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  1. Go to Start > run, and type regsvr32 urlmon.dll, then click OK. You ought to get a 'registration succeeded' dialog box. Now reboot, and tell us whether it works again. regards
  2. I had this problem before when logging on, As already suggested, i ran verbose mode, it displayed the files starting as i went through the login process. Turned out the file was spyware and removed immediately by spybot. I'll put money on spyware or infection of some sort. As already suggested, download spybot if you have not already done so. Good luck CB
  3. Hi there, Just a thought, but you might find that bartpe will allow you to boot and manage the o/s without actually running the operating system, so to speak! It should allow you to activate the admin account. I have never used it to do this but i reckon it will work. you will need an xp disk with sp1 installed or a win 2003 disk for this to work. good luck SUPER BARTPE CB
  4. 2 stabs in the dark here, When you do logon try adding a new admin account or add a nother user to the printer operator group. Obviously they can logon locally, If that dont help you might want to reinstall client for microsoft networks but if the server is in use this will be a right pain. If i was in your shoes i would contact microsoft. CB
  5. Question for MARSDEN, Hi Marsden, i like the sound of the 2nd repair option you speak of, would this be the same as running system file checker utility??? many thanks for response in advance CB
  6. But if use remote assistance do not remove windows messenger, i recently found out that remote assistance requires windows messenger and even though the option is in msn messenger for remote assistance it shall not work unless windows messenger is installed. Well it will work but not through any messenger without windows messenger. CB
  7. Doh, well pointed out Jblond, silly of me, Another way this could be done (even if it is a bit of work) would be to creat another partition on the hdd, if your current hdd is one large partition you would need something like partition magic to shrink the original partition so that you can create a new one from the free space. Make your origianl partition part of the domain. then create an image of the original setup and install this image onto your new partition. Then make the changes required on the new partitions to become a memeber of the workgroup. Then you can select which partition to run when you boot up the notebook and by doing this you are choosing between workgroup or domain but otherwise the partitions will be identical. But if JBlonds idea is in any way a solution for you then i suggest you take that suggestion as it will involve less work. FREE TRIAL VERSION OF PARTITION MAGIC WOULD DO THE JOB! AND USE THISTRIAL VERSION OF ACRONIS TO CREATE THE IMAGE CB
  8. Hi RaveRod thanks very much CB
  9. I might be wrong but i would have thought that this would work fine. CB
  10. Hi, the easiest way to do this is if you are only connected to one of the networks at a time is to choose the dhcp option "obtain ip address automatically" on the network card tcp/ip property page. This way it shall pick up the ip address it has been assigned on each network automatically. Or are you trying to be connected to the 2 networks at the same time?? CB
  11. Hi there, Question, i dont know so much about uxtheme.dll hack... i have found instructions on installation but i would like to know if any xtra resources are used? Can i download any theme from any of the many theme sites and expect the theme to work or does each theme require its own crack? thanks for any answers CB
  12. Here ya go dude, VERBOSE MODE XP CB
  13. Nice, good luck with your plans CB
  14. Hi WildOptic, I am not sure i helped at all but glad to see you guys have worked up a clever solution to your problem. Thanks for letting me know, makes the conversation worth it. depending on how good your users are you might think about running that command in safe mode by means of the user running it as a batch file. (like i say, all depends on your type of user and the complexity of the command) CB
  15. Hi, Cdimage is great for creating images of files on your hdd but if you want a program that can do this without editing the file names and output location try Ultraiso its great for this also and has the added ability to transform different image types to and from nero images, iso images, ccd images, and so forth CB
  16. Quite a situation you got there, i have a friend who had hundreds of computers across several sites. they did not have norton ghost so they could not PUSH an image to fix the remote clients. Instead they created 2 partitions on each client, they created an image of the client and stored it on the second partition. then whenver users called up with a problem on the system partition that they could not fix, remote admin would connect to the faulty system and edite the autoexec file to boot to the alternate partition. All the user then had to do was reboot the machine and they were working again. This gave admin time to allow for them to visit each location and repair the system partitions with problems. I know the above is far from your situation but i remember thinking this was a great idea for admin covering several locations and time ebing an issue. it may or may not be of any use to you, good luck all the same. CB
  17. How exactly are you "importing"?? CB
  18. Well if your cafe has a domain you should configure domain policy so that settings are not changed at logoff. Or you could use the domain guest account with a mandatory profile which means users cant change anything, infact it would be wise to do both. If the cafe is a workgroup you will have to adjust the local policy on each machine and lock down all moving and changing of settings. Also you should remove access to the control panel and run box's good luck CB
  19. Hi there, all good tips but i was under the impression that the startup delay was way past the difference that these tweaks shall make. Certianly worth working through those tips if no spyware was found but if your going to go to such extremes then you may as well run the error checking tool for the system partition. then defrag it as well. Still not happy, well startup and logoff etc can be run in verbose mode which displays which files are causing the delays Good luck
  20. Hi WildOptic, Glad to see your getting towards the goal, sadly though i personally don't think a script / batch file could boot you into safe mode as a user normally reaches safe mode before the system has reached the stage where it executes system scripts. The other problem is that there is no way to hold script info in the memory buffer whilst the machine reboots. This means that executing a script to reboot and enter into safe mode is not possible to my knowledge. Perhaps some1 else knows of a way, can i ask why you want to do this? Perhaps there is another way cheers CB
  22. ok, i must be missing something here, you are changing over to 2003 server with your own mail server, this will obviously be done in house ?? once you have 2003 server setup you will find that all remote connections are disabled by default, you can enable remote desktop or remote assistant. There is no default help assistant account in 2003. once enabling remote desktop admin on the server are automatically given the remote desktop permission. You can add more users to have this right by adding them to the group. You can also remove them from that group just as easily. With remote assitant, there are no rights required for remote experts as the invitation is sent from the network to them which automatically includes the the right to connect. You can alter that by adding the remote expert to the allow remote assistant permission so that they can initiate the connection. My question is, where does this help assistant account come into play as its not on 2003. CB
  23. Curv Boll

    XP Crashes

    Argon, you speak my language way better than i can speak yours, CB
  24. If you create a wallpaper to the default windows size, think it is 800x600 then each machine should pick up the wallpaper and adjust it to the better resolution, depending on the setting on each client. as long as your image is the default size windows will do the rest i think. CB

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