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  1. Restorator doesn't support these text tables... Use ResHacker, and save the String table out as an .rc file, you can then edit it with notepad or whatever, and reimport into the exe with reshacker with replace resource.
  2. 42/68 =] Some of them I have never heard of... and some are missing Missing ones are the SegaCD , Sega 32X , TurboGrafxCD, Virtualboy
  3. Yeah I was gonna say, I made my own installer too. Can you just make a pack with the .inf's (they don't change much). I'd rather not have to use this download tool and whatnot.
  4. Generally the lower end cards don't have any cooling on the ram, so you can add ram coolers to them to prevent overheating. Generally RMA is like $15 for the shipping or less. (At least in the USA). Don't tell them you overclocked the card, just say it stopped working.
  5. I don't with 2007, but I do with 2003... All of them are msi files (usually the exe can be extracted.) You can then install them like any other .msi package with your preferred method. I tend to do them like so from a batch. cd addondir start /wait /i addon.msi /qb!- REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS cd .. cd nextaddondir etc sometimes INSTALLMODE=COMPLETE switch is needed. This is needed if there is a level of installation selection in the normal installation menu sequence (like office tools). sometimes also there is an mst included for a particular language, so you add the switch TRANSFORMS=1033.mst (ex. for English). This is generally with 3rd party add ons. occasionally you need also ACCEPTEULA=1 , say for the Visio IFilter addin. you can install the Word Art Converter addin which uses an .inf with the following command line. start /wait %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe syssetup,SetupInfObjectInstallAction DefaultInstall 128 .\pbwrdart.inf again this is for 2003, but I believe most if not all are the same for 2007. Cheers
  6. just install dos to a hd, then copy all the files off it. It does not need to be installed like windows.
  7. you should install dotnet 2 sp1 and dotnet 3 sp1 first, because dotnet 3.5 installs sp2 of those if they are not already installed, which breaks any further updates of them.
  8. Maybe your laptop is suffering from dead nvidia geforce chipset problem, contact dell and see if your laptop is eligible for replacement.
  9. MFT you mean? try system file defragmenter from sysinternals.
  10. I don't install unnecessary codecs =] Anyways, I used Gspot, and it's the techsmith codec for camtasia studio. It can be downloaded from techsmith site.
  11. What codec is needed to play these videos? Why can't people use xvid
  12. Spyware Doctor is crap, it gives more false positives than any other spyware scanner. Delete it and demand your money back. You can always upload the file in question to virustotal and have it scanned by 20+ engines.
  13. I use .bat, .reg files to save most settings and copy files like winamp.ini (as example). This all takes a lot of research to find out what your programs store their settings in (registry and/or files). I use a virtual machine , and a program like Total Uninstall to monitor the installation and to monitor changes I make in the settings after install. Checking the log of changes can then give you an overview of all the information that occured during install. If I just want to monitor changes to settings, I use a dummy exe file , or start an installation monitoring session, and abort the installer. Make changes and then save the snapshot and compare. Just a few tips, but as I said this requires a bunch of research. It takes some time, but you only usually need to do it once and your good to go. =]
  14. I've long hated software that modifies/adds/removes stuff to /system32 , there is simply no reason for it... all authors doing that should be slapped. On a similar note, GAMES that do not check DirectX version properly also annoy the **** out of me. =] I am sick of reinstalling latest directx after I install a new game... VERY annoying. They should at least let us choose to SKIP the installation of DirectX instead of forcing the version on the dvd/cd.
  15. seems they have referrer checks, and only work from the kb article.
  16. I decided to give a try on adding the latest wmp9 updates, and they appear to work. It would be nice if someone else could test this. The updates are; KB936782 KB911564 Extract the archives using winrar or 7zip backup wmp9.dll and npdsplay.dll from %windir%\system first in case something doesn't work. from 936782 copy wmp9.dll to %windir%\system from 911564 copy npdsplay.dll to %windir%\system optionally copy the .cat files to %windir%\system\catroot\(CLSID) (I don't know if the clsid directory is the same on every system, it's the one with all the .cat files in it) from command line execute the following commands... regsvr32.exe wmp9.dll regsvr32.exe npdsplay.dll windows\inf\unregmp2.exe /UpdateWMP If this works, maybe someone can make an unofficial hotfix.
  17. I uninstalled it, and reinstalled and it worked thanks. =] I also figured out how to install all the latest wmp9 updates manually. I'll post how if anyone wants to know.
  18. I'm having a problem installing WMP9 in 98SE, I get a stack fault in wmpshell.dll when running either the M$ offical setup or the unofficial one... anyone can help solve this?
  19. How about the windows 98 second edition shutdown supplement?
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