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  1. Does the installation works, if you try to run it in normal mode?
  2. To unlock the taskbar in classic view set the regvalue TaskbarSizeMove in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced to 1. Has to be similar for the normal view in XP Referring to the small icons, I don't quite understand, what you mean, cause there already are small icons in taskbar by default ( or not?) To uncheck personalized menus I think you've got to set the value IntelliMenus in the key mentioned above to 0. Hope this helps
  3. To create a adequate winnt.sif, you could use a batch with the set /P command to get username and the other things into a variable and then output them to the winnt.sif with e.g. echo Please enter the Serial for the winnt.sif set /P ID= echo [Userdata] >> d:\winnt.sif echo ProductID=%ID% >> d:\winnt.sif Referring to your other questions, I don't have a clue.
  4. Never worked with the Home Edition, but you should get a list of all commands by running the help command in commandline
  5. Or perhaps it helps to just redirect the output of the program with >> to append it to a textfile?
  6. Just copying the files, isn't such a good idea, because of the whole security settings of the files. I normally use Symantec Ghost ( originally created by Norton ), but this isn't free. This program has the advantage, that they got a lot of things to work in DOS, like USB or network connections. There also exists a program called drive snapshot. It has not such a nice handling like ghost, but there is a 30 days full working test-version, which should do the job for your needs at home. http://www.drivesnapshot.de/en/down.htm
  7. I don't get, what your problem is. What do you want to do?
  8. Using ghost is the way, I use at home, cause like you said, It's a pain to make the whole modifications again is a pain. There shouldn't be any problems with hardware changes, apart from changes on the mainboard chipset, especially the HDD controller could lead to problems. Some time ago, I found a way, howto Prepare windows XP, if you want to change the mainboard, but didn't retrieve it. With such a preparation, there would be left absolutely no problem to use an image.
  9. Problem is, that you have enabled automatic restart after a BOSD ( it's default setting in XP ): You've got to boot an emergency OS form CD, like BartPE or Emergency Boot CD and set the following regkey: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\CrashControl] "AutoReboot"=dword:00000000 After doing thios, the automatic restart is disabled and you can get the information given by the BOSD and hopefully find out, what's wrong.
  10. Corcerning your second question: Normally partition magic does fine ( would say in 99% of all cases ), but I also had cases, when it crashed the filesystem. Anyway, I think that parition magic is the most dependable program for this. If you want to be absolutely sure, that your data is not corrupted, you've got to save the partition to modify to an external HDD or something similar.
  11. Just create a shortcut in the start menu.
  12. Is it possible to call an AutoIT script with parameters? I think, that I read the manual very extensive, but didn't find a way Thanks in advance
  13. Have a look in the grouppolicy in "Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Explorer" and disable "Removes the Folder Options menu item from the Tools menu"
  14. Have a try with the following link. http://lfntools.sourceforge.net/
  15. To get the regkeys, you could use installrite. You've got to make a snapshot then run the installation and finally run the analysis. Then installrite lists all changes made to the registry and to the filesystem. Hope this helps a little
  16. Have a look in the manual. Everything's explained well there.
  17. The files in $OEM$\$1 are copied to systemdrive during installation. So on my CD, I've got a folder $OEM$\$1\Install containiing the apps. So during installation, you can call %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Install\myapp.exe. which foders does your $OEM$-folder contain?
  18. For belarc and xbox theme I would suggest to use AutoIT, a simple to learn scripting language, which is very useful for such things. For magiciso and tuneup I dont't quite understand, what your problem is.
  19. Shouldn't be a problem to call mutiple batches through cmdlines.txt or an batchfile. They are executed in the order they are listed.
  20. I would suggest to install the apps with the "start /wait" command and then, after all installations are done, run the cleanup.cmd.
  21. There also exists a small tool called "Universal Switch Finder". Helped me a lot, but I didn't use CMenu til now, just going to give it a try.
  22. Just google for "change start button reshack" and you'll get a lot of answers.
  23. The append these radio button is automatically activated, if you have any data contained in the SsearchList value. Referring to the checkbox and radiobutton, I not quite sure, which exactly you mean.
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