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  1. Indeed, dencorso. Hope is the only thing that has left to me.
  2. smandurlo, thanks for your report about your experience with CC1H firmware. I think this could be really bad news to me. In my case the problem seems to be exactly as described for BSY error. How many CC1H drives did you have the opportunity to test? Did the characteristics of the problem were exactly the same for BSY error? Did your hd's were 7200.11? Is there a possibility that the commands are slightly different for CC1H? In this case, can I obtain them in some way? I think I'll try the fix anyway and let's see what happens.
  3. Thanks a lot, jaclaz. A really good guide by CarterInCanada. Seems to be the best choice to follow. It was very enlightening. My concern was about the CC1H firmware, but since I have exactly the same problem described and I have 7200.11, I think I'll really try the fix. I think there's a chance to recover my data. Firstly I'll get an adapter and make shure that I have all the tools and conditions to perform the procedures. Certainly I'll post the results here in a few weeks. Thanks for the links and the tips.
  4. jaclaz, firstly, thanks for your attention. I've been reading the topic and some of it's many pages carefully. It's a lot more comfortable to try it knowing that the risk of permanent loss is not significant. The fact that the "fix" is a nonspecific sort of "generic" attempt to help with the BSY error gives me a lot more hope because I think there's the possibility to work with different firmwares versions. Do you think the power on/off step is it really necessary? This specific step let me a bit concerned. Is it possibile to skip it and proceed normally? Do you know what is the intent behind this step? Did you have the opportunity to test the method and it's particularities in some hd's? I totally agree with you. Some deep analysis could only be possible with some some profound knowledge. So, could be acceptable to take some minimal risks if the chances are good, but I'm still considering, trying to do research and reading a lot. Professional recovery methods are too much expensive, so there aren't many options to me. Maybe next time I should invest in some backup solutions just to prevent these situations.
  5. Hi. There is a problem with my Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5tb ST31500341AS that is exactly as the infamous BSY error described by Gradius2 who made this topic. At this moment I have nearly 1.3 tb of inaccessible data because of this issue. I know that maybe the topic is a little outdated but I really need some useful information about one question. I've read all the main topic steps and it seems that worked for a lot of people who tried. I'll have no problem to obtain the adapter and to do all the procedures. The main question to me is related to the firmware version. My Seagate has the CC1H firmware. It isn't the SD's firmware versions that had been the main targets for the users of this successfull method. Can I use this method with CC1H firmware and suceed? Can someone with knowledge could help me with this doubt? I'm a little desperate because I need to know what are the possibilities in this case.
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