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  1. hi all i have a problem with IE on my XP Pro machine when ii open it to access any site it open normaly,then after about 1 minute or less i can't close it again i think this happened when it access any site completly can any one help me to solve this thanks for help
  2. hi all i have a notbook and it work in tow places one place it work under domain controler and it has an Ip in class the second it work in workgroup ander IP class i want it to login in the two places without change in configration every time can u help me
  3. i have a strange proplem in outlook 2002 when i open it and after send and recieve messages it gave me a message told me that there is no disk in the drive. please insert a disk into drive a and i make cancel or try again or contenu and it appear again can anyone told me how to fix this thanks
  4. i'm ADMIN of XP pro machine i used to loggon as administrator from (Run as) in the drop menu of any exe file so i try to do that for another machine but i didn't find the (Run as) something else i want to ask how to open all the component of control panel as administrator from user account and how to open Windows explorer as administrator trhanks
  5. hi all i make a new account in xp prof machine then i found that this account can see other people "my documents" ,in the top of the my computer window so i make convert to the c partition to ntfs to change the permissions of my documents but i couldn't found the security tab on any file or folder first i want to disable other people document to be shared on the computer to other people second i want to make the security tab appear for files and folders thanks for help
  6. no it's not in a network drive they are in the hard disk, i talk about all documents
  7. hi all there's a problem with Office2003 i installed it and it worked good but then after few dayes it take a lot of time to open any files i remove it and reinstall it again but then after few dayes it doing the same can anyone help me to solve this thanks
  8. hi all i have a printer in my network shared in windows xp machine i want to restrict who can print on it how can i do that thanks for help

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