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  1. Finally managed that.What a obstruction. Disable the pagefile completely on all drives reboot Then I was able to delete the old one on C: directly in windows in TCMD define the new one on E: reboot again and there it is....finally on my ramdrive.....
  2. After a while I came back to play it again, since I had a idea to use the non allocated memory as a ramdisk and put the pagefile there. However I can't still move the damn pagefile, it still looks that it's stuck on C: and on auto. If I list what WMIC see it's stiil on C: wmic pagefile list /format:list AllocatedBaseSize=3029 CurrentUsage=331 Description=C:\pagefile.sys InstallDate=20230305102952.562500+060 Name=C:\pagefile.sys PeakUsage=369 Status= TempPageFile= wmic pagefileset list /format:list Description='pagefile.sys' @ E:\ InitialSize=2 MaximumSize=4597 Name=E:\pagefile.sys SettingID=pagefile.sys @ E: This setting is also visible in registry.I have tried to boot from miniXP, deleteted manually the pagefile, but after reboot, it's still creating it on C: Im starting to get insane
  3. I have the diskmod files stored in my archive aswell, however originally written for Win7 32bit, did somebody tested it succesfully on WinXP 32bit?
  4. In my Lenovo W500 I have spare miniPCIex slot, which is normally used to the extra Wifi module or TurboCache memory module, however it's not a regular miniPCIex where you can plug mSATA,, it has a different pinout, where it also has USB2.0 lines. So I get a miniPCIex card with 2 uSD slots which has a onboard ALCOR bridge chip.I had to patch the BIOS for whitelisting..Normally when it get's detected, installed, it's a regular removable USB,to make a fixed drive out of it I have used a Hitachi driver. Now it behaves like a disk ,altough you can remove it via systray like example my USB3.0/mSATA disks,that I use.Probably that you can still remove it, XP refuse to create a pagefile there.
  5. There are issues with certain drivers/programs that prone unstable as experienced, so not going that way atm.
  6. The drive is on D: , where I want to put the pagefile.In reality it's a miniPCI to uSD which I have converted to fixed drive.Could be, that the drivers are not loaded fast enough, so it sticks to C:
  7. I have 8 GB of RAM, however less than half is available to XP since is 32bit as usual.I would let the pagefile small as possible atleast for creatng the dumps. My case is whatever change I made to my settings it looks like it's stuck on automatic.
  8. I have made a smaller one on C: and a bigger one on D:, but no effect after reboot.I'll try to boot to miniXP, delete it manually and restart, how it will be created again.
  9. Hi, I recently added a second drive to move the pagefile there,however every setting that I try, the pagefile remains on C: , even if I change the pagefile size on C:, after reboot the size remain the same. When I check the registry settings, there it's set how it suppose to be, but seems Windows is doing whatever it wants. Did somebody experienced something similar?
  10. BTW had you the luck to try a bigger HDD than 14TB with the WD Formatter? Im thinking now to get a 16TB WD drive...hope it will work.
  11. I have myself never tried the max 2TB FAT32 limit on my Win98SE, only 500GB, so hard to say what could be a difference compared to Win98SE. Sadly RLoew won't tell us more.
  12. I figured it out.Two packages are only needed, the wmfdist11.exe and wmpappcompat.exe from the WMP11 installer.Then just update the driver and works as expected.
  13. Over the years I found some time to dig in my tuned Win95OSR2.1 system and due to some programs want to update the two mentioned DLL's.I have digged a IE5.5 installer, where I found Advapi32.dll version 4.71.0118.0 and Comctl32.dll version 5.81 (5.50.4807.2300) Does somebody recall please, if there was any newer version of these DLL's? If not, were they also availabe as a standalone update or they just came only with IE5.5? Wasn't there any resource leak with this Comctl32 version? I had also a version 5.00.0910.1306 in my archive which said to have no resource leak with the classic shell,but dunno with this one.
  14. Thanks. I have tried the MTP Device Driver cab file before, extracted and when I wanted to update the driver it didn't finished because something was missing in the inf as the error message said. When I check the driver details with my phone attached, I see two drivers used. WPDUSB.SYS and WUDFRD.SYS. the WPDUSB.SYS is version 5.2.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) which looks definitely from the WMP11 package and the WUDFRD.SYS version is 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255).
