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  1. Hi everyone, does anybody have experience with running the last verison of DeepBurner under Win95? During the installation,they claim,that it is designed for Win95, 98,but when I try to start it,then it prompts that there are missing some modules in SHLWAPI.DLL After when I used newer SHLWAPI from Win98SE it reports also that also in USER32.DLL some modules are missing...so bad luck :-/ Are there also other buring programs for Win9x that can handle newer DVD burners?
  2. Patched Scandisk and Defrag is workin fine. NSW I don't have, sorry!
  3. 2) I do not use 500GB FAT32 partitions. dencorso suggests 250GB FAT32 as max. partition size, I am even more cautious and use only 192GB. More than 2 years I use USB Toshiba 320GB drive which was originally formatted to FAT32 from the factory,till now no problem at all and 3 years a WD250RE whole in FAT32 and also no problem :-) Both also workin on Win98SE ,seems there is no issue with partition size greater than 250GB ... :-)
  4. Seems that I have found that problem.According to USBman's tips I have to disable the IRQ sharing for that PCI slot.So I will try that ...
  5. It's surprising but there doesn't seem to be a copy at MDGx's site. You should try the author's e-mail address, given at (see 2010/12/07 blog entry) : http://ysai187.blogs.linkbucks.com/ Joe. Done...hope I will get the answer soon.Maybe it would be a good idea to save those files also here.
  6. I can confirm,that the USB drive over 137GB works with my Win98SE ,I have only installed the >137GB patch and NUSB (in that time there were not the lates) and it works with my USB Toshiba 320GB drive.I had to use USB hub with PSU,the power from one port was not enough.I also tried my WD 1Tera and also workin fine through NTFS for Win98 from Paragon.
  7. That combo card is like normal two cards installed in the system but only 2-1, nothing special.NUSB I have installed latest, maybe this problem is due to some mess in the USB drivers.
  8. Hi Tomas, a year and a half ago I bought an eSATA-PATA-USB combo card VIA VT6421A, which came with drivers for Win98. I never got it to work with my Asus P5PE-VM motherboard under Win98. It's lying in a box somewhere now. How about getting just a USB 2.0 card, no combo card? My Asus P5PE-VM motherboard has just 3 PCI slots, that's why I tried a combo PCI card initially. Eventually I'll be getting a PCI adapter for laptop PCCards. There are good laptop PCCards for USB 2.0, eSATA etc. That combo card with VIA VT6421A I have also,when I wanted to add another disk,but later I bought a Promise UltraTX133 which is workin perfecty.I can get a standalone USB2.0 card ,what I have seen in the stores there are two types with the NEC and VIA chipset. I'll try that NEC one and see what will happen....That combo card was a solution for me with faster USB and to add another disks atleast in SATA. What were your symptoms,that was not able to get it to work?
  9. HI everyone, does anybody have experience with running a USB2.0 (NEC chipset) on Win98SE? Currently I have a addon card from Vipower,where is USB2.0 and SATA controller. I installed it without problems,when the Win starts, tested,workin OKay,but suddenly after reboot the windows gets stuck during booting (not freezed,the CTRL+ALT+DEL still works). So under safe mode I removed the drivers for USB2.0 card and then the system boots up normaly.There were no conflicts ,nothing.I tried to use the stock drivers on Vipower CD and also the drivers from our unofficial service pack for Win98SE ,but the result was the same. Any ideas? Maybe to disable the onboard USB 1.0 in BIOS? Tomas
  10. Does anyone have the SH95UPD files please? It is not possible to download it from the hosted site.....
  11. KMPlayer I used on my laptop,but I dunno why but it was crashing on small videoclips.So I uninstall it and now I use SPlayer and all is okay.I'll try this version of KM,hope after installation will not consume plenty of space
  12. Once again, not sure if it will help you or not, but take a look at this. I'm not familiar with this project, but I think it may be the closest thing to what you're looking for. Thanks for the link.This is what I was looking for a looong time ....hmm seems that the links for the files (@ Mediafire) are not working anymore or what. Can not download ..... :-/
  13. Hardware decoding of MPEG2 by the DVD player itself, implies a video output directly from the DVD player. Do such (internal) players exist? If so, look for some sort of connector at the back of the player, find out its details, then check for a video card that has an input for whatever type of signal this may be (fibre optic???). Anyway, I've not heard of DVD players having such a capability. Joe. I don't meant a pure DVD Player but a software DVD Player.Some players like PowerDVD, WinDVD, MP classic, MPlayer support it.Most of them run through DXVA...then you can reduce some CPU load.In Mplayer,the Vidix option can be used directly for nVidia chips...but it's not workin on Win95OSR due to missing exports...**** ! Wish there will be KernellEx ported to Win95OSR Tomas
  14. I'm not sure if it will help you or not, but according to this page PowerDVD XP (PowerDVD 4) will run on Windows 95. Power DVD 5 lists Windows 98 as a requirement, but I don't know if it really doesn't work or whether they just didn't want to support it. Okay,thanks.I will try the newer ones if I can get it to work
  15. Hi Everyone, is there any DVD player,that still work on Win95OSR2 and uses hardware decoding for MPEG2? GFX card that I use is GF4 MX440,that according to the specs supports the hardware decoding,but how to utilize it under Win? I tried PowedDVD 3,that is working ,but when I turn on hardware acceleration,then it shows up an internal error.Maybe it's too old to handle GF4. When using software decoding, the AMD K6@400 handels it,but it's not smooth enough. Thanks for advice
  16. It would be nice also to have a port of Kernel Ex on Win 95OSR2 ... I use both OS, but Win95OSR2 more
  17. Hello, Im using Winamp v5.35 for a longer time without problems,but one day suddenly it started to do strange things.When I closed the program I was not able to run him again or the Win98SE will hang during shutdown.With my Northon crashguard installed,I have discovered,that when on program close a service DDE server stops responding.Normally, when Winamp is running this is not visible in Norton Crashguard, but only on program close.I must terminate this process to be able to run Winamp again or shutdown the PC.The same thing happends on applications with Nullsoft installer.I have reinstalled the Win98SE,but only by running the installer and copy all stuff (drivers..etc) again,but the problem still occurs.Reinstalling Winamp won't help,so it might be somethin in the registry,but what? Any idea?
