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  1. rommsey- you referenced to liquids scripts and guide and its great that you and other users are finding ease of use and success in utilizing them however I must agree with jeronimo about your use of words and the message it portrays it displays a certain level of disrespect despite feelings you or others might have about any specific issues to anyone such as you stayed jeronimo and a lack of assistance so to speak what I think needs to be mentioned here is that without jeronimo dead sausagehack and everyone else that has provided time effort trial and error to make lite windows a success liquids guide and scripts would not be what they are everyone has their own preferences and jeronimo has put just as much time and effort into his work if not more so than liquid has himself so a friendly note to all please keep more negative comments to private messages or refrain from them altogether everyone deserves credit not one or all let's try to keep peace and all work together to create a beautiful work of art out of this project we all have similar goals just personal methods of acheiving results
  2. I don't know where that post is but what exactly are you struggling with? Maybe I or someone else could help you work past your confusion please elaborate
  3. As long as you format the hard drive you should be fine and should have no leftovers or extra files
  4. personally I don't like vista if you can try upgrading and trying out windows 7 just to name a few pros of upgrading -a lot faster Less system requirements less memory usage More stable Tighter security More features and that's just to name a few If you like vlite and liter versions where you can choose the components and make tweaks liquids post for windows 7 rtm 32 and 64 bit feature removal and optimization guide makes it easy for windows 7 users to customize their experience and as far as a repair option to my knowledge one does NOT exist for vlite but you might want to keep the manual install "setup.exe" component under the system tree in vlite it won't create a repair option but doing that will enable the repair option so that when you boot to the DVD there will be a repair option
  5. first thoughts I would just install the drivers manually during setup before the partition manager comes up after the liscense agreement sopeara but to your question are you using vista sp1 that should work idk about sp2 but vlite only integrates the .Inf files however you have to load each .exe post install like normal and on another note you have to use dism for win7 jeronimos post maybe sausagehacks too-their posts have some more information about this it cannot be done in vlite for win7 you can also google integrate drivers for win7 using dism for more instruction on this hope that helps :/
  6. thanks cannot read German without a translator though lol I saw that notation in your first post about that and fyi the url link at the top is down now
  7. There are definitely great benefits to the added feature of saving in different file format vs. the older version although some of the visual navigation is frustrating for me personally, other than that I think overall it is a big improvement all around with styles formatting options etc
  8. Hi Adam welcome to MSFN! I like your theories there about the technology advances lol and your avatar who knows what the future will hold but it sure will be interesting to see it unfold and reveal itself
  9. Hi I'm 26/f/pa my boyfriend is very involved with computer sciences and is a very active member here on msfn and has gotten me involved in learning more so I am not a total n00b but still have plenty to learn and I'll help ppl when I can nice to be a part of the msfn community
  10. wimflter folder is supposed to be spelled without the i if you spelled with it that might be the issue if not I'd suggest that you uninstall vlite make sure the vlite directory folder in program files is deleted after uninstalling reboot then search google for vlite version 1.1.6 install that then install vlite version 1.2 over top of it reconfigure on install prompt of the wim driver see if that fixes it
  11. turbodewd I think this might help you and possibly save you some of the work hope it helps lemme know what you think then Click here
  12. to configure vlite you must do the following: 1.) copy the file wingapi.dll aprox 320kb from programfiles/windows/aik/tools/x86 or amd64 and paste it into the program files vlite directory 2.)inside the vlite directory verify that you have a folder called wimflter if not create it 3.)after ensuring that you have the wimflter folder navigate inside it and verify that you have two subfolders 1 is x86 the other is x64 if not create them 4.)after creating or verifying those two subfolders they both must contain the files wimflter.inf AND wimflter.sys if they do not you can copy and paste them, the original location for them is in the programfiles/windows/aik/tools/x86 or amd64 folder also Then you should be all set with configuration let me know if that solves your issue
  13. If you browsed to the proper directory path and selected windows istallation and the edition being used properly it should work that's really odd maybe post a screen shot? And are you sure you are using the latest version 1.2 and have configured things before using vlite ie. windows installation kit installed and wim loaded etc also if everything has been done correctly have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? Depending on ur Os u might need .net framework 2.0 installed but win7 and vista should not need it just an FYI
  14. sorry well if noone else replies maybe check google for resources that have screen shots with full step by step instructions and if that doesn't work either and you run out of options I'd say back up your data format and try to set ownership and permissions again in case something got messed up causing the problem good luck !
  15. they should be in the .exe file install it then the batch scripts should be extracted to your hard drive along with everything else just browse for them after you install

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