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  1. I quite did not understand how it is done. Can you give details please. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Im unable to integrate this hotfixes. And yes, I already restarter the computer.
  3. This is the solution, when the laptops screen flickers is because they are refreshing the data. Updating the drivers to the latest version from the manufactor not the reatiler helps a lot and increasing the refresh rate on you screen properties.
  4. -----> re*s.t.a.r.s.*2: Can you tell me more details on how you did this with that WAIK, I mean, WAIK is alien language to me, but if you can tell me me where in this forum is a detail step by step I will appreciate it. --->Nuhi: thanks for you attention, I feel so grateful that you put attention to the matter. So I ask again, any more details that you need to know to help this issue?
  5. Alright, basically what I did is that I got the 250mb Lip. then clikc on it and copy and paste the .cab to another location, that way I will get the cab from the Lip.exe then, I dont remove anything, just add the hotfixes that have come out lately also the ultimate extras and when installing in spanish, I go the error. do you need more details?
  6. Enjoy it. 59.7 Mb http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3-19990518/cabpool/kb941236_1beca919bb5eec089a7e1db5a9c3f1de65260653.cab
  7. Don't know for the Exe2Cab thingy but I have the same issue. I have Vista english and I slipstream the espanish language pack, with the Lp.exe double clic, and the got the cab there. Now when I install I get the following message: Basically what I'm trying to achieve is that with my english Vista source, slisptream the spanish language pack, and be able to install Vista Basic in spanish since I dont have an spanish source. PS: How did I got the screenshot? Well I used MS Virtual PC 2007 on a Vista Ultimate PC with Vlite 1.1 beta. Any other info required just le me know.
  8. Copy and paste the link for Dreamscene final 22.12Mb in a cab file Enjoy it http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3-19990518/cabpool/windows6.0-kb933713-x86_bc5b6ea7ca13e198c8248a37a7bdc76e270f489d.cab
  9. I wonder if this resemble much what I used to do wind WIn98, to boot with CD or Floppy, and then copy the Win98 folder to the HDD and after that in DOS type c:win98/setup.exe (enter) But with Vista will be C:vista/setup.exe??
  10. Well it happens that "/s" it works for a normal install. I tried it over de CMD (DOS) by typing: "Divxcreate.exe/S" that way it works but if you write "Divxcreate.exe /S" or "Divxcreate.exe /s" it wont, it has to be written together and the "S" goes with capital letter.
  11. Fijate que no lo encuentro. Siempre me manda a la misma pagina para bajar el o2ksr1dl.exe que esta en ingles. Este archivo junto el otro que son casi 20mb, ya lo he bajado y me dice que solo es para la version en ingles de office ¿Tienes alguna idea de adonde van los archivos que se descargan, para asi copiarlos y guardarlos?
  12. Hello I'm searching for the Administrative update SR-1a for Office 2000 in spanish. I need the full update so I can Slipstream to the CD. I only found the english version. I already got the client update that downloads the files, but I don't know were are stored. Thanks in advance
  13. Thankyou. I will give a shot on that. In case I don't want to have an account with a password, what are my options? Or there is no way?

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