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  1. SP3 I have on my system, so no problem with that. I never had a problem with Java 8 instalation up to update 51 like I mentioned. Offline instalations I used all the time. The issue is with the Java updates that come after update 51, example the update 77 like I posted on the screenshot.The installer normally starts but does not finish for an unknown reason and gives this error message.
  2. Hi everyone, some time ago I have noticed that Java updates after jre1.8.0_51 are not possible to install on my WinXP. I tried also the standalone msi file,but then it prompts an issue with the MS installer. Any idea if there is a workaround/fix for this on WinXP? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the tips.First I will try the recent version, the easiest way, if something will change.
  4. On my Win95OSR2.1 I have the old IE which came already with the installation,never updated.However those libraries can be updated the manual way or?
  5. Hello, for some year Im using for SMART supervison of my hard drives a tool from Ariolic.Altough they claim that it's designed to run on Win98SE,it's possible to run also on Win95 with some extra dll's.However on Win95OSR2.1, where I run it, I get a weird looking window table for a unknown reason yet.Any idea if this is caused by some wong call/function in the libraries? If I recall correctly, I had to use MFC42.DLL from Win98SE which is normally missing in Win95OSR2.1 to get it run. Thanks for advice.
  6. Seems the problem is solved.Today I have tested an installation & run of WinXP on a classic 2.5" SATA 80GB drive (Seagate) and it runs like hell on UDMA5. So the issue seems to be the mSATA 60GB A-DATA SSD.I'll try to go for a normal SSD 60 or 80GB,but the question is which one will be reliable.
  7. Hi Jaclaz, to bring more tech info, the 44pin IDE to SATA is exactly the same like Tomasz86 had: http://i.imgur.com/lwtCa.jpg Only what I had to do is to solder out that pin header and solder in a female header mirrored,becase of the different pin orientation on the mobo,so the whole module is plugged directly on mobo. On this bridge, there's the 34 PDIAG pin not connected to ground.It leads to a not bonded resistor mark,which connects it to ground.So normally with this bridge you'll have only ATA33 speed.3 pieces that I bough were identical. Before this upgrade I was running the mSATA in this Addonics enclousure: http://www.addonics.com/products/adms25ide.php WinXP installation & system running was okay,only got stuck at ATA33 speed.Strange thing was, that when I plug out the drive and connect it back,then the WinXP registry got currupted for a unknown reason.Dunno if that happend during previous shutdown.When made a reinstall and later played with a test adapter and a 80 wire cable to enable the higher UDMA and WinXP didn't boot at all. After to SATA upgrade, Im using this Roline enclousure: http://shop.roline.com/roline-adapter-msata-ssd-to-2-5-sata-22pin/11.03.1567-10.html First of all, I will try now a normal SATA HDD (44pin doesn't make sence in these days) like you recommended.If that will work,then I'll try to get a classic SSD if there will be any difference compared to mSATA SSD. If everything fails,then I'll be stuck on 44pin IDE @ ATA33
  8. Hello, I have made a HDD upgrade from a classic IDE 44pin to a SSD in mSATA in 2.5"" drive enclosure with 44 pin IDE.Installation & running WinXP was okay,sometimes happen that after shutdown and startup that the registry was corrupted for a unknown reason.Besides that I have noticed that the SSD is running only on UDMA2 mode due to the 44pin ribbon cable. I have checked the manual, the Intel 845GV is capable of UltraATA100, but in the manual,the 44 IDE connector layout shown the 34 pin PDIAG not used.The only way was to test it.I made a test cable with 80 ribbon cable and run a hdd diag utility under DOS.There I was able to see,that the UDMA5 was now active,so the 34 pin is connected,but not documented. I tried to start WinXP in this mod,but they got stuck during bootup.I though that this could be caused by the cable.Next round was to get a 44IDE to SATA bridge (JMICRON chipset) and a 2.5" SATA to mSATA enclosure.Now I went to reinstall the WinXP completely,because the previous installation didn't start at all.In first attempt I got in the installer a BSOD with Page fault in nonpaged area,which I guess is related to a memory problem, in next phase a succeed to send phase of the installer where the system was installing the drivers and I got a BSOD with no specific error message.Now the question is, is this problem is reffered to a memory issue or this UDMA5 mode? Maybe the shutdown problem with corrupted registry already indicated some issue,but Im not sure if this is related to these IDE to SSD bridges & WinXP. Any hints please? link to POC-174 manual: http://downloadt.advantech.com/download/downloadsr.aspx?File_Id=1-JU6RT
  9. Im aware of WMP classic, but I was not using it for somekind of playback performance issue as I remember or if it was even working on OSR2,not sure now. Gotta look into the registry if the links to the old wmp codecs are still there.
