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  1. 23 hours ago, justacruzr2 said:

     Also noticed that the Add Scheduled Task icon that should appear in the Tasks folder is not appearing.  I think this might be part of the problem.


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Plus!\System Agent]


    OK wrong - I probably need stronger reading glasses!

  2. On 5/29/2022 at 4:00 PM, Dave-H said:

    The GUI isn't displaying well either, with a lot of black holes left when things change.

    Hardware acceleration on Firefox versions 23 and lower leads to massive GUI problems with those black holes on all of my ME and 98SE machines. This can only be fixed by restarting the OS. I don't mean to say that you did it.  It is therefore also important to ensure that a profile is not used by a lower browser version and a higher version.  I almost only test with portable versions. IMO testing with versions 12 - 23 doesn't make much sense.

    15 hours ago, Dave-H said:

    I thought Firefox 31.8 ESR was supposed to just work though, as long as KernelEx was installed and configured correctly for it?
    Maybe I'm expecting too much here.

    I couldn't find any other requirements apart from the mentioned in my tests from scratch so far, the question still remains why Firefox does not work on some systems. Hardware, special system patches, specific VM's.... Best it is KernelEX update 24 or 25. Update 16 or 17 will not work or will work very poorly.

  3. On 5/28/2022 at 8:59 PM, Dave-H said:

    I'm not having any luck with RoyTam1's Firefox 45.
    Does it actually work on Windows 98, even with KernelEx, or have I misunderstood something here?

    Firefox 45 on 98FirstEdition isn't or is hardly testet. I've Firefox 45.9 and 48.0.2 (AzureContentBackend set to "skia" to avoid graphical and icon glitches) running on 98SE. Also DirectX 9c is highly recommended to activate Hardware acceleration. The specs are chip VIA P4M800, CPU Intel Northwood (SSE2), NV6600GT (AGP)/driver 82.16 and 1GB Ram. Unfortunately RoyTam's Firefox 45 doesn't work with skia. RoyTam disabled the compilation switch, so that's not possible. Versions 12 - 23 freeze on start and 36 - 41 crash. This is also all to find in my topic as well as the requirements. To make it easier first try to run a pre-configured, 98/ME optimised, portable version Firefox 35 or 31 I provide here.

  4. 3 hours ago, Dave-H said:

    Firefox 3.6 does what I need it to do on a regular basis, but it does display many (most) sites now very badly.
    If an alternative has better javascript support for instance, I would certainly seriously consider changing away from FF 3.6.

    IMO besides the nostalgia, a low-performing computer can be a reason to stick with browsers such Firefox 3.6. You know KernelEX offers the possibility to run Firefox 35 and even 52 and forks. For me, browsers like Firefox 3.6 hasn't been a solution for three or four years anymore. As is well known, albeit a little later Opera 12.02 browser also displayed the pages increasingly poorly. You are free to switch. I am currently using almost only Mypal/Palemoon29 on WinME and this works fine for my needs Yes, occasionally I press the "MinimiseMemory" addon button. For SSE only machines you can run e.g. RT's Firefox 45.

  5. A suggestion from me: Download Firefox 3.6.28 portable, install it somewhere, delete the firefox files in the Firefox subfolder (...\3.6 RoyTam\App\Firefox) of that installation and insert the (test) program files of e.g. fx36vc71-20171108_newnss.7z into it. In my opinion Portables are much better for testing. Then you get a fresh profile here. Of course you also can swap whole profiles or single files.
    https://sourceforge.net/projects/portableapps/files/Mozilla Firefox%2C Portable Ed./Mozilla Firefox%2C Portable Edition 3.6.28/FirefoxPortableLegacy36_3.6.28_EnglishGB.paf.exe/download

    I see these nss files here:

    NSSDBM3.CHK  has an old date 2012

  6. 58 minutes ago, uav1606 said:

    I did everything from the first post. But when I try to run FF 52.9 I get multiple error messages like this:


    If I click Yes or No, Firefox crashes, if I click Cancel, I get a few more of these messages, at the end Firefox freezes (does not start, hangs in the process list). What is the reason? FF 48 works well.

    It should not be called. Disable ConditionVariables with ";":   ;SleepConditionVariables= or delete this entry in your Kstub824.ini.

    You don't need ConditionVariables for Version 52.9.

  7. RT'sFirefox3.6/ Win98SE: I still can't reproduce freezing on Trendmicro. The versions without newnss 20171014/20171025/20171108 give known message "Secure connection failed...", due to the "old" nss files. Did you try to run without extensions and with plugins disabled?

  8. I was inquisitive and did some tests with RT'S Firefox 3.6newnss. Probably the crashes on download are Win ME/js3250.dll specific and are independent of the KernelEX version or Kext.
    A Workaround, but not checked further: I took JS3250.DLL and MOZCRT19.DLL from original Firefox 3.6.28 (2012) and inserted them into RT'S Firefox 3.6newnss with the result that
    I was able to download files without crash. Interestingly the older version of 2017 10 25 gives no crashes on download, but bookmark and history functions
    don't work here (Win ME). I also ran Firefox 3.6 newnss on Win98SE and it didn't freeze on this trendmicro page or crashed on download. I think RoyTam has never tested this
    program on WinME.

