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  1. I've looked at Seamonkey again. I just use 2.24 and JS is enabled. I added the extensions jsbtn, a Javascript Toggler/a Status Bar JS on/off Button and PlainOldFavorites. POF seem to be compatible. Seamonkey must be added to the install.rdf file of PlainOldFavorites:

        <!--SeaMonkey -->

    Too bad that the extension "Toolbar Buttons" isn't compatible with WinME.

    - Seamonkey crashes, if I try to clear the Private Data.

    - Some pages load very delayed as happened for me with Firefox. The trick to run the portable version on XP once doesn't work. On next start on Win ME Seamonkey crashes immediately. I've to delete "places.sqlite" in the Data/Profile folder! The file will be recreated.

    Seamonkey to test: Seamonkey 2.29.1 portable (search.json to Read-only => working Search Engine List)

                                   Seamonkey 2.24 portable

    Don't forget to set the Xul.dll to XPSP2.

  2. I started my last machine Asus P4V800D-X with AGP and installed 3DMark2001SE to compare.

    System: Win ME, Via PT880 Ultra, NV GF5900XT 128MB, 2GB DDR3200 Ram (Dual Channel), P4 Northwood 2600MHz - FSB 800, Socket 478, driver NV 82.16 - no panel "AGP Settings" under NV GF FX 5900XT properties, not sure about the Chipset driver - Viagartinf DriverVer=06/29/2006,

    Everest confirms current AGP Speed 8x and Fast-Write enabled.

    Benchmark score: 11253

  3. :hello:

    Following the instructions I can't stream so far. I've latest Core Updates 24, the filters(source_filter.ax, LAVAudio.ax, LAVSplitter.ax, LAVVideo.ax) set to 2k, regsvr32 set to default KEX enabled. I can't register these files, if KEX for regsvr32 is disabled. I already tried LAVFilters 0.74, 0.70 and 0.66. Then what am I doing wrong? I didn't get this error in Source_Filter.ax, if I downgrade 3DYD to "youtube_source_1.10.2", but this version apparently didn't work anymore on YT here (Failed to render).

  4. Ok, it could be off-topic. "Kernel32:CloseHandle" in kexstubs didn't work, too.

    On 8/16/2020 at 7:22 PM, loblo said:

    1) source_filter.ax required the function CryptStringToBinaryW not present in CRYPT32.dll and not catered for by my kinda obsolete and only partially updated KernelEx. I just replaced that function with another one in the ax file using Jumper's import patcher tool and I could register the file as well as instantiating its Properties interface.

    Loblo, it's a bit unclear to me. It really doesn't matter which function? I replaced CryptStringToBinaryW with CryptMsgClose. The modul warning (DW) is gone, but the error in Source_Filter.ax remains persistent.

  5. On 8/20/2020 at 5:10 PM, Goodmaneuver said:

    I would try BWC's Msvcrt in the downloader folder or use as a system file or MSVCR80 vs 8.0.31113.25.

    Where can I find this old MSVCR80? I found 75 of them on this Hard Disk here. All of them are 8.0.50xxx.xxx.

    I have BWC's Msvcrt somewhere on a hard drive, I don't know where. Yesterday I downloaded BWC'S Win2000 Kernel Extension, but I'm not sure, if the msvcrt inside is the correct one.

  6. 18 hours ago, loblo said:

    Have you tried inserting 3DYD filter with an url first. If splitters are already present in the graph it might try to connect automatically to them. If it still crashes with an url when it's alone in the graph that would indicate the problem lies solely in source_filter.ax and not in interoperation  with other filters.

    Yes, GraphStudioNext still crashes.

    I downloaded 0.66, because I read you installed 0.74 over 0.66. But the test is pending.

    14 hours ago, Goodmaneuver said:

    AVFORMAT-LAV-58 might be particular about what version of MSVCRT is used so make sure you both have the same version in use.

    I checked the files of 3DYD and some of LAV Filters. DependencyWalker shows only msvcr70 (7.0.9981.0).



  7. I can't insert LAV Splitter. After I had restored the Registry today, I could register it. But now there is something wrong again. I can neither register nor unregister it. There is something to fix. Maybe I should try this tomorrow on another machine. Time to go to bed. But thanks for your patience this evening.

  8. no luck here - I downloaded GraphStudioNext, added XMLLITE.DLL and set the exe to 2K. OK the program runs. I went to Menu>File>Render URL and added a youtube URL. Error: GraphStudioNext-0 has caused an error in Source_Filter.ax. I have to mention that this is my first time seeing this program.

  9. After 4 months of testing, some errors crept in, so I decided to reset the registry. I couldn't register LAVSplitter.ax. Btw now also Google Earth 7 runs again. So far I have created the file "3DYD Youtube Source\config.json", and the menu entries (Link Popup Menu/open with). I think there is basically no problem with MPC/MPC-HC. But maybe with the support of CryptStringToBinaryW by kexbases 24....

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