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  1. i don't like using programs. i would rather do it manually. anybody know how. can't i just add a line into winnt.sif under the same section that i use to not install messanger and msn explorer?
  2. do you really think that it is smart to post your product key?
  3. Is their a way for me to put something in my winnt.sif so that movie maker doesn't install? I prefer to use premier pro and having movie maker on the computer is completly unnessesary.
  4. i read that cmdlines is for the current_user tweaks so that it applies to all accounts. will it also do this for hkey_classes_root or should I put that with my hkey_local_ reg file for the guirunonce batch install?
  5. i hope i dont have this problem. i just created one with cmdlines some regtweaks and a custom install background.
  6. thanks...now all i really need is: lock taskbar
  7. Everytime I install WindowsXP I always: autohide taskbar lock taskbar keep taskbar ontop of other windows group similar taskbar buttons can somebody let me know what are the regestry tweaks for these so that i can put it in my unattended!
  8. u should prolly not use RC2 and instead download the Final release.
  9. Download the latest .Net 1.1 redist: http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/a...06/dotnetfx.exe Rename dotnetfx.exe to setup.exe Create a folder in your XPCD directory called DOTNETFX Place the setup.exe in the DOTNETFX folder. Now the button will work and install the latest .net 1.1
  10. actually here is some useful info: XPSP2 does not have .NET framework at all! Even on the cd options menu if you try to click to install it as an addon, it is not there. You will just click forever and not get anything because SP2 does not have .NET! (this is asuming that u slipstreamed SP2 to a fresh copy of XP) Anyways....to put .NET 1.1 on your XPSP2 slipstreamed CD and thus enable the ability to install .NET1.1 as an addon from the addon menu and the link will work is to do this: Download the latest .NET framework 1.1 from here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/a...06/dotnetfx.exe Now extract all the files in dotnetfx.exe to a folder called DOTNETFX. Now open the folder DOTNETFX and rename install.exe to setup.exe. Now copy the folder DOTNETFX to your XPCD directory. (The directory that you have your cd extracted to....I call this directory XPCD) That's it! The addon menu for installing .net framework will now detect the .net framework 1.1 on the installation cd and allow you to install it as an addon just by clicking on the .net framwork link in your menu!
  11. could you by anychance run me through each of the steps u took to set up your home network? i have a linksys router that all my computers connect to and I can't seem to get this to work. Should I have file and print sharing disabled first?
  12. OK! I ran the network wizard on all the computers. It auto turned on file and print sharing. I made my workgroup name the defailt MSHOME. It still didnt work. Only 1 of my computers sees the other computers. The other computers only see themselves. The computer that sees all can access any because it says it is not available or it doesnt have permission!
  13. I have all my computers connected through a router. I have had them set to be able to share files (using Shared Documents). I even had my backup drive on one of my computers shared. Now after updating to SP2, I can't even see the Workgroup computers. All the computers only see themselves. Is there a guide I can follow to set up a workgroup in sp2 that will allow sharing files via Shared Documents?.....and what is a domain?
  14. What is MS Java VM? I know it was removed from SP1 and that's it. To run Limewire Pro I have to use Sun Java. Will Limewire work with MS Java VM (is there a way to get it to work with it? Basecally, what is the benefit to installing MS Java VM, and what is the difference between it and Sun Java?
  15. I need a NewBliss wallpaper with the Highest possble resolution available. I had a 1280 one a long time ago, but i seem to have deleted it. If somebody has it, that would be great!
  16. My XP SP2 cd installs the Royale theme by default because I modified the Luna.theme file and placed in in my $OEM$ directory. I also modified that Luna.theme so that it puts my AeroBliss wallpaper, but it doesnt work! In short.... How do I get my XPSP2 cd to install a custom wallpaper by default? The wallpaper is placed in my $OEM$>$$>Web>Wallpaper directory along with my other wallpapers. It copies my wallpaper to the directory, it just doesnt apply it. I have tried to rename the wallpaper to bliss, I have even converted it from .jpg to .bmp and it still didnt work.
  17. its not fake. its legit. that is 2180. microsoft will roll it out tonight and more over teh next 4 days. 2180 is final and that is it. microsoft has said that the full download verison will be around 270mb. (they would need some pretty spectacular compression for 110mb)
  18. cant find it on bitorrent or anything. does anybody know what exactly the roxio program connects to to download updates?
  19. Does anybody have a link to the latest update for Roxio Easy DVD Copy. THe latest version is I can't download it using autoupdates and their website does not have a download section for it. if anybody knows where i can get it please let me know!!!
  20. I did a network install of my Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and I want to install the latest update to it. I would rather do it this way because it is a 50mb update. Problem is that I can't get it to work. The update file is a .exe and I am unable to extract it. Is there anyway to slipstream it into Roxio or something?
  21. yeah...i saw this, but i don't know how to use it. do i add it to my $OEM$ folder? IF so, where?
  22. I've been scouring these forums and can't find the info. I am creating an XPCD that will eventually have SP2 slipstreamed into it. Prior to doing so I am setting up my $OEM$ folder containing a different wallpaper and the new Royale theme. I have succeded in this much. Now I want to enable cleartype so that when it installs it is enabled by default. How do I do this?

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