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  1. Impressive benchmarks, very interesting, I haven't dealt with RamDisk or RamDriver so far and unfortunately I don't have a suitable test system yet. My systems have 2 or 4 GB Ram (RLoews Ram Patches), but not more. If I buy two 4 GB bars or four 2 GB bars, I could expand the memory to 8 GB on two boards. Does it affect dual channel operation, especially with only two 4 GB bars?

  2. On 2/10/2024 at 1:06 AM, FantasyAcquiesce said:

    I have no idea where to post this.

    I tried using Windows 2000 DLL's from BWC's Extended Kernel (latest version). It seems to have broken my Windows ME installation. A literal error stating Windows can't load explorer.exe and requires a reinstall. Booting into safe mode works. Can confirm the msvcrt.dll file does not work.

    A separate topic is probably more appropriate.

    But yes, we have tested BCW files of Extended Kernel or KDW. Our results are in several topics. Not all files are suitable on ME/98 with KernelEx! Jumper recommends msvcrt.dll (v7.0.9981.0 or v6.1.9848.0) with KernelEx. I usually use 7.0.9981.0. Goodmaneuver also has version v8.0.40607.52, which he had successfully tested on his system. Later versions of 8.0 or 7.1 are not usable or cause special errors on ME/98/KernelEx.



  3. Do you mean the following with "(18/19/25a)"?


    KernelEx: KernelEx.dll 4.5.2016.25, Kexbasen.dll 4.5.2016.25, Kexbases.dll 25, Core.ini 25h with Kexcom.dll 18, Sheet.dll 19, verify.exe 18 and VKrnlEx.vxd of 18"

    Do you have a specific error message that refers to a dll, for example? I generally recommend to follow jumpers instructions and not to use any (third-party) installers out there. These can be wildly packed/mixed packages.

  4. - Don't merge LZDLL_ME.reg or LZDLL.reg for Win98 of KernelEx update18 into the registry! Firefox will crash immediately on start .

    - Firefox 48 could run without GUI - see issues FF 24-51 first page. Check it with a ProcessManager or TaskManager. Solution: Install DirectX 9c and set "layers.acceleration.force-enabled" => true (prefs.js)

    Alternatively the boolean "layers.offmainthreadcomposition.force-basic" = true (prefs.js) makes v48 usable. Start and run it with a slightly reduced window size.

    - Use Kstub824 or 825 - not both.

    Example contents line in Core.ini:

    desc=Base enhancements (api fixes + extensions)

    You can check with jumpers Ktree whether it is loaded.

  5. Don't use msvcr71.dll (v7.10.xxxx) as msvcrt.dll. It can cause errors. Use version 6.10.9848.0 or 7.00.9981.0 as msvcrt.dll. And don't use K452stub. Further I recommend to omit iphlpapi4 for now, too. I believe it isn't needed anymore with later KernelEx versions. I never used it, because it caused some problems on ME here. As far as I remember it was Ok on 98SE.

    Booting DOS for update is a matter of taste. I've dual-boot systems. The update is also possible in safe mode or with a (linux) live CD. Further jumper wrote a bat installer years ago. Basically, follow jumpers instructions.


  6. On 9/29/2023 at 9:35 PM, jumper said:

    Excellent read. Kernelex 4.5.2 only fixed the delay; the sqlite3 write problem still exists.

    LockFile in 9x works differently than in NT, so can't be used directly to implement LockFileEx and also needs to be fixed itself.

    Sqlite3 uses file locking to maintain database integrity on multithreaded, multi-core systems. Because 9x doesn't support multiple cpus/cores/hyperthreads, the simplest solution might be to replace the *LockFileEx failure stubs MS provided in Kernel32.dll with success stubs:

    • LockFileEx = o6
    • UnLockFileEx = o5

    Also for NT modes:

    • LockFile = o5
    • UnLockFile = o5

    These will work as NT expects with FileMapping while faking all flags and overlapped I/O.

    Create a new compatibility mode in Core.ini by cloning XP3 or Vista. Use these stub definitions in a new copy of Kexstubs and add it to Contents. Use this new test mode for mozsqlite3.dll or sqlite3.dll in Firefox going back to 3.6.


    There is no problem to bookmark pages with Firefox3.6 here. Also the history works.  I can't bookmark beginning with FF4. My first modified core.ini with a clone had not yet worked, so that KernelEx failed on start. I need more attempts. How should I configure the core.ini and that clone to get the definitions not system wide with Kext so only with that new compatibility mode? :unsure:

    But I tested a bit with the new copy of Kexstubs only. Browsers became extremely slow and hence unusable and I still couldn't bookmark new pages (nothing happened). :}

  7. 1 hour ago, jumper said:

    Can someone with this working try clearing their logs, then refreshing a webpage or adding it to Bookmarks? The new log entries might reveal what API sqlite is having trouble with when trying to update its database files.


    I don't receive any new Kstub log entries. I also never succeeded in assigning an API.

    Nothing happens, if I try to make a new bookmark. There's no window "New Bookmark" or "Page Bookmarked".

    The window "Edit Bookmark" appears, if the bookmark exists.

    Old problem from 2011 - never really completely fixed. I don't know, whether the culprit is still in it: https://sourceforge.net/p/kernelex/feature-requests/7/

  8. Today I noticed, that all my file shares seem broken. I renewed the link (file share) of Firefox 31.8 (1st post).

    @ Kurt_Aust, you use Kext, so it can be, that an additional entry/definition in Kstub causes the error on exit.

    The simple replace of places.sqlite with one of Firefox on XP or 7 should work, too. Then you can use the existing History and Bookmarks, but you still can't add bookmarks and recently visited addresses still aren't saved.

  9. On 9/16/2023 at 2:53 AM, woi said:

    Also, there is some glitches at the title bar when using the Basilisk Photonic theme https://addons.basilisk-browser.org/addon/photonic/ (SP52). But it can be fixed by going to "Customize -> Title Bar to enable it.


    It also happens on Windows 2000 (with Extended Kernel) as well, but it's not as bad as Windows 9x (no fading effect).

    ... can't verify. On ME it looks the same to me as on XPSP3.

  10. places.sqlite has a fixed size of 10.240KB regardless of the size of the history. I had run this portable version Firefox 31.8 from the first post on XP once to ensure, that the functions "restore previous session, recently closed tabs and recently closed window" work and the pages load as they should. Re-creating places.sqlite on 98 may break functionality again.

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