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  1. Thanks I've always been looking for a way to speed up the loading of FF. I been useing that tweak network settings extension before.
  2. The polls been reset. Well you were right I now have 50 invites but my mate has 100. LOL
  3. I've stopped reciving invites now. My mate got 50 invites in one day.
  4. It will be back after they fix the few issues.
  5. Oh no that means I could get spammed.
  6. Sik new design! But it doesn't go with this design.
  7. I have 15 invites left. They are all there.
  8. You need to know what x is to solve it.
  9. I will continue to update that list if I get more invites.
  10. I would post all the links to the invites, lol. So everyone can get gmail. Gmail Invitation 1 - Used! Gmail Invitation 2 - Used! Gmail Invitation 3 - Used! Gmail Invitation 4 Gmail Invitation 5 Gmail Invitation 6 Gmail Invitation 7 Gmail Invitation 8 - Used! Gmail Invitation 9 - Used! Gmail Invitation 10 - Used! Gmail Invitation 11 Gmail Invitation 12 - Used! Gmail Invitation 13 - Used! Gmail Invitation 14 - Used! Gmail Invitation 15 - Used! Gmail Invitation 16 - Used!
  11. Sorry I meant your favourite company.
  12. Yeah that is the best thing to do. Btw who is Kasumi and Helena...?
  13. I already know that. I use RSS in FF. But I would like to know how to put the RSS on my site. So my visitors can be informed.
  14. Looks very good! Could have used a XP one though.
  15. What do you think is the best company in the whole wide world? I would say Microsoft, please don't hate me. :-) I made a post like this but made it read only by mistake. It is deleted now. Sorry for making a new one, but I wanted to see your views.
  16. OMG I think I need glasses or a new brain! Sorry once again.
  17. I want to do this exam MCAD: Microsoft Certified Application Developer. But I don't have a certification with Microsoft. Wish I did. May be in the future. Too expensive.
  18. WinME had sooooooo many problems with it. Froze 1/2 the time.
  19. Sorry my mistake. Mean't to say that it is compatable with IE. Well have you tried using Gmail on other browsers such as FF?
  20. Just PM me if you want an invite with the correct information. Double post. LOL
  21. You can download MSN Messenger 6.2 from here. Once you have installed it go to this directory. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MSN Messenger 6.2.0137 Or something near that.
  22. I have never seen a YaBB forum, unless I thought it was PHPBB. Can anyone show me a good YaBB forum? Thanks.
  23. Ah well, FF has all that but you have to install the java for it. And no ads. Yoo $50 US, who would pay for that? I hate java! Removed it from my computer when I first installed XP.

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