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  1. I had recently use ths one. It works pretty well.
  2. no worries dude always glad to help!
  3. Actually to run it as a RunOnceEx you will need to change it to this: REG ADD %KEY%\004 /VE /D "PrintCD" /f REG ADD %KEY%\004 /V 1 /D "SETUP.exe -s -f2\"%systemroot%\Printcd.log\"" reason being is when it is merged into the registry it stops importing at that first quote I believe (not really sure if that is what happens though, just a guess ).
  4. That it has been ricktendo64. It is can be downloaded over here but it looks for the moment the links are broken though
  5. For Ventrilo I know it is ventrilo-2.3.0-Windows-i386 /qb B)
  6. Sorry to go off topic on this thread but Happy Brithday RyanVM.
  7. I followed the unattended guide at unattended.msfn.org. The exact place where the guide is here.
  8. hm.. I have slipstreamed all the updates for Office 2003 and Office nor Microsoft Upadate said it needs to be re-applied...
  9. LOL..I browsed the internet while windows was installing graphical part of Windows Setup
  10. I am working on it, I haven't really haven't had much free time to figure that out but I am still working on it. Sorry it is taking so long =\
  11. because if you go to windows update it is a high priority update and most people install it to stay current with windows update...
  12. I do not have the component abbreviation for the Graphics suite but I will download the trial and see if I can look them up for you it might take me a couple hrs to actually find them but it should be a be deal since I know where to look in orca for them
  13. I know this is not helpful at the moment but I have successfully installed Corel WordPerfect X3 with custom Components silently. When I get home from work I will post the code I used for you and anyone else that is interested in it B) P.S. I only purchas the retail and do not have the trial version. It should be the same (I would think anyways ) but who knows really lol. I will post what I have when I get home from work. EDIT: ok I am back from work this is the code I used to do custom silent install of the retail version of the Corel WordPerfect Office X3 I edited the setup.ini [Startup] CmdLine=SERIALNUMBER=XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXX ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=UtClipbk,WTGA,WTCA,WTPL,WTST,WTAF,WTCZ,WTDK,WTSU,WTFR,WTDE,WTGR,WTIS,WTIT,WTPO,WTRU,WTSL,WTSV ,WTTR,WTNO,WTNL,WTZU,WTXH,WTTN,WPLegal,WPEntrus,UtHelp,WPMail,WPYahoo,WPClassi DESKTOPSHORTCUT="Disable" CACHE_SETUP_SOURCE="No" ADMINALLOW_UPDATESERVICE="0" /qb /L* %temp%\WPO13.log AUTOLOG="%temp%\WPO13.log"
  14. The Url for the Windwos Catalog is Windows Update Catalog B)
  15. I figured as much..but I though I would ask anyways just so I could try to kill two birds with one stone but it looks like that is not going to happen, whoever, that is cool! thanks for the quick reponses
  16. I am having problems with slipstreaming SP1 into Virtual PC. They didn't use a MSP file it is a MSI for the SP1. Is their anyway that you can sliptream SP1 into the install of VPC 2004? I could not find anything on this topic anywhere (including searching the forum). So I am sorry if this is dup topic but I would like some assistance on this.. thanks in advanced
  17. The seetings for Ad-aware are located in Documents and Settings\(your profile)\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware Setting fles are awsettings.awc, and settings.awc I believe Keep in mind that Application Data and settings.awc are hidden so you will need to go to Tools -> Folder Options and select show all files and folders. Hope that helps B)
  18. This probably won't help you right now but there is a file (I need to check which one it is) that tells it which ones to hide. I will try and get back to you promptly on what the file name is and where it goes. I know it is possible I just have check a couple of things first. B) Looks like I am wrong...the best option would probably be doing a regshot...but I will keep an eye open an see what I can found out at work.
  19. First thing is to get get the KB##### and go to http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/search....?displaylang=en then download the update and slipstream them into the Install by using the /integrate: <flatlocation> switch. After that you should be set B)
  20. Is this command net use x: \\computer\share usable during the GUI Mode of Setup or do I need to wait until setup is finished?
  21. Here is a modified WMC.CMD that doesn't prompt you to say yes/no to install and does not tell you when it is done installing...thanks for the originial batch file GreenMachine...cheers WMC.CMD

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