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  1. I hadnt ever had that problem (thankfully) on this site... (Now on some other sites i had from time to time) Thanx XPER for keeping things in check!
  2. I think this is the best base for my thread,if it isnt,please move it I got rid of ROXIO long ago and recently i found more "Adaptec" files.. I should be able to delete them all right?? (On the files that say "Adaptec" for company name (In properties)) Just trying to rid my computer of as many DLLs as i can...... Anyone have a list of files using by ROXIO (Adaptec) that i could delete? Thanx
  3. I wonder if its browser related.... Everything is fine on IE6 (Using MyIE2 in front)
  4. OOPS,i completly overlooked that!!Thats about the same as the link i posted
  5. Try this custom search page i just created for the site http://tinyurl.com/klhgkb
  6. Listening to 80s reloaded http://www.007audio.com/hi.asx
  7. Hmmmm i dont see any errors here..... Thanx for looking into things XPer
  8. Dude112

    999 calls

    http://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/units...tions/999_calls Boy i thought the USA was the only place with idiots
  9. Cant you uninstall wmp12 and install wmp10?? You should be able to
  10. I am listening to 80s reloaded (The final countdown) http://www.007audio.com/hi.asx
  11. Yea if your determined enough its amazing what you can get running on 98/98se
  12. Listening to WDAS Quiet storm (Red light special)
  13. I dont see how your browser could stop you from seeing the dates (I suppose if the page doesnt load 100% you might not see that part (If its the part that didnt load)) Im glad ya got things straightend out strel
  14. No and Vista wont run it correctly (It would most likely be too fast)
  15. Heres a good site XPer and staff to check new members and see if they are listed or not.... www.stopforumspam.com (Dunno if its 100% accurate though) Thanx for trying to keep up with it!
  16. Well whatever the outcome that computer IS IN GOOD HANDS!! You will have her happy again in no time Good luck bud!
  17. No im happy that FF1.5 is not affected by this and MyIE2 isnt either..... (With scripts disabled) When scripts are disabled IT TRIES TO GET THE DATA FROM THE BROWSER DIRECTLY,when scripts are enabled it gets the data from the main browser (If using a 3rd party browser (Which is why MyIE2 fails with scripts enabled (IE6 gives the data away)))
  18. No the program has been ROCK SOLID before i did all that file work the other day..... I also notice that one of my AIM utilities (Peeping tom) gives me a RUN TIME 5 error most of the time now when i try to run it (Didnt do that before either) I always shut down,i dont believe in leaving it on... Its a waste of resources and power! Nope,dont use any LIMEWIRE or anything (ALL GOOD POINTS MY FRIEND AND I THANK YOU)
  19. ...without scripts! http://www.making-the-web.com/misc/sites-you-visitI ran the test and it found 1 entry.... (Obviously having scripts enabled is not good FOR MANY REASONS which is why i usually surf w/o them) I ran the test again WITH SCRIPTS DISABLED and it found 0!!!! (Right now i have 12 history items) http://www.making-the-web.com/misc/sites-you-visit/nojs/ It ends up timing out on the frame and says "Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. " Im on Win98se using IE6 (WIth MyIE2 in front) EDIT: Right now im on XP using Firefox 1.5 and 0 ENTRIES WERE FOUND (Both with and without scripts)
  20. Well on the VBB site i mentioned,it lists all your other handles on your profile

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