  9. 8 hours ago, Dave-H said:

    I had better luck with K-Meleon 74. The newer version definitely seems to be more stable.
    It still freezes on the Trend Micro page though.
    If I run it in XP, it loads the page fine.
    Again, I have kmeleion.exe set to Windows 2000 SP4 in KernelEx.

    Set XP mode, if it is better on your system. And set Msvcr80.dll (Program Folder) to Base (Kexbases,Kexbasen). It should avoid runtime errors.


    8 hours ago, Dave-H said:

    I didn't have any luck with the later version of Firefox 3.6.
    For some reason, it won't run at all. When I run it, nothing happens.
    I tried it on Windows XP, and nothing happens when I run it there either.
    I have firefox.exe set to Windows 2000 SP4 mode in KernelEx, I assume that's correct.

    Windows 2000 SP4 mode is the normal and envisaged setting on the firefox 3 exe. Does the fresh profile make a difference?

    I can hardly contribute to this at the moment, because I have not dealt with this further.

  10. Backup the profile folder and keep it. The trend micro page loads here, but I get an error / crash (firefox caused an error in JS3250.DLL ) on download. Maybe I could fix that with special KernelEx settings. I use neither Firefox 3.6 nor K_meleon 74 on ME. The page doesn't freeze on K-M74 here. I set Msvcr80.dll in the K-Meleon program folder to Base (Kexbases,Kexbasen). Latest http://o.rthost.win/gpc/files1.rt/KM74-g22-20210814.win2000.7z

  11. Thanks for your tips! :) @Welder your link gives "Censored / Error 451 - The page is blocked..." @ Goodmaneuver, I think I'll do that in the future.

    I usually edit a copy of my Kstub.ini file. Instead of copy I created a shortcut. I noticed my mistake after saving, so that I overwrote the file. I already searched with TuneUp Undelete and Piriform Recuva for deleted files of recent date. However, the files found were older.


    2 hours ago, schwups said:

    The DependencyWalker gives a very strange thing for Mypal68.exe. I see at Kernel32.dll in the ParentImportFunctionListView "Reg... API's, like RegCreateKeyExW=
    RegCloseKey, RegDeleteKeyExW, RegDeleteValueW, RegEnumKeyExW and others (whole Reg API group). Instead of Kernel32 these should be supported by ADVAPI32.

    I didn't suspect that at first, this happened because tested Win7 dll's. I renamed SSPICLI.DLL and changed Authz.dll and Apphelp.dll to the version of XPSP3. The "Reg API's" have disappeared.


  13. I didn't untie the Mypal68 knot so far and I deleted my main Kstub.ini today through a stupid negligence.
    The latest Backup is three month old. Pity! My new "Maypal68.ini" has improvements,
    but I still have problems with browser crashes on video start (of course not Mypal68, that doesn't run),
    the Vlc player 3 reacts very sensitively to different definitions, so that it very easily refuses to start and similar applies to Notepad++ 7.x.x.
    Notepad++ 8 needs at least uxtheme.dll to be updated. Note: This ini file may not be secure and has only been tested with a few programs. It is for test purposes:

    ~~~ Definitions ~~~

    CredReadA=o4e                        ;
    CredWriteA=o2e                       ;
    EnumDynamicTimeZoneInformation=e0    ;
    GetDynamicTimeZoneInformationEffectiveYears=e0  ;

