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About Me

I started with a TK83 (copy and clone from ZX81) in 1983, but it weren't mine.



My first computer (mine) was a MSX 1 (Gradient Expert 1.0) back in 1985, I learned to write MSX-Basic on it and Z-80A Assembly. In 1986 I bought a modem (300/300, 1200/75) for it and started to access Sampa Sul CBBS by end of 1986. In 1987 I writed a complete BBS on MSX by using both, asm and basic, it when on air in 21/08/1987 and from 22h~08h, it went down in a year after, it was a complete BBS, including with files support (Xmodem) ! Not bad for a very limited machine (28Kb free for user) with just a 360Kb (5 1/4") floppy disk.

In 1988 I started to work on a MSX softhouse and been there until 1989. In 1990 I started to seeling Novell Netware networks to a lot ONGs and small companies. In 1995 I started the Commercial Internet pilot project from Embratel in Brasil, and in 1996 I deployed an entire ISP from scratch with capacity to over 10,000 lines, by using Linux servers (I love Linux!), Cisco routers, Lucent digital modems (v90/x56), 3Com hub & switchers and couple NT workstations.

In 2000, I started my own e-Commerce until 2007 (is still online and operacional). Currently I'm looking for a job as System, Network, Security and Database Administrator & Webmaster, or similar.

This is a very short resume. :)


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