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  1. Ok, I have compiled the beginnings of my backup.bat file. This only creates the folders I need, and moves the specified files to the created folders. @CMDOW @ /HID>NUL 2>&1||@ECHO OFF SETLOCAL SET "RPF=%Root%\Program Files" SET "RBP=%Root%\Backup\Program Files" SET "RDS=%Root%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile" SET "RBD=%Root%\Backup\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile" md c:\Backup\"Program Files"\Winamp\plugins md c:\Backup\"Program Files"\CCleaner md c:\Backup\"Program Files"\PeerGuardian2 md c:\Bac
  2. Ok, I have done some research on my own, and found a bit of stuff. I have learned how to make folders, and have made a test.bat file to see what it does. It works fine in the creation of the folder structure. I already know how to use Xcopy and copy, in a batch file, so I will be incorporating this into the test.bat. Now, my real hang up is getting winrar to do what I want it to, from within the batch file. I found this command online earlier: "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\RAR.exe" a -esh -m5 -mt2 -r -s -t "Backup.exe" @"files_to_include.txt" -x@"files_to_exclude.txt" pause But, I have no clue wha
  3. Thank you very much for your reply. However, the NTBackup utility does not seem to be what I am looking for. If I understand it correctly, it only deals with Windows settings and files, and I want something that does the settings for third party software, like I stated above. I would like to do exactly what it is I specified, and still have found very little relavent info on the subject. I will continue looking, but if there is anyone here that knows how to write batch files, please help if you can.
  4. I addeded my own defult them by going into the i386 folder, and modifying the WINNT.SIF file. I aded the following line: [shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\Classic l Blue.theme" This theme is copied over from the disc, and is located at %CDROM%\$OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes The theme file is usually located at C:\Windows\Resources\Themes, and can be copied over to it's proper place on the disc. Of course, I had to set the theme up the way I wanted it first, and placed all of the needed files in their proper place within the %CDROM%\$OEM$\$$\ folder. My cursors>%CDR
  5. I just had a sudden idea, and because of the impulsive person I am, I decided to ask a question before doing research. Of course, I will be doing the research also, but if there is anyone that can give me a hand with this, it would be great. So, here's my idea: I use certain programs that save personal settings in a file, like an .inf file or some such thing. Winamp and Opera are the two main ones, but I think HideIP and PeerGaurdian may be in there too... And probably many others. Anyway, I was thinking about WinAmp and my media library, and how the library is saved as a file. My library is l
  6. Alright, maybe I was wrong about not needing that "/VIS" switch. I just got finished installing the OS again, and it seems the STartXP.cmd is still not getting deleted correctly. This is with both the /F, and /A switches in the last string of the command, so it looks like this: DEL /F /A %0 It appears that what is happening is that once the cleanup.cmd is called, StartXP.cmd closes completely, thus not allowing it to delete itself. And I'm not sure I understand where I am supposed to place the /VIS switch, either. Could you maybe explain this for me? As in where do I place the switch, and how
  7. Thank you for the suggestion, yzowl, But I honestly don't see a need for it. After the cleanup.cmd, it is just confirmation through StartXP.cmd that windows is rebooting, but the shutdown window pops up and gives the same notification, so I think the rest is unnessessary. I will keep your suggestion in mind though. "/VIS" is another switch I have not heard of yet, so it could come in handy in the future. Peace
  8. All right, I just ran a quick test. I deleted all but the relevent code from the StartXP.cmd, and added the switches you suggested. I then placed the file in it startup folder, and ran it. It works great. Thanks for all the help man, yer my new hero! LOL!! I'm gonna place this file on the disc, and I'll run another test tomorrow, but I have no doubt that this will work. I think all I got left to do is make some thems for windows, and throw them in with some wallpapers, and I should be finished. That is, with the exception of the ntuser.dat file I just learned about today. I want to learn more
  9. OK, so due to the call command, I can't just move the deleting of the startXP.cmd and the reboot sequence to the cleanup.cmd, correct? And I should try to change the DEL $0, to DEL f/ %0, or even DEL f/ a/ %0, right? The f/ switch forces, but what is the a/ for? The call command seems to work all right, it just doesn't show the original window again. The original window closes when cleanup starts, and after cleanup is finished, I get a little popup that informs me that windows will reboot in 15 seconds. So this all works fine, it's just that StartXP doesn't do the little printout about rebooti
  10. I looked through the files you uploaded, yzowl, and I made the nessessary adjustments. I un-qouted the folders I wanted deleted, and I moved the xcopy to a space after the link moves and folder delete codes. Then I placed the files in my disc, and installed it to the test box. It has just finished installing(took three and a half hours!). All I got to say is, righteous, simply righteous, man! Thanks! Those files worked very well indeed! It installed everything the way it is supposed to, and called the cleanup.cmd at the end perfectly. I did encounter a few problems however. First off, It seem
  11. Glad to hear you solved the problem. But for future use, here is my copy of resource hacker for you. I needed to upload it to megauploads, because it's too big for this site. So here is the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8ZRH8GIM If you want a shortcut in your startmenu, you will need to make one yourself. This isn't an install file, it's the software. you can run it right from the folder it extracts to.
  12. OK, I have encountered one question about the cleanup.cmd that you sent me, yzowl. I'm gonna try something here I haven't tried yet, so bear with me. Attempting to use a codebox Xcopy "%IEQL%" "%PROF%\Default User\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" /q /i /k /c /y COPY "%USMP%\Utilities\Command Prompt.lnk" "%IEQL%\" COPY "%USMP%\Internet\Internet Security\PeerGuardian 2\PeerGuardian.lnk" "%IEQL%\" COPY "%USMP%\Utilities\Tuneup Utilities 2007\Utilities\1-Click Maintenance.lnk" "%IEQL%\" ::RMDIR /Q /S "%IEQL%\Administrative Tools" ::RMDIR /Q /S "%IEQL%\General Tools" ::
  13. Thanks again for the quick replies, guys. jbm, I'm not sure, but it seems your suggestion might be a little off. If I remove the start /wait, then wouldn't it move on to the next command, before it is done cleaning up? I would assume this is what your talking about by adjusting the shutdown command line, correct? I may try your suggestion to see if it will work, but Yzowl really went into some detail here, so I think I will turn my attention his way first. Yzowl, I think you may have somewhat confused me in the latter part of your post. First off, your saying that I can just call the cleanup.c
  14. ntuser.dat IS the user's HKCU hive. If you open regedit, select the root HKLM key, and select File > Load Hive and choose an ntuser.dat file, you'll see that registry in folder form. Anything in HKCU for the user is stored in here, everything.
  15. While lgs lfzz is on the right track, there is a bit more to it than what he explained. with replacing the boot screen, you need to take into account whether or not the PC you are installing to is single or dual processor. With a single processor, replacing the ntoskrnl will suffice, but if you have a dual processor, you need to replacer other files too. I cannot go into detail with that aspect, as I have not figured this one out myself. You can use resource hacker to do this, or Boot Editor, both of which I have used with success. If you want the boot screen to appear right off the bat, you
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