALSE OpenAdhocNetworking = FALSE // default - FALSE Intel11aRadio = FALSE // default - FALSE UserXpEnable = FALSE // default - FALSE Persistent = FALSE // default - FALSE Prelogon = TRUE // default - FALSE UserExportImport = FALSE // default - FALSE ProfileConnectivity = FALSE // default - FALSE SecurityLevel = 0x00 // default - 0x00 GlobalWiFiManager = FALSE // default - FALSE CCxv4 = TRUE // default - TRUE CCXv4FeaturesEnabled = TRUE // default - TRUE OOBE = FALSE // default - FALSE The entire INI file is attached... I'm stuck here and have no clue of what to do . Can anyone help me with this? iProInst.ini
  15. Do you have a similar commandline for forcing RunOnce (GuiRunOnce) to load? Like this: rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceProcess But without the "EX". My example above here does not work... Edit: Actually I have this problem that the stuff in GuiRunOnce doesn't load until AFTER RunOnceEx. It's just a simple script I want to run in GuiRunOnce so the plan is great - but only in theory. Hehe ... The weirdest though is that on my desktop it loads at once and then RunOnceEx runs like usual (taking its time), but on my Laptop it dosn't load until after RunOnceEx. Edit2: Did you know that GuiRunOnce (RunOnce) doesn't run until after RunOnceEx?
  16. Dang guys - shouldn't we use the unattended.msfn.org regtweak database. I own RegTweaks.NET if anyone wants to create a database or something. I'm a total loser when it comes to creating web-pages.
  17. Agreed - I'm not that eager! Thanks T.D!
  18. This prompt is there for a purpose. Heheh... BTW: Is it possible to hexedt (or something) this message to show DVD instead of CD? Just a cosmetic question!
  19. Wow ... some awesome stuff from GSM I'd say. YES, let's get a script repository!!
  20. FYI: I had the same problem with an Intel PRO/1000 PL LAN Adapter (82573L). Installing the drivers from PROSet v10.3 solved all the issues. Thanks for the info Fencer128!
  21. I use a VBS that renames the Administrator account. Can be run during RunOnceEx for instance. Haven't tested it though - I run it from desktop after installation is completed...
  22. Well, then you can just remove the tick from "User must change password on next logon". If you add users manually I mean?!

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