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  1. yeah I do. So far im having problems removing components, vLite plus Win7 is finicky. So far I can remove Languages and encounter no problems. Once Im taking out more Im encountering dramas. Trial and error is underway..... If anyone has tips on what can be removed from Win7 by VLite without it crapping out pls let me know.
  2. Ok, Im an experienced vLiter with Vista but havent touched vLite in about a year. Ive made plenty of good ISOs in the past for Vista SP1 inc. my own Media Center oriented build. I test my builds in VMware workstation 6.5. Now Im trying to vLite Win7 Ultimate 32-bit, the latest release candidate. Anyway, I do minor tweaks, not even related to hardware or drivers and it still says early during install that it cant load CD/DVD driver. What am I doing wrong? {And just to confirm, I have a good Win7 image coz Ive installed it 'vanilla' and it works fine} UPDATE - hmm, ok, i only deleted all Langu
  3. use Burn Image instead, seems to work the same. I had the same problem, just used Burn IMage to solve the problem.
  4. doh, user error - no problem at all. Fiddled with my network settings and its all fixed, removed password requirement for network access and also disabled firewall too. problem solved. me duffer. over n out.
  5. Ok, I have 2 Vista PCs, one is my Media Center sitting under my LCD, they are networked. The Media Center is vLited as per below. I can connect from the vLited build to my desktop and copy files. But I cant do the reverse, from my desktop I cant access shared folders on my vLited Media Center Vista PC which otherwise works fine. I can view the Network And Sharing Center area fine on both PCs. Folders are shared on both PCs, but I simply cant view stuff on my vLited PC from my other one despite using the proper username and password, I cant even see the shares on that PC. What have I screw
  6. Ok I run my free-to-air TV thru a Vista PC which also has Media Center. Since i have another PC which is a normal desktop I can trim loads of stuff from my vLite Media Center build. Anyway, here are my findings: Vista SP1 default install 9.33GB 36 services 63 seconds too boot 280MB RAM used at idle Barebones Vista install in which MC still runs 3.5GB 24 services 33 seconds to bootup 207MB RAM used at idle sweet!
  7. try local event viewer. start - run - eventvwr
  8. Ive been happily burning using Direct Burn in vLite for a few days and now it refuses towork for me anymore. I keep getting the msg that the 'Media isnt blank. Do you want to erase the media?' This is a new blank disc...anyway, if I try the Burn Image option I can burn a disk fine. Anyone seen this problem before? Ive tried this under a different user acct AND reinstalled vLite - problem persists. Any ideas anyone?
  9. Im heavily tweaking my VistaSP1 installation but am puzzled as to why my builds are showing up with just the basic Windows theme, i.e no windows orb, instead i get the Start button. ive deliberately left the settings on. On the Compatability Window I left on Aero and under components left it in there too. What dependencies does it have? If there are any it doesnt prompt you about them if u remove them it seems. Anyone got any ideas on my plight?
  10. I found on another website that after installing SP1 simply run vsp1cln.exe to remove files that would be used if u want to uninstall SP1. why you'd want that I dont know. Anyway, its a legit part of Vista, on my vanilla desktop the cleanup saved 1GB and i ran it on my trimmed Media Center oriented SP1 build and it trimmed 400MB. Sweet. It would be great if this could be slip streamed into vLite ISOs...
  11. turbodewd


    you are my fave poster - classic :^)
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