  18. When I tried the older ones (30.30 I think),then the card was working,but in the nVidia's control center,the card was not recognized correctly (only the videochips core codename was shown).But I haven't test those games and applications with these drivers.
  19. Sorry, a misstype.The drivers are 41.09.They were the last,that I was able to install in Win95.In the newer ones,the installer kick me off.
  20. Hello, Im using this card partly without problems in Win95OSR,but I noticed,that some features of this card are not working on 100% or at all.Example when I play Carmageddon 2 on full details with Direct 3D,the game is not smooth enough even with this card and with AMD-K6-III @400.When I play it on my second PC with P2@350 and with Voodoo3 through D3D,the game runs fine and smooth.Dunno why it is not fast enough on my GF4,the game requirements are not so high.Second problem is with Quake 1 when played in Win.When I change the resolution from 320x200 to higher,the game freezes.In DOS its without problems.maybe its a problem with using this newer card comaring to older game,but years ago I was testing this game on P1@ Intel233 with nVidia TNT2 and the game runs fine even on 1024x768.Another problem is in BSplayer,that I cannot enable hardware acceleration,but when I check the card with DXset ,the HW acceleration is enabled,so whats wrong?.With DXtest,some tests locks the windows,but I have to retest that.The DirectX I have,are the last working on W95OSR (8.1 I think).The Nvidia drivers are 4.09,the working ones on W95OSR,that I have tested.Or does anybody have a custom driverpack for this card? The DVD's are running through PowerDVD fine.The card has its HW MPEG2 decoding example for DVDs decoding,but can that be checked somehow,if is it used? Thanks for advice Comos
  21. Hello, thanks for info.I'll try this one.Currently Im using the Mass Storage driver from MDGXs site,so I have to uninstall them.By now if I want to use the USB flash drive again I have to reboot...that is enough..:-)
  22. Hello, Im expecting problems with detection of the new line of Kingston Datatraveler series especially DT110 - 2GB and DTI 8GB.I use NUSB device drivers but the system detects them wrong as USB device.I tried even the Kingstons DTI driver for a test and the result was the same.Then later I found an update for UHCD.SYS http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...ang=en#Overview I tried this patch on mine P2@350 with SE440BX2 chipset and I can access the DT110 with occasional problems due to wrong detection.With the DTI I didn't succeed,its detected wrong but sometimes its detected correctly and i can access it.This same problem I have on a laptop P3@650 with 443BX chipset.I applied the UHCD.SYS update and the system detect the DT110 and DTI correctly but sometimes happend that when I plug DT110,remove it from the system and then plug the DTI,the system will detect it wrong again.The installation of the Win98SE was new and these problems continue even when I tried to install the Unofiicial Service pack for Win98SE. Is this caused by the Intel's BX chipset or this is a timing problem in the Win98SE? I haven't any problems with the Kingston USB Drives before (DTI 1-2GB,DTI plus,Migo) or A-Data 4GB.Or does Kingston something changed in the Flash drives HW? Some new Flash drives from Kingston are working fine like DT101 and DT100 which I tested. Does anybody have a somekind a list of USB Flash drives which are working fine on W98SE?
  23. Hello I have workin Win95OSR2.5 including patches to handle USB devices.When I connect a USB flash drive,I can access it without problems,but when I disconnect it and plug it again,the system won't access it and I can't eighter see it in the system.I have looked at the device manager,when I plug the flash drive for the first time,in device manager under USB Controller root I can see two devices like USB Mass Storage Device and USB Mass Storage Interface.When I disconnect the flash drive and reconnect,I can see in device manager in the USB Controller root only USB Mass Storage Device.The USB Mass Storage Interface doesn seem to reload. Does anybody know what is this caused by,why the flash drive is not able to access when reconnected? HW used is AMD-K6-III with Asus TX97-X Thanks for advice
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