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  1. Just to report (because is a new record!). A ST2000DM001 just died (out of nothing) with less than 250 working days! And yes, it was using the last FW available to the public. I can't see (or wait) the time when 1TB (and more) SSDs would be cheaper.
  2. I would never use (or continue to use) such HDDs. Backup the DATA while you still can, and go for something more reliable.
  3. That's right, and don't forget the Pizza + beer (or wine!).
  4. The real option is backup, and you also need to check backup time after time. I went for WD not Hitachi. Looks like Samsung is also a good (cheap) alternative. Btw, the Seagate list with FW problem is: Barracuda 7200.11 ST31000340AS ST3750330AS ST3750630AS ST3640330AS ST3640530AS ST3500320AS ST3500620AS ST3500820AS ST31500341AS ST31000333AS ST3640323AS ST3640623AS ST3320613AS ST3320813AS ST3160813AS Barracuda ES.2 SATA ST31000340NS ST3750330NS ST3500320NS ST3250310NS STM3320614AS STM3160813AS DiamondMax 22 STM31000340AS STM3750330AS STM31000334AS STM3500320AS SV35 ST31000340SV ST3750330SV ST3500320SV ST3320410SV I got a lot more apart of how/what HDD companies works/do, and I can tell you is a total prehistoric business. They should unite and create an UNIVERSAL and up-to-date standard for HDD's firmwares. Just the algorithm would continue to be unique, but the way to access the drive and allows us a much easier way to recovery, diagnostic, etc any HDD would hundred fold (or even more). S.M.A.R.T. is way too limited and not completely reliable. Is time to change, specially when many of us know the real future is indeed SSD drivers, when they fail you can still easily read all the stuff there, just cannot write/erase/format anymore. The same will never happen with HDDs.
  5. Just to let you guys to know... yes, I'm alive and well. Specially since I decided to change HDD manufacture. ;-)
  6. IT Consultant

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      I wouldn't use mobile data cable. I don't recommend them. This one is much better and cheaper


      Here is the info you need:


      Good luck!

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      hi friend, , i need little help in seagate selfscan, may i have ur email. thanks

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      if u dont mind plz send me ur mail at mrfaizan2001@yahoo.com

  7. Too all the few donators (only five), thank you very much for them.

  8. largarto4x4, perdona se no te puedo ayudar, regresé a Brasil, entonces me encuentro muy lejo ahora. Tu debe intentar en las tiendas de electronica/informatica en Santiago, estoy seguro que una dellas debe tener lo que necesitas/o buscas. Saludos y Suerte!

  9. First of all, sorry to all I couldn't access this forum because of lack on time. For ktheking I can say because of start with Z80A assembly, when I learned this processor I could understand very well how a processor works, besides analyzing the BIOS too. So this was a good start for me, the rest of course, good books, today there're a lot them, but few of them are uniques.

  10. Yes, 3V is more than enough. If you change to 5V you will see no difference. Your problem is different, it seems like something else. It might be related to mechanical part or some important data (on service area) was lost. Gradius
  11. When you put the HDA back and does Spin UP cmd, it really goes up? Can you confirm this? Gradius
  12. Keep in mind to use the LAST firmware available, as I reported here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=836051
  13. You're probably doing wrong this step: F3 2>Z (enter) Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.147 msecs (the time will vary here) F3 2> Now you need to re-connect PCB HDA to HDD, without turn off anything ! and only then continue to: F3 2>U (enter) Spin Up Complete Elapsed Time 7.093 secs F3 2> F3 2>/1 (enter) F3 1>N1 (enter) Steps. Gradius
  14. So far they're operating normal here, no reformat at all, just chkdsk /f after I flashed with last firmware. I used HD Tune PRO for S.M.A.R.T., to check cache I used Everest Ultimate Edition 4.60.1591
  15. Actually the correct is just "Vai te fuder Seagate", no need - (hyphen) there. Personally I prefer "Vá se fuder Seagate!". Edit1: Those who are using a cable from mobile phone will need to use GND too, that is not necessary if you're using a dedicated RS232 to TTL adapter (like me). Edit2: I recommend to everyone who updated SD1A with older version, do it again with the NEW version. I'm sure they messed with code again, the most recent (and probably the last one) is from 27/01/2009 (or 01/27) released in 29/01/2009 (01/29) at best. Firmware is from 27/01 and flasher from 29/01. Details here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=836051
  16. Probably, but I'm not 100% sure. All I got was "sending binary to the drive" or something like that.
  17. Well, I have some bad and "good" news from Seagate. "Good" one first: They released a new firmware (yes, AGAIN!) dated from 27/01/2009 @ 8:17am (but released only in 29/01/2009 at best). BAD one is: If they did that, is probably for a good reason (?), what isn't fair (for us) it was labeled as SD1A (yes, again), but they're different. Probably they labeled as same old SD1A to not showing for everyone they slipped with the code again (sigh). Old flasher: FDL462b.EXE (v4.62b) NEW flasher: fdl464.exe (v4.64) Firmwares (SD1A3D4D.LOD): OLD: b07e3a9ccf49185bc681f858c6ce568b45dd0ae5 NEW: d7877432f3d4827a39857b30d793df4081342d1d Direct link for firmwares: http://support.seagate.com/firmware/firmnav_en.html I checked SD1A only, no idea on others. This is for: ST3750330AS, ST3750630AS, ST31000340AS running AD14, SD15, SD16, SD17, SD18, SD19 or SD81 firmwares.
  18. Hi cmburns, I tried to access the link, but it was just impossible, it never appeared here, perhaps is under overload. You're not the only one disappointed with Seagate, I'm sure the company will suffer a big drop on profit, personally after all this I don't think I'll buy another Seagate product, specially with that kind of support they provided to the users when this thing "exploded".
  19. That's the head motor, nothing to do with SPIN motor. aviko is just trying to discredit a proven fine guide. We all have enough of it. If you see, those guys have just 1 to 3 post max, and this is why they don't know this dirty play aviko is doing. If he was right since start, he should just started long ago his own topic (or leave) in first place, and not trying to continue to discredit a proven fine guide. This topic got so messed because of him, I'll just close it.
  20. Turn off all, remove the PCB from HDA, power on, then try CTRL+Z.
  21. Me? for profit? registered puma34? LOL !!! You guys are too funny. Nice try aviko's clone.
  22. It's looking like that. We'll know more in coming weeks.

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