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  1. Updated to Firefox 7 final, which now runs at about the same speed as patched Firefox 5/6 on Win98. All old issues remain, especially the bookmarks-/history bug. At least there is a workaround now. Thanks Steven . By the way. Do you guys have any speed issues with patched Firefox 5+? Scrolling looks a bit sluggish to me, especially in comparison to Opera 7.54u2 on 98 or Firefox 5+/Win7. I'd love to hear some reports of running Firefox on real machines. I'm mostly using VMWare at the moment.
  2. Updated to Firefox 6, see first post for details I think I've found the reason for this bug. Expect some information in the next few days on KernelEx' bugtracker. I don't have that much time at the moment, sorry. Short version: UnlockFileEx unimplemented(easy to fix), region locks affect file mappings to everyone, even the creator(in case anyone wants to take a look at it). I haven't looked at the bookmark and history issues yet, but I can absolutely confirm them. Maybe there will be also a Seamonkey 2.2 build for 9x soon if no unexpected problems show up.
  3. Hi everyone I think KernelEx should move towards some kind of community approach, in contrast to the current "The maintainer does everything" one. KernelEx reached a state where many vital things already work. We're able to use modern browsers, modern media players, and various other things. There are some bugs, and surely there are enough applications that do not work. But KernelEx basically does its job. Therefore, there isn't as much motivation left as there was back in the days. There is almost always the possibility to change some settings or use another program to get what you want. In
  4. Firefox 5.0 is the latest release for Windows. 5.0.1 just contains some fixes for Mac OS X users, so using it wouldn't make any difference. See the changelog at http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/5.0.1/releasenotes/. There isn't any reason for not updating to 5.0.1 though. I guess I'll update it in the next few days. In general, I will try to update the binaries to the latest stable release as soon as possible, which is 5/5.0.1 at the moment. 6.0 will be released in a 2-3 weeks if I remember correctly. I would prefer fixing KernelEx much more, enabling us to use official builds again. I'm di
  5. Sure. I've added Megaupload, just have a look at the first post. Hope that works better. To be honest, I've never tried importing bookmarks =D. May be another KernelEx bug, or maybe something is strange with my version. Maybe I'll get some time to take a look at this.
  6. What's this? This is a build of Firefox 7.0 optimized for running on Windows 98 and higher using KernelEx 4.5.1. Why not use the regular build? Mozilla's official version, or rather their integrated SQLite3, triggers a bug in KernelEx when using Write-Ahead Logging, which causes massive slowdowns, rendering Firefox useless. This version features a workaround for that problem. It just disables use of WAL. This bug was discovered and reported by aceman, see http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3284681&group_id=255038&atid=1126916. Legal As this is a modification of Firefox
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