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  1. Thanks in advance for any help. I installed XP w/SP2 on my girlfriend's laptop yesterday, everything went fine, used an unattended CD with the help of nLite. I then created another account under her name, and then disabled the Administrator account, as I usually do. However, I messed up in the process and didn't realize that the new account would automatically be in the Users group and not the Administrators group. Thus, she can't install anything, and can't log in to the Administrator account. Is there any way to fix this, short of a password recovery CD (which I'm not even positive will work)? The monkey wrench thrown all into the mix is that her laptop's display is messed up, and thus she has an external monitor and keyboard/mouse. However, the external monitor doesn't receive a signal till Windows has booted. The screen flickers during bootup/BIOS/DOS stuff/etc., and isn't 100% reliable. That's why I'm trying to see if I don't have to use a password recovery disk, as she won't be able to see anything on her monitor. Thanks again.
  2. Time on PC

    10-12 Hours for me, since 9 hours are at work, and the other one or two at least tinkering around at home...stupid work computer with no admin access...
  3. Windows based on Unix?

    Aren't there licensing issues though, like with the GPL or GNU (I don't know too much about them, but I'm just wondering)? Also, one of the reasons Windows is so strong in the marketplace is that so many companies write programs for Windows. If suddenly the next Microsoft OS based on Linux, a lot of drivers and programs would have to be (re-)written to match the availability that Windows currently has. The entire Microsoft catalog alone would have to be ported to a Linux-based OS, which is a task so complex I can't even comprehend. Similarly, I know that this is my main reason to not use Linux: I can't find drivers for my hardware and I can't use many of the programs I'm so used to. I'm not sure dumping the current code in exchange for Linux/Unix would be the best idea then...