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  1. That is a very good article u have there!
  2. Amazing. I am trying to Skin Post nuke. Not doing to well. Could you give me pointers.
  3. gee i thought my 233 - 56.6 k was slow.
  4. why would you be looking for 2.95 when i can get win amp 3. http://www.winamp.com/download/;$sess...QY2M3TN24UYBCZI
  5. then maybe a new design *Hint Hint*
  6. i had people saying they couldn't get into my site.
  7. Triple click over comments. Actually that isn't easter egg it is a CSS problem.
  8. blue and white are some of the only colors i can design with. Also can you find the easter egg?
  9. Well watcha think? http://www.truegeek.net
  10. well if you are going to post them then i would think they would work.
  11. Jay it would rock if you did a skin and maybe a design for MSFN. Everybody now seems to be using the Windows XP look that it isn't kool any more.
  12. aswettla


    AaronXP that worked for me.
  13. thats a kick a** comp too man
  14. Wow 83 percent: BTW: Hey doggie make this the poll on the front page.
  15. you'd need to use a hack at ibplanet.com or use IBF Extreme or Gap Mans IPB Portal

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