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  1. my HDD ST2000DL003 is suddenly cant be recognized in BIOS

    the spin is working and can enter Terminal, but i cant recover it.

    i wounder if you can help me, please, thank you very much.

    Deep info please read:

  2. Just to report (because is a new record!). A ST2000DM001 just died (out of nothing) with less than 250 working days! And yes, it was using the last FW available to the public. I can't see (or wait) the time when 1TB (and more) SSDs would be cheaper.
  3. I would never use (or continue to use) such HDDs. Backup the DATA while you still can, and go for something more reliable.
  4. That's right, and don't forget the Pizza + beer (or wine!).
  5. The real option is backup, and you also need to check backup time after time. I went for WD not Hitachi. Looks like Samsung is also a good (cheap) alternative. Btw, the Seagate list with FW problem is: Barracuda 7200.11 ST31000340AS ST3750330AS ST3750630AS ST3640330AS ST3640530AS ST3500320AS ST3500620AS ST3500820AS ST31500341AS ST31000333AS ST3640323AS ST3640623AS ST3320613AS ST3320813AS ST3160813AS Barracuda ES.2 SATA ST31000340NS ST3750330NS ST3500320NS ST3250310NS STM3320614AS STM3160813AS DiamondMax 22 STM31000340AS STM3750330AS STM31000334AS STM3500320AS SV35 ST31000340SV ST3750330SV ST3500320SV ST3320410SV I got a lot more apart of how/what HDD companies works/do, and I can tell you is a total prehistoric business. They should unite and create an UNIVERSAL and up-to-date standard for HDD's firmwares. Just the algorithm would continue to be unique, but the way to access the drive and allows us a much easier way to recovery, diagnostic, etc any HDD would hundred fold (or even more). S.M.A.R.T. is way too limited and not completely reliable. Is time to change, specially when many of us know the real future is indeed SSD drivers, when they fail you can still easily read all the stuff there, just cannot write/erase/format anymore. The same will never happen with HDDs.
  6. Just to let you guys to know... yes, I'm alive and well. Specially since I decided to change HDD manufacture. ;-)
  7. I just wanted to let you know that I am in awe of your powers and I bow to your majesty, O Great One.

    Deeply Indebted,


  8. Hi Gradius,

    I created an account on here just so that I could worship at your feet! My drive developed the BSY error about four months ago and I assumed everything was lost: all my photos, music and work from my time at uni. I recovered everything last night, and it's all copied to a WD drive now ready for me to back it up properly.

    I just wanted to let you know th...

  9. I have enjoyed your instructions on the Seagate 7200.11

    It is apparent you are very knowledge-able and thorough.

    I am having some issues beyond the BSY bug and was wondering if you could help. I sincerely would appreciate any insight you could provide. I have posted info on the same forum of the various terminal output I see when running Seagate's commands.

  10. My last two comments have to be reversed to be in the right order.

    They are cut because comments have length limits. /H.

  11. (continued...)

    My guess is that I remove all screws? Later, I only screw back one screw? But why do I only use paper on one screw hole, as there must be more screw holes?

    I hope my question isn't too stupid.

    Thanks in advance.

    /reg. Huygens

  12. Hi!


    you write "Second, you need to remove the PCB..."

    Do I need to remove all screws or just certain screws?

    As you write on page__st__100

    the following "You can work with just 1...

  13. Hi Dear Gradius

    I have Seagate 1TB 7200.11 with BSY error. I need All my information

    If i cant access it i will die Oh man Please Please help me with it

    I,ve bought A DKU-5 and ca42 Cable but its all 3 wire on its Yellow . white and green.

    I dont know how to perform the fix operation

    Please Help me man

    If you dont mind i can send you my HDD you can fix...

  14. I need help regarding 7200.12 seagate hdd problems relating to firmware, kindly tell me if u have any solution

  15. Hello Sir how are you

    Hope you fine and good.

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