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  1. at first, sorry for my english... i make a project about registry settings. : http://thanker.org/registry (not working with firefox) --at this site users can "select" and edit Registry settings from RegTweaks Collection and can download immediately. --with this project registry settings(their headers) can be multi-languaged for all users easily. --users can add their registry settings. i want develop this project with your helps. good designs,codes,registry settings can help me specially good design. you can contact me at cyberman@gmail.com(msn&mail) sorry for my english...
  2. i start setup windows xp in dos with winnt.exe. but many times it gives this error : "not enough memory to setup"(like this). i use win98 dos, and universal tcp/ip boot disk. thanx
  3. hi. i install windows on network. and i'm following this order: 1-) load universal tcp/ip boot disk 2-) unuharcd i386.uha to c:\ 3-) run c:\i386\winnt.exe i didn't compress i386.uha, i use compress method: Store. can i speed up this operation by using winrar or other extraction program. i used winrar but winrar makes errors about creatin files. sorry for my poor english
  4. Hi, I have a tablet pc and a windows xp tablet pc edition cd. But this cd is English. And also i have a Windows XP SP2 PRo Edition in my language. I want to use tablet function in WinXPpro because it's in my language. If i copy tablet.cab which is in 2nd cd , will i use tablet function? because when i want to install xp with winnt.exe , it says tabletpc.cab not found. OR how can i use tablet function without tablet pc edition. Thanks Sorry For MY POOR English
  5. Hello; I'm interested about unattended network installing. i have tried dos booting with pxe. and i was successfull about this. after that i found vfinstnt.exe (Virtual Boot Enviroment). now i double click this program and my computer restart. after that a floppy image loads, starts dos with network support. and i can install xp via network. but ntfs filesystems problem for me. Now i want ; Double Click vfinstnt.exe and an image will load Starts BARTPE And install windows. but i don't know how. I tried making BARTPE but iso size 151 mb. and how can boot it via network. i have searched and found this article : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=55419 . who can explain me how can use bartpe with network. and how can reduce bartpe size??? and how can install windows xp in fastest mode. please help me. sorry for my poor english.
  6. THANX SONIC. i hadn't understood before but know i understand what you are saying. i have read another article on this forum and it explains what you are saying. i delete partition and i make new partition fat32 after that convertntfs. OK. But... how can driveimage write to ntfs fastly? (on dos)
  7. I have installed Vista RTM x64. And i have Creative Live soundcard. it can be loaded when i press F8 and choose "Disable Driver Signing" but i'm tired to catching this menu. how can i completly disable this? i have tried BCDEDIT,VistaBootpro but they didn't work. PLEASEEE HELP MEEE!
  8. thx a lot. it is working!!! how can i add new files which is in my own language
  9. I bought TOSHIBA 2GB USB FLASH DISK DRIVE. it works with windows xp good but in windows 98 there aren't any drivers. This one : http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/adet.t...amp;poid=306451 how can i find this drive? pleaaase help me
  10. but for example : there are two partitions and they are ntfs... i know convertntfs... thx for your reply
  11. Hello All... i have a TFTP server on windows xp. it boots msdos and i load NTFSPRO and i type SMARTDRV and SMartdrv loaded. after that i copy all i386 files from my computer which has TFTP server. and my question is : copying files to a ntfs drive is slow and the setup not working. copying files to a fat32 drive is working. How can enable SMARTDRV for NTFS? or give me other methods which isn't required Win2003. Sorry For My Poor English
  12. i think it's not allowed on this forum. as jasirw said before it's warez. office shrinker works ... you only change shrink.ini : (for turkish version only) 1033 to 1055 &Retry to Yeniden &Dene Error to Hata
  13. hi... i'm using nlite... and it has a function called "Remove Old Bios information" ... and it removes bios information and recognize in GUI mode.... my question is "if i backup my hard drive after text mode... can i use it for other boards....?"
  14. i solved this problem.. i read multiboot guide and i did all of them... i don't understand why didn't people help me???

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