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  1. Hi Jaclaz Finally I managed Unlocked two HDDs 320GB and 160GB .. But The two processes have the same problem, i receive the messagem: ((No Phy: Staggered spin bypass)) what is wrong
  2. Hello i need information on MY HD 160GB seagate After the command F3 1> N1 I withdraw the power and wait 20 seconds I re-plug the cable And I receive this strange message> InitiatedMarkPendingReallocateRequest for disc_lba This freezers the terminal, Where is wrong? After this I enter with Crt command After this I enter with command CRTL+Z And I finish the process.. F3 T> I4,1,22 F3 T> m0,2,2,,,,22
  3. I press Ctrl + Z but I have another message LED 13 or Led 1102 I change RX and TX I get it help .... already tried several adapters ... Chip Marvel port: 57600 ,, Chip samsung: 38400
  4. Still i yet not managed ... I do everything correct and hyperterminal not appear nothing .. ctrl+z think you may be the HD board?? transistor or IC or diode?? the pins correct this way?? from HD [. GND TX RX] i tried also with CA-42,,, from DKU the right and connect on the on pin 3.3v or 5V??? thank ...
  5. I tried it with other adapters: CA-42 and PL2303HX USB para RS232 TTL still not work,,what is wrong? I understand t have connect the 4 ground wires together... 1point PSU - 2point AAC - 3point Adater - 4 point HD em in the form of X ? 4point as if it were X ? and i turn the 2AA 1.5+1.5 .... ok in adapter i turn batery on pin 3.3v or 5v ??
  6. i continues without understanding how to connect the ground ...Octopus in this case and adapter?gnd need to plug together on tip adapter or the tip of PSU??You should draw a schematic for me ... Tk ... loopback test I'm trying to do but nothing appears nehum character ....just when I backboard the ground on rx or tx separate appears strange characters,, hearts,,interrogations ....when I backboard rx and tx not have any return,,,this happens only in 5v,,3v not working ... what's wrong with hyperterminal?
  7. I connect the GND on the adapter and 3.3v from PSU,,,this ok .... more adapter has only one ground output,,, to HD also connect the same ground from adapter? so i need connect GND from adapter to HD and PSU together?? I am using these two:http://i.imgur.com/7Lw6nHF.jpg
  8. helloI'm problem with HyperTerminal,, I have connected cable usb/serial + adapter serial/TTL max232 + 3.3v orange power supply and Black GND + TX and RX on HD when I enter the HyperTerminal CTRL+Z It appears only strange symbols,,, the characters in different keyboards,,, I installed the drivers from the cd USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM3) This drive should be PL2303_Prolific ??,, ma I cannt reverse the drivers ...
  9. hi I can convert this USB to DB9 Adapter only changing the pins??? http://i.imgur.com/jLQ4Y5N.jpg USB = VCC + DCD + DSR + RI + RTS DB9 = DCD + RXD + TXD + DTR + GND + DSR + RTS + CTS + RI
  10. I understand that I have to combine this ...even missing another converter until the PC port ... I think myself could fabricate this cable using only one DB9 male to USB, changing the pinout ....but i discover now this cable must be a professional,,right? is not so very simple this cable have to buy same,, why has microchip involved for this conversion,,right? http://www.ftdichip I thought it was just changing the pin DB9 to USB,,,,D+/TX,,,,D-/RX,,,,GND/GND thank you ...
  11. okey thank i no understand yet .. then this adapter no will be used for anything ?? or i need connect to RS-232 port adapter female to Direct on PCport male ??? (I already did it but not work) or need to convert first to usb the DB9female adapter port??? i not connect directly to the PC adapter??
  12. hello please I have adapter max232 to ttl http://i.imgur.com/QXY4BKL.jpg I turn him in Vcc 5v supply on molex pc,, the correct ?the lights up but nothing happens,,not appear port on pc... I think I need to convert to USB??how to convert DB-9 to usb,,which the pin??from usb = 1vcc ,, 2D- ,, 3D+ ,, 4gnd to DB9 ???
  13. Tkss ... yes RS-232 extension cable,,i followed this source Wikipedia... after Christmas I will do missing now TORX6 ... merry christmas to all...
  14. really the other side of the board,,but this a bit erased I can identify..... VCC = CTS DCD = Data Carrier Detect = GND DSR = Data Set Ready = RXD RI = Ring Indicator = DTR RTS = Request To Send = TXD ---------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------ From Adapter (TX) to >>> RX (on Seagate) From Adapter (RX) to >>> TX (on Seagate) I can connect the powersupply PC Direct on HD??? okey??? -------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- I purchased one adapter RS232 to TLL female waiting for the delivery.... I can connect directly the adapter to the PC male??,,or need to use a cable nullmodem???
  15. ok Tk.... I still can not indentificar,,am not good at electronics,,, VCC = DCD = Data Carrier Detect DSR = Data Set Ready RI = Ring Indicator RTS = Request To Send ---------------------------------------------------- Transmitted Data = TXD Received Data = RXD Signal Ground = G who and who here?? ST3320613AS///CC2H
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