  10. Hi everyone, some years ago,when I was configuring my OSR2 I stick with the Windows Media Player 6.4, because the newer WMP look like crap IMHO. To play the newer WMP8/9 content I had to do a manual workaround due to some old compoment,don't remember exacly now,so the new WMP8/9 content work fine,but somehow I lost the ability to play also the old WMP64 content and after those years I would like to fix it up.Is there some WMP package already or I have to extract the old WMP codecs from the WMP64 installation package and do the codec registration manually?
  11. Yep,that's the MoBo. The BIOS is the last version that was released from Asus, only Jan (http://web.inter.nl.net/hcc/J.Steunebrink/Index.htm) made for me a custom update of is patch for this MoBo, that it can detect drives up to 640GB.Nothing else modified. Interesting is if the board really supports 512MB RAM.Gotta check that,when I'll get those EDO DIMMs.
  12. Hi all, Im running for a longer time my oldie Asus TX97-X with TX430 Triton II chipset and I made a test with 3x128MB EDO DIMMs. In the manual they mention that the max installed ram size is 256MB, also in the Intel TX430 chipset datasheet mention this. However the MoBo is able to detect 384MB RAM successfully, my question is, does somebody have simillar experience with a MoBo with TX430 chipset and run same amounth of memory without problems?
  13. The message that is prompted during the plugin installation is shown in czech language and the text is what I wrote before.It doesn't show any specific DLL or missing import/export function.That's why I first dig out the readme and made the test again with MFC files in the system,but again the same error message.
  14. Missing DLL's not found in the system.This only message appear during the plugin installation.Even if install it manually,the plugin itself does not work without any error message.
  15. Hi All, no sure how many of you are using the FileInfo plugin for Total Commander (http://www.ghisler.com/plugins.htm#lister), but the latest version somehow I cannot get to work on W9x. In the new version they mention: Installation ------------- 4 versions are included in this zipped file - wlx_fileinfo32 and wlx_fileinfo64 are statically linked to MFC, size is larger but no DLL is needed - wlx_fileinfo32_DL and wlx_fileinfo64_DL are dynamically linked to MFC, size is half the weight but 3 DLLs from MFC9.0 are needed (MSVCP90.dll, MFC90.dll, MSVCR90.dll) x32 and x64 plugin can be installed in the same directory Use the plugin auto-install interface, ie just open the zip file in TC Try to install first the DL variant of this plugin, if TC display an error message then you are missing MFC9 DLL so install the statically linked version of this plugin OR if you know what you are doing, you can install it manually : Copy "fileinfo.wlx" in your plugin directory and add these two lines to your wincmd.ini (in 5.50 and above) ....or use the Lister plugin interface (in 5.51) I tried the version with statically linked to MFC and also the version with dynamically linked to MFC, but in both cases the same error,that the required DLL's are missingn in the system. The needed MFC files I have in the system. Any idea if there is a way to get it to work?
  16. Hi All, Im using a little batch file for configuring a remote shell service for a specific account.The only problem is,that the password when wanted to leave as default by the batch (Admin) is somehow not set by the service and I have to do it manually then. Here is the code: echo Now configuring the Remote Shell Service echo Stopping the Service sc stop RshSvc echo Enter the Password for Admin account or ENTER to leave it as Admin set /p adminpwd=: if "%adminpwd%"=="" set pwd=Admin if %errorlevel%==0 set pwd=%adminpwd% sc config RshSvc type= own obj= %computername%\Admin password= %pwd% echo Starting the service sc start RshSvc Any idea where's the bug?
  17. Hi All, does anybody know a handy tool, where can I select and hide program under Programs & Features? It might be usefull if there would be possible to export the registry key and import it later. Thanks for the tips
  18. Now, after Multi-Quoting myself ...
  19. If there is a way to run a GF6200 on our good old Win9X, any idea how to enable the hardware acceleration for videos? The GF6 series supports the first generation (although accoring the the NVidia notes,the GF4 series support some also), but better than nothing....
  20. maybe, but that will require to run atleast 24 hours.
  21. +1 A crashing startup process is never harmless: instead of it, it's a harbinger of bad behaviour down the road. It must be uprooted, not left alone and taken for granted. Well that crash is random during startup. I have to investigate if it is due to the higher FSB or due to that Quicklaunch apl.
  22. Greetings all, is there a way how to restore the systray with all loaded components if explorer crashes? For unknown reason,during startup the Explorer crashes and of course the systray is empty after. What can I do is to reboot Win and pray that will load completely. Something else is on XP, that will restore it automaticly.... Any idea?
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