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  1. Does XPize take effect at the systemspeed? make XPize it faster/slower?
  2. can you please speak (write) english? i can't read it.
  3. laurens


    is it a legal version? if so look on your cd, do you see any damage? if it is a illegal version the image is not good
  4. IIS is also for Windows XP Home Edition look at this website: http://www.multidesk.be/faqs/000105/ it is dutch but if you take the time you can find out how you have to do it. many words are the same so have patience and you wil find the way to succeed.
  5. what filesystem do you have? Fat32 support max 4GB for a file.
  6. @ZileXa het programma dat je gebruikt waar heb je dat gevonden? Ik ben namelijk op zoek naar een help bestand wat ik wil is dat ik de optie volgende en vorige kan toevoegen zodat het duidelijker is. ik hoop dat u misschien weet hoe ik het moet doen. sorry that it is not in English
  7. No u dont have to use F6. BTW next time first look before you ask and have time for the answer.
  8. @SiMoNsAyS txtsetup is difrent you have a version for 1 home 2 pro corp 3 mce 4 tablet 5 non sp 6 sp1 7 sp1a 8 sp2 and maby you have oem versions that difrent is as number 1~8
  9. Thank you for put the driver in your driverpack
  10. good question why not have to update dosnet.inf? and Promise fasttrak 579 is he including in the driverpack?
  11. when you start the installation off windows XP you come in textmode. can you change this the text? if i got many luck it is even possible to change the color and when you come in the GUI-mode you see "setup wil finis in approximately 30 min" where can i change this i know that it is possible to do it but i forgot how already thanks for answer
  12. question is there promise 579/518 also in the DriverPack? or is there a another version name for this driver? great work btw
  13. 1= yes there no chance for the file 2= can you post your cmd?
  14. co to properties of your winnt.sif and and look for chance somewere under the name of the file click on it and select notepad. and your second problem: put the *.cmd togeter so you have not two files but one file this is the easy way that there is
  15. so far as i now you need java when jou update from sp1a to sp2. java is a program for your browser its comparable whit a codec for video
  16. yes i know that the info is on the .inf file but thats to difficault for me
  17. but greenmachine set some text in bold type maybe you can tel me wat i have to put there or where i can found that info.
  18. yes i did but i dont understand iam not a prof if it gonne about Slipstreaming SATA/RAID Drivers. i dont no what i have to do with this.
  19. i have a promise 579/518 sataII. and one harddisk a western digital "WD2000JD" can u help me to slipstream this driver? please keep it simple iam a niewbe

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