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  1. Because size and resolution of bmp must be same as in recourse file, not as you like. Check original file before replacing with new one. Moo
  2. Dear supervisor Martin L. I do not wanna to start discussion or something similar because this is tech forum,but I think that you should follow MSFN Forums rules too. 1.rule 7b “...People who do not respect personal opinions and/or personal work will be warned....” 2.If I do not agree with Mr.Bush what he is doing in Iraq do not means that I don't love USA or I'm terrorist. So, please be careful with your words and respect personal opinions according your rules. Best regards Moo
  3. After all trodas not alone guys and it his opinion! @trodas Just keep in mind that you post it among loverrrrs of that OS. I'm do not like much WinXP too, only use it to make money from people to help them to fix many, many problems with that OS. It's good for me and I waiting for next crap from MS, when I can make more money! Moo
  4. @ prodigy_cts Did you tried to run as I said fdisk /mbr or not from DOS using Win98 boot disk or something similar? If not just run it and we're see after what you got! Moo
  5. And by the way if you can boot into Linux you can also manualy edit grub.conf file to add Windows partition something like this: titile Windows root (hd0,1) kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.20 ro root=/dev/hda2 initrd /boot/initrd-2.4.20.gz
  6. 1st it's not Linux or grub forums as you can see and I do not think that these guys can help you. 2nd the problem is that you must remove grub from MBR using command fdisk /mbr from windows98 boot disk for example 3. In case if you instal grub on Linux partition not on mbr run Linux CD or resque boot floppy for restore grub. For more info look your distro webpage. RH schould have that option something like linux rescue from CD1. Hope it helps.
  7. I use this command for open office [Open Office 1.9.122 En] command.0 = %SRCDRIVE%\soft\oofice\openofficeorg19122.msi /qn Works fine for me, plus it's only 78.5 MB with xtra dictionaries. moo
  8. @cyberloner You can try to repack Dreamweaver if you like or you can get InstallShield and try to create Transforms file. I repacked Macromedia studio and it works for me. You can try. How repack Dreamweaver8 with 7-zip. Dreamweaver went down by 15MB - from 68 to 52MB without removing anything. What you need: 7-zip, StartX.exe, Dreamveaver ,7zSc.sfx from 7-zip directory, reg file,licences files, and enough free space to do job. 1.unpack .exe with 7-zip or WinRar 2.create admin instal point msiexec /a Dreamweaver8-en.msi and follow instructions. 3.Rename Dreamweaver_8.msi to Macromedia_Dreamweaver_8.msi 4.Add your License.mlf, Registration.mlf, and Activation.mlf into folder CommonAppData 5.Create 7-zip to pack all stuff from your admin folder 6.Create config.txt file with next code inside ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="StartX.exe /WAIT \"msiexec.exe /i Macromedia_Dreamweaver_8.msi /qn SerialNumber=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS\"" ;!@InstallEnd@! 7.Copy StartX, config.txt, 7zSc.sfx, and dream.7z files in same folder 8.Run this command: COPY /b 7zSc.sfx + config.txt + StartX.exe + dream8.7z dream.exe where dream8.7z name of yours 7z package and dream.exe output name. 9.Follow guide from CLOCLO to import reg files Works flawless for me. You can use qb+ to get error and figure out what going on. Here is the link to .msi syntax explanation: http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/en/ad...Line_Syntax.htm Not sure about Fireworks and Flash. Good luck moo
  9. @cyberloner used this to install Dreamweaver 8 Dream.msi Serailnumber=xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /qb- Reboot=Suppress Same for Fireworks and Flash Good luck Moo
  10. You can not to edit cab file directly. Use TUGZip, ZipGenius or WinHKi to extract files, edit your content and cab it back. Just remember, % of compressiom is different and usability too. moo.
  11. @Nazgul With all respect to creator of multi-boot DVD guide, I would say it has some strange advises and errors, so use it like general guide and use your brain. 1. Just go to the Microsoft page, download bootfiles for SP2, unpack them using 7-zip or something similar. 2. Extract image files using UltraISO, WinISO, MagicISO, or other program. 3. Follow the multi-boot guide to change setupldr.bin good luck moo
  12. @JohnS You should know that when you unpack program it not means that you get all stuff what guys put over there. In your case, if you open inno help file, you can find that it support next types: full, custom, and compact. So, blind cause that error. And remember, programmers not always follow rules. moo.
  13. @Nakkoush With Symantec you can always find why it happened. Write down error numbers,go to Symantec, find your product, type your error number , and read why it happend. After all fix what you did wrong. good luck
  14. @zaskar01 Here is what it's for. 2nd. What you would to do when selling your pc with programs that you bought and have keys of that? moo
  15. If somebody interesting, here you can get AVG 7.322 free edition for your silent installation. It created with 7-zip, showing only progress bar, no cancel buttons. Works fine on all XP (SP1, 2 without), not tested on 98, Me or 2k.
  16. @sdfhacker You don't need to install codecs to have silent.inf You just need to write down couple lines of code for silent.inf to create it yourself and put all your requirements into. That's it, not more that 1 min of work. moo
  17. Thank you guys! Because my version of unintended CD created with nLite 0.97 working well, I just decide to use it again, and integrate new hot fixes and drivers manually. moo
  18. @MHz Thank you for a tweak, but I'm already tryed it. Doesn't work, same messages I didn't install any burning pakages. Yes, clean installation fix it, but reason why I ask help is, because it happend when I use my unantended CD created with nLite, Ryan update pack and Drivers Pack from this forum. Plus to that it happend on sevreal different PCs - HP, Dell, and self-bult PC with MSI mobo. So, I'm lazy person and don't like to spend my time to fix it. Better if I can kill at the beginning. So, I just wanna figure out why it happend (nLite, Rayn Updates pack or Drivers packs needed attention). And if some of these applications cause the problem , I just would do it manually. thanks. moo
  19. Hi all. I have problem with CD and DVD ROMs on two machines. I used nLite last version, Ryan update pack and Drivers pack. I used them first time to create new unattended CD, installations went fine, but after couple hours of work CD-ROM and DVD-ROM missing from computers. Reinstallation don't helps, got message that these devices can not be installed because of corruption in registry or damage. Any help appreciated. moo
  20. If it's your own PC just apply full version of mp10 over and problem should be gone. moo
  21. @durex For my istallation I use mix of #2 and #3. It works fine for me. You can look for some idea over there OEM. moo
  22. @astalavista boom... sorry man and thanks for good job too on another posts. moo
  23. Nice and clear guide! I think that admin schould bookmark it in point of interests, because similar guide was published on this site long time ago, but was lost. @Astalavista And keytotime right about the StartXP - it always works, plus free. Btw, why do you use it if your applications better when repacked switcheless acrobat7? regards, moo
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