    AddDllDirectory=z1e                  ;
    CompareObjectHandles=f1              ;
    ;CompareStringEx=z9e                 ; =>Kernel32.dll:CompareStringW or z9e mostly OK but not good. It's better to disable, but that's no solution
    CopyFile2=o3                         ;
    CreateFile2=-1e                      ;
    CreateMutexExA=z4e                   ;
    CreateMutexExW=z4e                   ;
    CreateRemoteThreadEx=z8e             ;
    CreateWaitableTimerExW=z4e           ;
    DeleteVolumeMountPointW=z1e          ;
    DeleteSynchronizationBarrier=o1      ;
    EnterSynchronizationBarrier=f2       ;
    FindNLSString=o7e                    ;
    FindStringOrdinal=-1e                ;
    GetCalendarInfoEx=e                  ;
    GetCurrentProcessorNumberEx=         ;
    GetCurrentThreadStackLimits=         ; None
    GetFileMUIInfo=f4e                   ;
    GetFileMUIPath=f7e                   ;
    GetFinalPathNameByHandleA=z4e        ;
    GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx=f3e ; o3e
    GetNamedPipeClientComputerNameW=z3e  ;
    GetNLSVersion=o3e                    ; f3e
    GetNLSVersionEx=o3e                  ; f3e
    GetProcessMitigationPolicy=f4e       ;
    GetProcessPreferredUILanguages=f4e   ;
    GetSystemPreferredUILanguages=f4e    ;
    GetThreadIdealProcessorEx=z2e        ;
    GetThreadPreferredUILanguages=o4e    ; KM76
    GetTimeZoneInformationForYear=z3e    ;
    GetUILanguageInfo=f3e                ;
    GetVolumeInformationByHandleW=z8e    ;
    HeapSummary=0                        ;
    IdnToUnicode=z5e                     ;
    InitializeSynchronizationBarrier=f3e ;
    ;InitOnceBeginInitialize=o4e          ; o4e problem VLC3 Notepad++ 7.9.3 - 7.9.5 false or true
    InitOnceComplete=z3e                 ; if succeed nonzero
    ;InitOnceInitialize=                  ; none
    IsNLSDefinedString=o5e               ;
    IsValidLocaleName=o1                 ;    Notepad++
    IsValidNLSVersion=o3                 ; -1 or o3   for Notepad++ in conjunction with CompareStringEx
    QueryProcessAffinityUpdateMode=z2e   ; Notepad++ 8
    RemoveDllDirectory=z1e               ;
    SetDefaultDllDirectories=z1e         ;
    SetDynamicTimeZoneInformation=z1e    ;
    SetEnvironmentStringsW=0             ;
    SetProcessAffinityUpdateMode=z2e     ;
    SetProcessMitigationPolicy=f3e       ;
    SetProcessPreferredUILanguages=f3e   ; Notepad++ 8
    SetStdHandleEx=0                     ;
    SetThreadIdealProcessorEx=z3e        ;
    SetThreadPreferredUILanguages=o3     ;
    SetWaitableTimerEx=z7e               ;
    SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTimeEx=z3e ;
    TzSpecificLocalTimeToSystemTimeEx=z3e ;
    WaitOnAddress=o4e                    ;
    ;WakeByAddressAll=                    ; None VLC3 problem
    ;WakeByAddressSingle=                 ; None VLC3 problem
    WindowsCreateString=0                ;
    WindowsDeleteString=0                ;

    NtReleaseKeyedEvent=z4               ;
    NtWaitForKeyedEvent=z4               ;
    RtlCopyLuidAndAttributesArray=     ; None
    ;RtlGetLastNtStatus=                 ; documentation?
    RtlIpv4AddressToStringExW=0          ;
    RtlIpv6AddressToStringExW=e1         ; 0
    RtlIpv4StringToAddressExW=0          ;

    CreateUri=0                          ;

    The DependencyWalker gives a very strange thing for Mypal68.exe. I see at Kernel32.dll in the ParentImportFunctionListView "Reg... API's, like RegCreateKeyExW=
    RegCloseKey, RegDeleteKeyExW, RegDeleteValueW, RegEnumKeyExW and others (whole Reg API group). Instead of Kernel32 these should be supported by ADVAPI32.
    My suspicion is there something wrong in Kexbasen here.




    One idea, maybe I'm totally wrong. I stumbled over the shunimpl.dll, it seems to me a library/collection of ordinals. If so, could it be
    somehow usable as a aux Kex dll??

  14. DependencyWalker - Mypal.exe:
    No red marked error in the profiling log. Message "Couldn't load XPCOM" at "unload "NSS3.DLL" at address 0x00F00000 by thread 0xFFCB94E3".
    LGPLLIBS.DLL unloaded before. Used: Ucrtbase.dll 10.0.14393.795.
    Mypal 68 runs also with older Ucrtbase.dll 10.0.14393.795 on XP (briefly tested). So I think version 10.0.17763.1 isn't required and this version isn't the reason why Maypal 68 doesn't start.

    (Ucrtbase.dll is compatible up to version 10.0.14xxx.xxx. Ucrtbase.dll of Maypal (68) (10.0.16 / 10.0.17 (68) is not compatible with my ME/KernelEX.)

    My latest API's (Kext ini):

    CredReadA=f4e                                                                  ;Mypal68 (missing in Win2k)
    CredWriteA=f2e                                                                 ;Mypal68 (missing in Win2k)

    ;CompareStringEx=                                                            ;have problem to find useful def/stub
    ;InitOnceBeginInitialize=f4e                                              ;have problem to find def/stub Mypal68
    ;InitOnceInitialize=                                                            ;have problem to find useful def/stub Mypal68

    NtReleaseKeyedEvent=z4                                               ;Mypal68 (missing in Win2k)
    NtWaitForKeyedEvent=                                                  ;Mypal68 (missing in Win2k)

    327(0x0147)                                                                 ; unsupported ordinal Mypal68


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  15. I tried new Mypal 68.12.1, but it doesn't run. I have already disabled browser.tabs.remote.autostart and have edited dependentlibs.list.

    It runs on my WinXP. So there might be hope!

    From what I've seen, it's running great on XP. His work on DX9 isn't finished.

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