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  1. kurt476 I'm not sure what do you mean about installers, but I'm too using CD (not DVD) to install my WinXP and applications, and cmdline.txt file. They all fit not on 650 but on 700 MB CD. You can find some explanation how to compress system32 and so on here
  2. @kurt476 to make cab files you can use something like this MAKECAB /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 /L But if you want to compress your $OEM$ folder better to use WinRar with selfextraction. I put my ProgramFiles and Systemfiles inside this package and have ~29MB of size. It includes Resourses files with custom themes, wallpapers, system32, Fonts and ~20 Programs which don't need installations. If you interesting how you can do this, I can explain. moo
  3. Yes, you can add files which are missed from installation. Just if you doing silent installation put + after db - like this db+. It shows you exact place for messed file. hope helps. moo
  4. It's easy. 1st instal radmin to your PC 2nd copy r_server and raddrv.dll to separate folder 3. export your settings from registry to separate file(settings.reg for example) You can find them under [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Radmin] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Radmin] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Radmin] 4. create SFX using WinRar and put next command into box runafter %systemroot%\system32\r_server.exe /install /silence see picture bellow 5.run settings.reg after installing of the main file using next command regedit /s settings.reg that's it. moo
  5. Hello all. If somebody interesting, I can upload switcheless version of antivirus AVG 7.0.296 Free edittion. Just e-mail me at chlop@msn.com moo
  6. @zillah Here is what #116 error means. The hard-disk partition table contains two inconsistent descriptions of the partition's starting sector. This error can occur if the operating system reports a hard-disk geometry that is different than the geometry in use when the partition table was written. Possible causes of the hard-disk geometry changing are: • Different operating systems (for example, DOS and OS/2) report different hard-disk geometries. • You boot from a diskette that loads a different driver than is loaded when you boot from the hard drive. • Upgrading the operating system (for example, from OS/2 2.x to OS/2 Warp) causes a different driver to be used. • The hard drive or controller has been changed. • The BIOS has been upgraded. • The BIOS LBA setting has been changed. • There is a partition table virus present on the hard drive. I wouldn't using Acronis or other tools in your case, because latter it can bring you other problems. And remember, it's bad idia to mix different tools to create partition. One more, mostly you have had all these errors from PM because you not fixed main error.
  7. @ DigeratiPrime Don't cry like my kid, when he started using Linux. All went well until first crash!!!. 1. 10 mln people using Firefox and almost 9 times more using IE. 2. Hackers going after most popular products, so let see how good would be Firefox after. 3. All stuff created by men not idiall, so if I created some protection other can broke this protection - it's law. 4. All programms are subject of personal preference, if you like Firefox - good for you, but if I'm like Opere or EI - it my preference 5. Even if I give you my ip,or you can get it using some code, I would sleep peacefully,because I know how protect myself. moo @LisaB Update Spybot, immunaze system, schedule it for regular scanning. Install Ad-aware and use it in combination with Spybot to clean your PC. moo
  8. @Incroyable HULK I'm using RunOnce Ex.exe too and it runs well from cmdlines.txt Here is the code that I use. cmdow @ /HID @echo off FOR %%d IN (c: d: e: f: g: h: i: j: k: l: m: n: o: p: q: r: s: t: u: v: w: x: y: z:) DO IF EXIST %%d\CD.txt SET CDROM=%%d SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Installing Applications" /f reg add %key%\001 /ve /d "Start installation" /f reg add %key%\001 /v 1 /d "%systemdrive%\Install\all.exe /silent /sp-" /f exit and of course cmdlines.txt [commands] "all.exe" Hope helps. moo
  9. moo

    help file

    Sorry, my fault. moo
  10. moo

    help file

    Hi. I have couple questions about using help file. How can I put help file to shows on default window when no applications selected? Can I use just one help file for all my application, or I must duplicate it to put help=something under each application? thanks moo
  11. Hi to all. I tryed bat2exe before, but it has some limitations, cmd2exe working good but I don't wanna spend my money on it, so, I ended with Inno Setup. Works for me. moo
  12. @IGIdeus 1.put $OEM$ folder under root of your CD 2.create CD.txt file and place it on cd too 3.add next line to your RunOnceEx, on the top cmdow @ /HID @echo off FOR %%d IN (c: d: e: f: g: h: i: j: k: l: m: n: o: p: q: r: s: t: u: v: w: x: y: z:) DO IF EXIST %%d\CD.txt SET CDROM=%%d 4. replace all your variables from %systemdrive% to %CDROM% SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Installing Applications" /f reg add %key%\001 /ve /d "ClamWin Antivirus" /f reg add %key%\001 /v 1 /d "%CDROM%\soft\antivir\clamwin.exe /VERYSILENT /SP-" /f 5.more info here Run from CD that's it. good luck moo
  13. @durex from cmd prompt you can stop it use this code net stop "Norton AntiVirus Firewall Monitor Service" disable using registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NPFMntor] "Start",0x00010001,4 hope helps moo
  14. What do you mean? What windows service do you want disable?
  15. @lock1701 It's where the patching is done. You're creating administrative point at this location.This could be any other location which you like, just remember name and change it acordinly. Also, you can use it for future updates. hope helps, moo
  16. Because you sad, that you have had problems before when integrated sp2 beta, I think that you should check your CD or try onother one. moo.
  17. Hi stevland, you said: I'm using my original XP Pro CD (Build 5.1.2600.0). Using nLite, I select only Service Pack Integration and Unattended. I then slipstream WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe. What kind of update is KB835935-SP2_ENU.exe? It just release notes. What do you integrated into your XP? My sugesstion:just check one more times step by step what you're doing. moo
  18. Thank you Tsunami. that exactly what I needed. moo
  19. Well, you can do this like that 1.create folder system32 and put in into $$ folder on your CD 2.copy files that you need to system32 folder that you created 3.register these files. (cmd file)regsvr32 /s %systemroot%\system32\your file name good luck moo
  20. killr, are you installing from CD or from hard drive? moo
  21. For first issue you can use next < as I do with Yahoo Messenger (with cmd)DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Yahoo! Messenger.lnk" Just replace with your name. Moo
  22. Hi vondaher. I use winrar for this task. 1. I created sfx file $Progs with all my Program Files inside using winrar ability to use different modes and specifying where to extract files. 2. I put $Progs.exe into $$.exe file where I compressed all my files from $$ folder, using same method described above. 3. put $$.exe into $1 folder 4. added line to the Winnt.sif file [GuiUnattended] DetachedProgram="%systemdrive%\$$.exe" Even 7-zip gives best commpression that WinRar , it save a lot of space on my Cd. moo
  23. Hi sj410 Here is explanation of the root from config.js v.2.7 WPI final by Whimsy. [ use 'root' if installing applications directly from CD/DVD while applications is placed in a folder at the root of the disc.], and piece of code [prog[1]=['ACDSee Power Pack 6'] desc[1]=[''] regb[1]=['',''] cmd1[1]=['cdrom','Software\\ACDSee6\\setup.msi REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /qb-'] cmd2[1]=['',''] cmd3[1]=['',''] rega[1]=['cdrom','Software\\ACDSee6\\acdsee.reg'] dflt[1]=['no'] forc[1]=['false'] ] I'm not sure what version you use, but here they don't use variable symbols,like you do %cdrom%
  24. btw, SiMoNsAyS You probobly mistyped this tweak I guess. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer] "Window Title"="[bioHaZaRD iND. CoRP. I-XPLoReR]" Must be: ;iexplorer title bar [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main] moo
  25. Hello everybody! I'm interesting if somebody knows registry settings to remove Windows Update from Internet Explorer under Tools. Thanks moo

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