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  1. Hi, this isn't a problem at Fujitsu-Siemens site ... @Microsoft: MORE INFORMATION If the following conditions are true, the issue may be a hardware incompatibility with Windows XP because all the installed drivers are Windows XP drivers: • You receive the STOP 0x7E error when you first start the computer. • You receive the STOP 0x7E error after you run the Setup program. • You did not install any third-party drivers during the installation of Windows. However, if you receive the STOP 0x7E error after you upgrade from Windows 2000 Professional, or if you recently added a new hardware device, t
  2. yeah ... the KB888111 Hotfix creates this Bug with the portcls.sys ... I've solved this Problem ... i've removed the DriverPacks ... and created my own driverpack without the Bashrat's BASE Packer with the included Hotfix ... So the installation works without errors ... and later in RunOnceEx I install the KB888111 and it works ... I dont know why Microsoft didnt fixed this Bug ... because they know the bug a while
  3. Hi, is there a possibility to remove some fields of the configuration wizard?? Because i don't need so much input fields ... f.ex.: picture vars, dependent of, excludes, condition, command 3-5 ... In the configurationwizardtemplate there are only numbers for the objects and i dont know them ... or is there an easier way to delete them?? Thanks a lot Greets greywolve Benni
  4. Is there no posibility to delete the hotfix out of the driver pack base? .... or can i just delete the portcls.sys in i386 folder or simply delete the files within the base packet??? It would be great, if someone can help me...!!!
  5. Hi, im using the driverpacks for laptops, too. And yes many drivers aren't implemented and so you have to integrate them selves ... You only have to create an $OEM$ Folder on your CD Image within this folder: a $ folder and a $1 folder .... within $ you create a folder called INF and within $1 a folder like drivers.... $OEM$_ | |_ $ ----> INF | |_ $1 ----> drivers I386 then you have to edit your answer file and must set the parameter [unattended] OemPreinstall = Yes OemPnPDriversPath = MyFolder1;MyFolder2 for example: OemPnPDriversPath = drivers;drivers\mouse;drive
  6. REQ | Fujitsu-Siemens ADMTek Infineo AN983 onboard PCI Adapter (SIS661+ Chipset) Here is a link to this Infineon Network Chipset: ADMTek AN983 at fujitsu-siemens.de Perhaps you can include this driver.... Thx greywolve
  7. are you using a proxy?? i got this message too ... a few weeks ago, our proxy and firewall have blocked the site ... i dont know why, but it was fixed after i reported it ....
  8. Hi, it's on a Fujitsu-Siemens Scenic L, i845G, LAN Computer with standard configuration .... The SoundCard is Sound Max AC 97 Sound (onBoard) But i only need to know how i can remove the kb888111 hotfix from the driverpack ... otherwise i cannot install windows ... And microsoft only said as solution: No solution known ^^ i got on every Scenic L System this error ... so the hwids are only from one system, but theyre always nearly the same (perhaps the processor speed or ram can differ) =========== PCI devices =========== PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1039&SUBSYS_10011734&REV_81\4&
  9. Hi, is there any possibility to remove the KB888111 Hotfix from the DriverPacks??? Can i delete the fix out of the methods.7z without having trouble after this? Because i get an error during my Windows Installation ... it cancels with a bluescreen ... This is a well known Bug in Windows portcls.sys and can happen with some Hardware configurations... If i can remove the Hotfix with the portcls.sys, i can resolve my problem... Thanks for your help... regards greywolve benni
  10. I've used nothing of them ... I integrated my SP2 in the InstallationCD and then run the Windows RISSetup to create an image. After this ive created the Driverpacks with Method 2, copied them within the RIS-Image folder, and executed the Run_cmd.... After this ... i've modified the explained files and folders and .... finally .... it works ^^
  11. Hi, i've copied the OEM Folder from D:\RemoteInstall\Setup\German\Images\"NameofImage" to D:\RemoteInstall\Setup\German\Images\"NameofImage"\$OEM$\$1 so the folder is copied to c:\ after this i've edited D:\RemoteInstall\Setup\German\Images\"NameofImage"\$OEM$\$1\D\BTS_DPs_cleanup.cmd to this: CMDOW @ /HID RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%\D RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%\OEM D:\RemoteInstall\Setup\German\Images\"NameofImage"\i386\presetup.cmd to this: REM +===========================================================+ REM | This presetup.cmd is preconfigured to work with my | REM | DriverPacks smoothly, i.e.
  12. WooHoo it works ... ^^ I've recently moved the OEM folder into the $OEM$\$1 folder ... then i edited $OEM$\$1\D\BTS_DPs_finish.cmd and changed the variable $CDDRIVE$ to $SystemDrive$ also i've edited the i386\presetup.cmd and changed there also the $CDDRIVE$ to $SystemDrive$ ... and so the Drivers are correctly installed over Network with RIS ^^
  13. There are no Software Errors ... AutoRIS and also RISult works fine, but if i run the network setup, always at the beginning of the GUI setup i get a blue screen with no description ... the error: cannot start the GUI setup ... or similar ... I dont know why ... and as i integrated manually the bts packs ... i get an error: that the Watchdriver....exe cannot found ... all others, including drivers are well installed ... but i have to press ok when the error appeares ... (i get no blue screen and the installation ends without [only the cannot find the file error appears] errors so the only thi
  14. Hi, i've tested these two programms... but with each tool i get errors ... although i did exactly the same as the describe in their Instructions... ... and so i thought i integrate the driverpack manually into my RIS image. i know, that both tools AutoRIS and RISult do integrate the OEM folder, too .... So there should be a solution ... i will read the code of the tools the second time ... maybe i found the code ^^ ... or someone can help me ....
  15. Hi, i'm using the driverpackage within a RIS image ... i'm using Method 2 for integrating ... it seems all to be working ... but ... at beginning of the install GUI there is an error: cannot find OEM\BIN\watchdriversignpolicy.exe this problem occures, because the RIS server dont copy the OEM directory to the harddisk of the client. Question: Is there any posibility to move the OEM folder into the $OEM$ folder, so that the folder would be copied to the client and the driverpack script will find the files within OEM folder??? I hope there is a solution ... A huge THX for replies ....!!! greet
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