  15. I forgot to add, yes WD Formatter does a bit more,it sends probably a SCSI over USB command to the controller to switch to the 512e.Not sure if the drive is permanently switched or the controller does that automatically during power up all the time. However when I played with my 2TB WD My Book almost 10 years ago I made a hex dump of the boot sector and it was 4Kn,so that proved that the drive itself was 4Kn.You can check the post, it's still here.
  16. Currently my 14TB WD Red Plus works fine with a 14TB Easystore enclousure so I assmue the 16TB WD Red Pro should aswell.The Easystore enclousure does not have encryption like the My Book has and My Book works only with supplied drives which have a differnt FW due to the encryption.Example an enclousure from a 14TB My Book didn't work with the 14TB WD Red Plus.The WD formatter is just creating/aligning the partition + quick format.All these WD drives support Advanced Format,so they are 4kn, but the controller is behaving 512e for the OS.A principle is shown in the AF White Paper, figure 2: https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library/en_us/assets/public/western-digital/collateral/white-paper/white-paper-advanced-format.pdf
  17. I guess that the 18TB will get limited to 16TB,The WDD formatter normally just creates & formats one partition.I need again to migrate my stuff from a 6TB to a new probably a 16TB WD Red Pro, but have only the controller from a 14TB EasyStore,so if it will cover all sizes then it will be good, however I can't verify that right now.It would be a good idea,if you are able to test the 14TB controller on the 18TB drive and what you see in the WD Formatter.
  18. Hi, does somebody please remember, if the Win XP WDP (Windows Portable Devices) driver package for MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) was available also as a standalone KB package or included with some MPP update? I have WinXP SP3 on my two laptops (T43 and W500), where on the W500 is complete with all updates and the T43 has not all of them.When I connect my Samsung Android phone to my W500 it's correctly recognized as portable device and Im able to access Phone and Card as a mass storage fine.However if I connect the phone to my T43 it's recognized like somekind of a scanner and I can only see the Phone as a mass storage device,but can't copy anything out of it due to permissions. So I assume that on the T43 it's running some stock WDP driver.
  19. Sry for a late reply too :) I don't get any email notifications, just today I saw it when I logged in. Easystore enclousure does work fine.Im not sure if the onboard flash fw coveres all sizes upd to 16TB automatically or it's updated with every released hdd size. Do you recall from which hdd size the enclousure come from?
  20. Which controller you have used? If the model is not shown in the WD Formatter ,you won't be able to reformat it to XP mode at all.
  21. I got used empty enclousures for the testing, doing this with brand new drives would be quite expensive.The whole intention is completely different than simply removing the SPI Flash chip and making a bare USB-SATA bridge out of it.
  22. Correct. WD Easystore/Elemenrs have no encryption, no SED drives and probably running identical FW in the SPI Flash.
  23. Im back with a results from a small research that I made meantime. First test a made with a WD My Book 14TB encousure including controller and my WD 14TB RED.Attempt to incialize it in the disk management resulted,that the disk is not responding. The WD formatter does not show any disk model, just empty column,however you can proceed with selecting the XP mode, but further formatting makes the application to crash. Further investigation in conjuction with a WD information on their webside regarding the external drives,the result is that all drives in WD My Book are SED (just a regular disk with a special FW) and works in conjuction FW which is stored in the SPI flash on the enclousure's controller.Based on the WD info I checked that the WD Easystore and WD Elements don't run any encryption at all.So my assumption was that the FW stored in these must contain only the indentification string and probably the LBA size of attached disk and maybe a disk model.Today the enclousure came,so I run second test.Under disk management the disk was inicialized okay, so far good.The WD formatter is able to see the disk in full size and formatting in XP mode finished succesfully, viola 14TB under MBR! I need to get a spare WD Easystore/Elements 14TB controller, that I can read out the SPI flash and decode the content,bcoz on this one I need to migrate stuff right now, but as we can see it's not locked to a disk model, not sure about the LBA size since it was a straight fit now (WD RED 14TB & enclousure from a 14TB Easystore).Since you can upgrade the FW in the controller (via the WD FW Updater), it might be handy to code a simple utility, that you can detect the LBA size of your connected disk and write it to the SPI flash, the easy way. more to come, stay tuned.
  24. Why should I'll be running 7x2TB partitions, when now I run a single MBR NTFS partition (4TB, 6TB) and I believe I'll do the same to the 14TB one?
  25. I can confirm, that on a 6TB WD My Book the WD Formatter does work, I have bought that one 6 years ago and now I need an upgrade.I'll keep the WD Red as a backup and next month I'll buy the 14TB My Book and try, I'll keep you updated :)

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