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  1. OK jaclaz. A few numeber of 7200.12 in the early production had a similar pcb similar of 7200.11's. The 7200.11's method could be applied but quite unsuccessfully. After that the pcb's and firmware were modified. The solution did not worked any more. We experiment this here in Europe. A great number of 7200.11 was unbricked succefully, but quite none of 7200.12 series. The same fore the folowing series as 7200.14.
  2. @Prathamesh Rane Sorry for you. As far as I know there is no solutions for 7200.12. Don't try using 7200.11 method ! You'll kill your disk.
  3. Hi Puzzler. You don't need tu type lines #8 and #9. It's unusefull. All others lines are correct
  4. Hi. Is your disk a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 or a Maxtor DiamondMax22 ? And what is its firmware ? Before typing the first Ctrl+z you must isolate heads contacts or remove completly the pcb. Then type Ctr+z to awake the micro controler. Then type Z (caps mode) When you get the answer "spin down complete", put the pcb in place without unpluging nothing. Be careful not make any short circuit. Screw carefully the pcb in place. Then type U (caps mode). After the answer "spin up complete" you may type 1, then N1 (still caps mode). After return to prompt. Unplug the SATA 12/5V. Await 10/15 seconds and plug in again. Do not type T and i4... unusefull ! Then Ctrl+z again, wait for the prompt and type m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 enter. At the end of answers which may take a few minutes you can type Z (caps mode) and unplug all. Your HDD may be awaked again. Please re-read attentively first page of this topic. It is very important. Elsewhere you may kill your disk.
  5. Hi. Sorry for my, very, bad english. After step N1 you just power off your disk, wait few seconds an power up again. Then you continue. Keep the motor runnig. At this time you send Ctrl+z and type m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22. Await reply. Eventually type Z to stop the motor. If you have success your disk is readable.
  6. By the way. You need not a USB RS232 adapter, but a RS232 or USB<=>TTL adapter. RS232 is +12/-12V TTL is 0/+3.3 ou +5V You'll burn your HDD if not TTL.
  7. No problem Voo. After fixing BSY mode, the drive is fully functional. All datas presents. Just don't forget updating firmware.
  8. About firmware you can use SD1A in place of SD25. I used it! It works fine.
  9. On feb 7 I said: Sorry. I load the ISO file. It works fine.
  10. Rousie. I just put a piece à paper in order to insulate the three wires coming from the center motor. So the motor does not start when plugin the alimentation connector. Stop motor by telnet command, pull out the paper, tighten the screw and continue proceeding. It worked fine on my 500Gb ST3500620AS.
  11. Hi. Just to tell I had a ST3500620AS "bricked". With the help of this topic I put it working. So thanks to the author. All I need now is a bootable CD to uptdate my firmware. All I found on Seagate'site is SD1A firmware (.exe file) and an ISO file which do not contain any firmware. How can I proceed. I'm completely stuck. Sorry for my, very, bad english. Of course my first language is french!