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  1. Yes an excellent idea,i made the suggestion also http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...100#entry814114
  2. I reckon he is looking for a good shell replacement
  3. No the link above is a TASK MANAGER program for Win98/ME (Looks like XPs task manager) and when i click SUPER TASK/'COMPUTER LOCK' - It locked my computer and let me enter the password to unlock it... Now it just gives me a blank screen..... Im thinking it might be SHELL related as when i click "Fast control" it also goes to a blank screen (And i have to re-boot) Im not sure what caused this,maybe the extreme file work i was doing the other day did it i dunno.... (This computer isnt the best (Company name on it: A.I.M (Area Idea Mechanics) which are horrible,im lucky i got it working as good as i have since getting this in my room)) I wish i could narrow down what it was...... (Just curious)
  4. I am enjoying 'the system' - An electronic civilization
  5. Well some system file might have gotton corrupted that TASK MANAGER uses when its "locked" im not sure.... I got another copy of the program and tried it with the same results so it is not the program.. When i click SUPER TASK and then 'COMPUTER LOCK' in task manager i just get a green screen.. (Just started happenbing a few days ago) it used to let me enter my password to unlock it once on that screen.. Thank you for moving my thread,im sorry i posted it on the wrong base.. (I was gonna post it here then thought it would be better there)
  6. I think the search feature works better on this SW then on most VBB sites!! (Now that search can be a real pain!!) Sometimes i search for things IN THE TITLE and they dont come up in the search!! (VBB didnt used to be so bad,Vbulletin made things worse (Before selling the company a few years ago))
  7. I did alot of UPLOADING/DOWNLOADING the other day of some media files (I was viewing them,then deleted them) and now i noticed that my TASK MANAGER when i click "Lock computer" just gives me a blank screen (It used to have a box in the middle to enter a password to unlock it) Anyone know what files i could check and see if they have been altered or corrupted somehow?? Im on Win98se and i have Task Manager by GOLD LIMIT... Just very strange this would happen,im thinking maybe a system file was corrupted during my deleting of some other file or something the other day im not sure..... This is what im using if someone wants to look into this for me http://web.archive.org/web/20040402054300/...askmgr10eng.exe Best task manager ever for Win98se 88k!!! (Quite nice)
  8. Im listening to 'the system'
  9. I just did it in 45 seconds (HAVENT COME CLOSE SINCE)
  10. Welcome to the site my friend!! A very nice thread here,quite informative :)
  11. Yes its a good movie also (Failed to mention that before)I keep forgetting alot of movies i liked.... The Toy is another one i like
  12. I have another question...... Anyway to update IE6 so it has updated ASP reading,CSS,etc?? (I reckon just taking some IE7 files and putting them in a IE6 enviorment might work) I dispise IE7,looks bad........... Wouldnt mind experimenting with 6 though!
  13. Thanx for the kind words!!!! This site is awesome and i also thank them for putting all this together
  14. Seems like they dislike Win98/98se and i dont really know why!!
  15. Its too bad people have to try and ruin things I saw a spam thread the other day here,thank you for keeping up with it Guys
  16. Hmmmmmm I wonder if they are making it look like it was from poland..... (Could be) Its understandable why XPER blocked poland!!
  17. Listening to Quiet Storm http://iheartmusic.com/cc-common/ondemand/...;stream_id=3793
  18. I do wonder though it thats is STAGED just for the effect of having it displayed online
  19. Its quite sad when steps like this have to be taken.. I do believe most spam comes from the USA and with BUSH signing the "Can spam" act it just made things worse..... It glad its loading fine for ya again
  20. Do you have a STATIC IP?? If so,maybe you can give that to XPER and he can unblock just YOUR ip??
  21. I would say Win98se I started with 95 and it was good but i love 98se!
  22. Im listening to WDAS Quiet storm http://iheartmusic.com/cc-common/ondemand/...;stream_id=3793

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