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  1. I got it working. Thank you so much!
  2. I copied the wingapi.dll file over although there already was one in the directory. I also verified that there was a wimfltr folder (although I noticed you had it spelled wimflter, is that an issue?) with x86 and x64 both filled with wimfltr.sys and wimfltr.inf. Still no go. "Load" is greyed out.
  3. I installed Vista SP1 Server 2008 AIK, but when I first ran vLite there was no WIM setup.
  4. I'm on Win7. I installed windows installation kit , but when I first ran vLite it didn't ask about the windows installation kit at all. Do I have to configure it somehow?
  5. Hi, I'm having a problem with vLite. I can't seem to load a preset INI file because when I click "Preset" the "Load" button is greyed out. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've selected the Windows installation and selected the tasks. Thanks.
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