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  1. vLite was really made for vista, and honestly isn't made to integrate sp2 but people do it anyway. If you want to integrate, slipstream, and customize just like you would wit vLite with windows 7 I would recommend trying Rt7lite at www.rt7lite.com. However this product requires No UAC interruption so i would either turn of the uac completely before using it each time, or enable the built-in administrator account each time you go to use it. I'm not trying to be rude, I know your trying to help, but thats not really what I was asking. In fact, I have that same link for rt7 lite in my original p
  2. From what I have gathered, vLite and this guide require the use of the Vista WAIK and will fail if the 7 WAIK is installed. Why is this? It seems odd to me to use the older version instead of the one intended for Win 7. I've been working with the Rocker's Team 7lite which is saying it requires the WAIK for win 7. I've been trying it with the Vista and it hasn't been nice to me. It completes the process but then it doesn't install.
  3. I know that. The problem is that my external dvd drive is on the fritz and my system isnt liking booting from a usb drive. I was going to try running it the manual install as long as it doesnt leave a copy of itself it the post-install footprint.
  4. Am I correct in assuming that this only effects the disc made by vLite? It says it is about 90mb, which I think only refers to disc size. I am installing on a netbook and don't want any extra files after install, but I am having trouble getting the boot loader to work.
  5. I saw that, but it is about a current installation that dies. I have one that isnt fully installed yet. I tried the steps there but no dice.
  6. I have used nlite for a while and today I decided to reinstall on my netbook (EEE900). I made up a new nlite config based on previous experience and advice but today I got a new error. After installing everything and trying to log on it is giving me and error (A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error code: 0x80070002.) and logging off. I can get into safe mode and have done some tinkering around, but so far everything I've seen is about upgrades from sp2 to sp3 and not about fresh installs. Anyone here seen this before? Is it a possibility
  7. I have an EEE that I trimmed down with nLite a lot. I've been using it for a while now and no problems have come up until recently. I had removed all the driver files and integrated the ones I need (because its easy to guess what hardware I would be using...). I had assumed that any new periphials I buy would have driver disks that I could download from the internet or what have you. I purchased a generic bluetooth dongle that came without any driver packs (because it uses the generic Windows drivers) and now I'm up a river. I can install it on my desktop without a problem. I looked at the de
  8. Nazdar! What ever it is, its not a conflict between nlite and the Czech language files. I used nlite to remove all other languages besides English and Czech and all characters work fine for me.
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